The living conditions in the projects were horrible. There was non-stop violence because everyone in this area was in extreme poverty. To mentally escape, I would often bury myself in piles of books I borrowed from school to escape from my world as much as I could.


Purchase YOUTUBE UNIVERSITY – Breanna Rutter - $93.00 at BoxSkill, You can get access to all files. Direct Download Link and No costs are incurred (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha).

Not to interrupt your learning, you should download the course after getting the link. Contact directly via email: [email protected] to get more detail about the course

My name is Breanna Rutter

I have over 750,000 Subscribers and I have been a full-time YouTuber for over 6 yrs!

Coming from where I came from, I always say if I can become a YouTuber then anyone can!

I grew up extremely poor on the Southside of Chicago in the housing projects called The Robert Taylor Homes.

The living conditions in the projects were horrible. There was non-stop violence because everyone in this area was in extreme poverty. To mentally escape, I would often bury myself in piles of books I borrowed from school to escape from my world as much as I could.

I saw things happen on a daily basis that no human being should ever witness!

I still have nightmares about living under those conditions, and it continues to haunt me to this very day. Because of this, I desire to be as successful as I possibly can, to greatly distance myself from being in that state of extreme poverty ever again.

A life like mine was not easy, and I can promise you that I am not special. I barely graduated high school, I have no college degree, and growing up I had no one supporting my dreams. Things only started changing for me once I was exposed to the right information.

Once I began learning the right information, my life was forever changed. The success secrets that I teach in this course are so powerful, that it will permanently change the direction of your life just like it did mine!

Because of YouTube, I was able to achieve one of my life long dreams of moving to Florida away from the miserably cold midwest.

Not only was I able to relocate to Florida but I was also able to buy my first home, and purchase a brand new jeep to go along with it. I was able to do all these things with my husband and former YouTuber Jay!

Being a YouTube Creator can give you access to so many different opportunities that you may have never even dreamed of! My husband and I were able to reach out to a company, and negotiate a deal for both of us to get our teeth done, that was valued at over $60,000 thousand dollars in value! Not only were we able to get our teeth done like celebrities, but while doing it, we stayed for two whole weeks, at a 5 star hotel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. How cool is that! Companies are willing to pay you to vacation, and get your teeth done. The crazy thing about it all is the company was happy to do it. All we had to do was create one video review of our experience.

Get YOUTUBE UNIVERSITY – Breanna Rutter , Only Price $97

Companies reach out to me all the time just because I am a YouTuber! Companies want to work with me to reach my audience, so I am at the luxury of picking and choosing who I want to work with. I have the freedom of choice to do that as a YouTuber, and so can you!

I go more into my financial details in my course, specifically in the 2 lessons titled below;

  • How I Made Exactly $38K In 35 Days FROM JUST DOING SPONSORSHIPS ALONE! (Game Changer For YouTubers)

I made this course in such a way, that when you walk away from watching, you will be 100% confident, that you know everything you need to know, on how to succeed on the YouTube platform.

You will never be the same person after purchasing YouTube University!

I want to tell you a little story of how I was able to go from a complete nobody, working at Subway, to becoming a full-time YouTuber, in only 3 months time!

At the age of 18, I had already graduated high school and was working a minimum wage job at Subway. I hated working at Subway because I always felt underpaid, undervalued, and overworked. I always ran out of money before I ran out of month! That means that $5 dollars had to last me 2 weeks so I could use the city bus!

If you’re sick and tired of working hard just to scrape by every week, then I know exactly how you feel. With the right information everything can change for you!

Even if you never grew up poor, you may still fear the change of doing something new. The good news is you don't have to quit your job in order for you to chase after YouTube.


I actually advise my students in my course to not quit their jobs until their total revenue earned from YouTube replaces what they earn from their jobs. In my course, I reveal the 8 best income streams that work well for youtubers on and off YouTube.

Personally speaking, being an employee sucked because I realized I was busy building somebody else's dream instead of my own!

Every night, right before bed, my thoughts would keep me awake. I would tell myself, “…something has to change…” because I knew that all a JOB really stood for was Just Over Broke. This was my constant reality and I was SICK of it!

But just like many of you, I would constantly tell myself,

“well, at least this is safe and I will get a guaranteed paycheck.” or so I thought…

UNTIL I WAS FIRED! I hope you have your popcorn hot and ready because this is one funny, tragic, and crazy story!

I’m going to call this juicy secret story CHOCOLATE SAUCE so if you write “chocolate sauce” under any of my comments on social media, I will reply back because I know for a fact that this is the 1st AND LAST TIME that I will ever share this story!

Working at subway was always hell for me because my boss barely gave me any working hours to cover my rent.

If you ever worked a minimum wage job or any job for that matter, you already know that bosses like to play favorites. Favorite employees always get the most working hours.

She would ONLY schedule me to come in during the 2 busiest hours of the day; lunch rush and dinner rush.

I would also have to clean the entire store by myself in only 30 minutes or I was threatened to get fired.

One day I'm all alone working at the subway store by myself, and a customer jumped out of her poorly parked car, and ran as fast as possible towards me into the restaurant.

At first I thought she was planning to rob the store but she ran right past me gunning it straight for the bathroom?

In 1.2 seconds flat, I heard the most explosive sounds your ears could ever hear coming from a bathroom!

15 seconds later, she runs out the restroom, jumps in her car, and speeds off as fast as possible.

After she left, I took a peek into the restroom and I instantly dropped my jaw and said…


I said, “OH MY GOD! Who is going to clean all this up?”

Even though lunch rush is over and I'm all alone in the store, I refuse to clean up that person's mess!

I immediately called my manager to tell her it’s an emergency and to get here fast. 10 minutes later, she shows up and I tell her exactly what happened, and guess what she tells me…

“You have to clean that up because this happened on your shift! Here's some gloves, a towel, and a mop bucket, get to work.”


At the top of my lungs I screamed at her and said,

“I barely get any working hours, I make minimum wage, I’m always threatened to get fired and you EXPECT me to clean up someone’s CHOCOLATE SAUCE???”

Just so you know I didn't say chocolate sauce but you get the point!

She looked at me and said, "do it, or your fired". I said, "I must be fired then", and she said, "then you are".

That was the best, worst day, of my life.

That day I realized if I continue to accept less than what I want out of life. I will always end up dealing with someone else’s “crap” for the rest of my life!

Even if a situation like this has never happened to you, you are still settling for less than what you deserve by not chasing your dreams!

Sure, you can fool everyone else into thinking that you are fulfilled, but the one person you can't fool is yourself! Please take my advice, don’t put off any of your goals and dreams any longer.

For 3 LONG YEARS, I put my dreams on hold and I still regret it to this very day!

The reason I am so upset that I put my dreams on hold, is because of this thing called “The Compound Effect”.

Albert Einstein, the world's most famous scientist once said, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it, and he who doesn't pays it!”

Here is an example of how powerful the compound effect can be on your success.

Let’s say YouTuber #1 posts a video every day, and YouTuber #2 posts a video once a week.

At the end of the month YouTuber #1 will have 30 videos uploaded to YouTube. While on the other hand YouTuber #2 will only have 4 videos uploaded to YouTube.

The difference between YouTuber #1 and #2 is very small at first, but as time goes on, they each end up with a very different level of success on YouTube.

Wins have their own momentum, so every win further creates BIGGER wins, which causes your success to keep getting bigger exponentially with every new video you post to your youtube channel.

Below is a visual representation of the success principle, “The Compound Effect”.

Having the right knowledge (this course) + applying it consistently = MASSIVE SUCCESS FOR YOU AS A YOUTUBER!

I have sacrificed over 5 months of my life pouring everything I have into this course to make sure that no stone is left unturned. I made this course in such a way, that when you walk away from watching, you can be 100% confident, that you know everything you need to know, on how to succeed on the YouTube platform. The beautiful thing about YouTube University is that it’s an ongoing course. As we discover new tips, tricks, and secrets we will be sharing that information with the community as brand new updated lessons. YouTube University is packed with over 11 hours of powerful information. I walk you through from beginner to advanced on how to make YouTube your full time job. There is a total of 15 sections in YouTube University. Now I don’t have time to go over everything, so I am going to speak briefly on what’s inside each section.

Get YOUTUBE UNIVERSITY – Breanna Rutter , Only Price $97



You will see real examples of YouTubers showing you exactly how much money they make from their YouTube videos and other income streams.

I will also break down my entire YouTube Income Stream Business Model and show you how in one month, I made over $42,463.85 with exact income stream details! Detailed information is only available after purchase.


I will reveal how I became a 1% YouTuber (99% of YouTubers have less views and subscribers). I will also explain how I survived and thrived in every YouTube Ad Apocalypse, and why it’s important for new creators to GET ON YOUTUBE RIGHT NOW! This is because there are hundreds of billions of dollars sitting on the sidelines waiting to get in from old traditional Television. Half of all big companies still spend money on traditional television ads. I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t watch Television, I watch YouTube. If by any chance I ever do watch TV, I just skip through the commercials, or I look down at my phone as the commercials play. Companies are already preparing to go 100% digital with their ads. When companies start shifting their advertising budgets to online video, the amount of money YouTube Creators earn will skyrocket!


You want to know how the YouTube Money Making Machine works?

You must know The 8 Ultimate Income Streams For YouTubers! I take a deep dive into every way you can monetize yourself as a YouTube Creator. I walk you through how to create your very own products, and how to build multiple streams of income for yourself. Detailed information is only available after purchase.

Section #4 – YOUTUBE ALGORITHM SECRETS (Understanding The YouTube Algorithm)

The YouTube Algorithm is very hard to crack for new youtubers but I’ve been around the block for over a decade so I know the best techniques that work! You will learn exactly how to make the Algorithm work in your favor to blow you up on the platform! Over the years, I have developed the 5 Triggers Algorithm Formula that works for creators no matter who you are or what types of videos you make. I still get over 100,000 subscribers and millions of views every year on my channel because I understand the secret workings of YouTube Algorithm! Detailed information is only available after purchase.

Section #5 – YOUTUBE SEO HACKS (Video Search Engine Optimization)

In this section, I talk about the SEO tricks I have picked up over the years that I’ve never shared with anyone. Did you know that you can actually STEAL your competitor’s private SEO data, and add it onto your own YouTube videos? I explain in this course, how you can ride the wave of someone else’s successful viral video. I also break down, how making certain types of videos, can get you “shadowbanned” on the YouTube platform. Shadow Ban is when the YouTube Algorithm deranks your videos regardless of performance. I will show you how to avoid these simple mistakes, and stay on YouTube’s good side.

Section #6 – SPONSORSHIP DOMINATION (How Sponsorships Can Make You Rich on YouTube!)

In this section, I will show you how to find companies that are willing to pay you thousands of dollars per sponsored video! I also show you how I was able to earn $38,000 thousand dollars in 35 days from sponsorships alone! The power of understanding how to do sponsorships can be life changing. My husband and I were able to reach out to a company, and negotiate a deal for both of us to get our teeth done, which was valued at over 60 thousand dollars! Not only were we able to get our teeth done like celebrities, but while doing it, we stayed for two whole weeks, at a 5 star hotel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. How cool is that?! Companies are willing to pay you to vacation, and get your teeth done!

The crazy thing about it all is, is that the company was happy to do it. All we had to do was create one video review of our experience. The reason the company was so happy to do it is because we brought them more paying customers, and in return they gave us a beautiful smile. Companies don’t do sponsorships for no reason; they do it because they know they can make more money from working with you, than what they spent on you.

In this section, I will dive deep into sales psychology, and teach you powerful negotiation techniques that you can use to make sure companies are paying you your highest value. As a bonus to this section, I also made sure to include my copy and paste sponsorship proposal templates, so you will know exactly what to say when reaching out to companies!


You will learn how to magnify your personality in a way that attracts millions of viewers to your videos! You do not need to have a personality that is outgoing or hyper, you can be shy and still get millions of views and subscribers! Also, you do not have to have good looks either to become a big YouTuber on the platform and I am going to show you exactly how! Detailed information is only available after purchase.


I will be breaking down all the best strategies, and best practices for growing your YouTube channel. I will teach you my proven Viral Video Strategy by showing you examples of how to make your views skyrocket on your videos! You will learn some great tips on how you can collaborate with big and small YouTubers on YouTube! Throughout this section, I also will be revealing some of my best tips and tricks I learned throughout my years as a YouTuber. Detailed information is only available after purchase.


I will show you how to make videos for free just by using your smartphone with free video editing apps. I will also show you the exact video and audio equipment to buy from Amazon to fit different price budgets starting at a $100usd budget and up! Detailed information is only available after purchase.


There are always pros and cons to using free and paid video editing apps/programs. I’ll walk you through all the paid and free programs you can use for editing from your phone or laptop. I will show you the software I use and give you my best editing & recording hacks to help you create amazing videos at lightning speed! Detailed information is only available after purchase.

Section #11 – THUMBNAIL PSYCHOLOGY: The Subtle Art of The Click!

The #1 most powerful way to get views on all your videos, which ultimately leads to getting droves of subscribers, is to make your thumbnails and video titles very powerful! There is a fine line between making a great thumbnail, verses a bad thumbnail that cause people to scroll past. A thumbnail is a highly clickable picture representing your video, which leads to massive views on your videos, only if done right! There are 5 Thumbnail Principles that you must follow to compete for attention on the YouTube Platform. If your videos are not highly clickable, you will miss out on getting lots of views on your videos! Detailed information is only available after purchase.

Section #12 – YOUTUBE BASICS

I will show you a complete walk-through of the entire YouTube Platform! I also teach you the foundation that all YouTubers should know when getting started on the YouTube platform. We will do a complete walk-through of your brand new YouTube Channel and explore The Creator Studio app. I will also walk you through the application process for Google Adsense so that you can start getting paid as a YouTube Creator!

Detailed information is only available after purchase.


You must understand watch time, minutes watched, and watch retention to create videos in a way that gets viewers watching! I will walk you through your analytics using a real life example, so that you know what to do, and what not do when creating YouTube videos. Detailed information is only available after purchase..


As long as your videos honor YouTube’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, you will have zero problems. If you make a mistake and get a strike on your account, I will show you how to fix it in this section! You will also understand fair use, copyright and legal disclaimers and how that impacts you as a YouTube Creator. This information is to make sure that you don’t get into any trouble. This entire section is laid out simply and beginner friendly. After watching this section you will understand how to keep your channel in good standing. You will also understand how to legally protect yourself as a creator on YouTube. Detailed information is only available after purchase.


Students most frequently asked questions will be answered in this section. Also, new lessons will be added whenever YouTube does updates that are helpful to your growth as a Content Creator. The beautiful thing about YouTube University is that it is an ongoing course. As we discover new tips, tricks, and secrets, we will be sharing that information with the community as brand new lesson updates! With new lessons coming out on a continual basis this make YouTube University the most up to date course on the planet! Detailed information is only available after purchase.

Purchasing YouTube University is truly a win-win bet for you!

The amount of information that we have poured into this course, for your gain, is just insane! This course allows for you to jump the line of success, skipping ahead of every YouTuber who is out here learning everything the hard way. You want to be the one succeeding at lighting speed! You don't want to end up like every other amateur YouTuber out here who keeps bumping their head for 3+ years, wondering why things aren't working! If you follow what I teach in my course, you won’t have to compete with Big YouTubers… in fact… BIG YOUTUBERS WILL HAVE TO COMPETE WITH YOU! That's how powerful this information is.


There are mostly 3 reasons why YouTubers do not want to reveal how they became successful.

#1 Teaching YouTube secrets might cause TOO MUCH competition!

Many creators actually believe this and have a scarcity mindset. There is enough money for all of us to win in this industry! Not only that, but there is even more money on it’s way from traditional TV advertising that has yet to make it to the YouTube platform.

#2 Most YouTubers are VERY BUSY working around the clock making videos, so they truly DON’T HAVE THE TIME to help you!

Since most YouTubers make most of their money from Google Adsense, it is not easy for them to stop making YouTube videos to create a detailed course like this! Successful YouTubers make a lot of money through Adsense which is a great thing, but the downfall is that it’s not easy for them to stop making videos because it may cause a dip in their income.

Having one source of income can be scary because it means you have to be careful how much time you are giving outside of your main income to chase other opportunities.

The only reason why I was able take 5 months off YouTube to create this course is because I have multiple streams of income!

YouTube University will teach you how to create other streams of income without depending entirely on one source of income.

#3 YouTubers are afraid to teach you how to be a successful YouTuber because they themselves depend 100% on YouTube AdSense alone!

This is the main reason why YouTubers are very afraid of teaching others how to be successful on the YouTube Platform. Most youtubers are very competitive and they fear that they will make less money through YouTube Adsense!

I do not make most of my money from Adsense and that is why I do not fear teaching you the success secrets of the YouTube Platform!

Since I have multiple streams of income and I am not employed by a business, I am an entrepreneur.

The definition of an entrepreneur is someone who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of different types of business opportunities. This basically means that you are your own boss because you work for yourself and you answer to no one but yourself!

Get YOUTUBE UNIVERSITY – Breanna Rutter , Only Price $97


I have over 750,000 YouTube Subscribers on all 3 of my YouTube Channels, But I only reach 2% of total viewers on the YouTube platform!

If you look at the demographics of my audience there is only 15% of the population that are black in general, and half of that is women at 7%.

Of that 7 % of women half are either to young and still wearing diapers, or they are to old, and yet again wearing diapers.

So I truly only reach around 3% of women, and of that 3%, only 2%, are truly interested in watching hair tutorials. As you can see, the information my husband and I teach, is so powerful, that I am still able to massively succeed regardless of demographics.

If I can succeed on YouTube by only reaching 2 percent of the population, then just imagine what you could do if you went after a larger audience!

Black hair is so small, yet, I'm in the top 1% of YouTubers on the YouTube platform. The truth is, if I can succeed in black hair, then you can succeed in any topic. It doesn’t matter if you’re into reality shows, knitting, doing your nails, fixing up cars, or playing video games you name it, there is a genre for you.

Just imagine taking this knowledge and applying it to a BIGGER crowd of people. The only reason why I stay in the niche black hair is because it is my passion and I am able to earn a great income off of my passion.

I am one person and I can't do everything so there is no point in me holding back this knowledge from the world!

YouTube said that out of all the YouTube Channels that exist on the platform 90% of them have under 10,000 subscribers and only 10% have over 10,000 subscribers!

This means that most YouTubers (90%) DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HECK THEY ARE DOING!!!

After purchasing YouTube University and learning from just a few sections, you are already better than 90% of YouTubers because they made the silly mistake of “getting started” without learning exactly what it takes to become a successful YouTuber so they will continue to fail miserably.

Please don’t be fooled by how easy it looks seeing other YouTubers getting rich making YouTube videos, the YouTube Algorithm is a very sensitive AI machine that requires for you to do certain things in the correct sequence for you to be massively successful on the YouTube Platform.

I go into extensive detail teaching you exactly how The YouTube Algorithm works from top to bottom in this section titled, YOUTUBE ALGORITHM SECRETS (Understanding The YouTube Algorithm)

There is certain information that is only available to Big YouTubers like myself so my course is the only course ON EARTH that will give you Secret Insider Information that you cannot get anywhere else!

Are you finally ready to learn the ins and outs of what it takes to become a big YouTuber?



Right now below, you can literally watch any lessons labeled "Preview" to get a feel for what you will be learning in YouTube Universe!

Course Curriculum


  • How Much Money Are YouTubers REALLY Making? (REAL INCOME REPORTS) (17:36)
  • The YouTuber Income Stream Model (3:12)
  • How I Made EXACTLY $42,463.85 IN ONE MONTH! (REVEALING HOW I DID IT) (5:17)


  • How I Became A Top 1% YouTuber (7:56)
  • How Cats Almost RUINED YouTube! (2:35)
  • YouTube SECRETLY Paying Creators? (1:33)
  • YouTube Makes INTERNATIONAL News & MCN Vultures Prey On YouTubers! (3:36)
  • The YouTube Algorithm Rewards One Hit Wonder Videos (5:26)
  • YouTubers Become Celebrities OVERNIGHT! (3:31)
  • TRILLIONS Of Dollars Is Coming To YOUTUBE! (It Will 10x YouTubers Earnings) (3:01)
  • How I SURVIVED Every Ad Apocalypse with SECRET Insider Information (2:44)


  • How The YouTube Money Making Machine WORKS! (7:18)
  • When Should You Quit Your Job? (4:01)
  • 8 Ultimate Income Streams For YouTubers! (2:35)
  • Donations Income: Getting Your Fans To Send You Things For FREE! (2:19)
  • Affiliate Income: Selling Products Automatically Through Your Videos (4:47)
  • Subscription Income: YouTube Join, YouTube Red, Patreon and Twitch (6:01)
  • Sponsorships Income: Getting Companies To Pay For Sponsored Videos (3:42)
  • Digital Products Income: Creating Automatic Downloadable Products For Purchase (3:11)
  • Coaching Income: Consulting Over Email, Phone and Video (2:36)t
  • Merchandise Income: Your Ecommerce Website, TeeSpring, Spreadshirt and Amazon (4:54)
  • Ecommerce Income: SELF MADE VS Partnering With A Company? (4:38)
  • Which Income Streams Are BEST For YouTubers? (2:36)

Section 4 – YOUTUBE ALGORITHM SECRETS (Understanding The YouTube Algorithm)

  • How Does The YouTube Platform Work? (6:20)
  • Why "Minutes Watched" Is MORE IMPORTANT Than Video Views? (3:13)
  • Why YouTube VALUES High Engagement and Niche Creators? (5:32)
  • TOP 5 YouTube Algorithm TRIGGERS! (MUST WATCH) (1:12)
  • How Many Videos Does YouTube Want You To Upload Weekly? (7:40)
  • Highly Clickable Thumbnails VS Bad Thumbnails! (REAL EXAMPLES) (4:38)
  • Using YouTube Search Auto-fill and Web Searches For THE BEST VIDEO TITLES! (6:48)
  • Trendy VS Evergreen Creators WHICH IS BEST FOR YOUTUBE? (8:39)
  • Minutes Watched + Watch Retention = WATCH TIME! (Very Important Tips) (6:18)
  • VIEWS VS SUBSCRIBERS? Which One Is MORE IMPORTANT To The YouTube Algorithm? (2:03)

Section 5 – YOUTUBE SEO HACKS (Video Search Engine Optimization)

  • How To Make YouTube PRIORITIZE Your Videos and Channel ON THE PLATFORM! (15:03)
  • Google Keyword Planner + Google Trends (ADVANCED TECHNIQUE) (4:10)
  • BUZZFEED For Video Title IDEAS! (1:47)
  • Does Click Bait SUPPRESS Video Success and Channel Performance? (4:24)
  • AMAZING Video Description Tips For SEO GAINS! (7:07)
  • How To STEAL Your Competitors Successful Video Tags (MY SECRET METHOD) (3:53)
  • What Does Shadow Ban Mean? (3:26)
  • Social Blade REVEALS Top YouTubers and Their ADSENSE REVENUE! (2:59)
  • VidIQ Ranks TOP Videos Currently Performing THE BEST On YouTube! (2:05)
  • TubeBuddy For Managing Your YouTube Channel and Videos (1:34)
  • Good Artists Copy But Great Artists STEAL VIRAL VIDEOS For Inspiration (2:38)
  • Repeat Your Successful Videos For MORE VIEWS and SUBSCRIBER GROWTH! (1:58)

Section 6 – SPONSORSHIP DOMINATION (How Sponsorships Can Make You Rich on YouTube!)

  • Brands Deals + Brand Intergrations For Sponsored Videos (1:55)
  • Social Blue Book For Calculating Your Best Sponsorship Rates (1:04)
  • FameBit For EASY Paid Sponsorship Deals (3:06)
  • Which Companies Are Currently Sponsoring SIMILAR Creators Like You? (SUPER EASY HACK!) (1:17)
  • Finding Companies That Align With Your Brand and Content (MY TECHNIQUES) (1:50)
  • How To Get In Touch With Companies Without Email Contacts? (1:37)
  • The Best Sponsorship Email Proposal Message! (MY PERSONAL FORMULA) (9:06)
  • How I Made Exactly $38k In 35 Days FROM JUST DOING SPONSORSHIPS ALONE! (Game Changer For YouTubers) (10:00)
  • How To Prevent Companies From SCAMMING YOU! (My Secret Negotiation Techniques) (5:52)
  • Should You Hire A Talent/Brand Manager? (My 100% Grape VS 70% Watermelon Philosophy) (7:59)
  • The DARK SIDE Of Sponsored Videos Part 1 – YouTube Will Penalize You! (3:59)
  • The DARK SIDE Of Sponsored Videos Part 2 – Don't Become a SELL OUT! (7:21)

Get YOUTUBE UNIVERSITY – Breanna Rutter , Only Price $97


  • What Is A BRAND and Why Is It IMPORTANT? (5:40)
  • String Your Viewers Along To Keep Them Interested In You (2:59)
  • Crafting A POWERFUL Video Introduction For Your Fans! (4:09)
  • Should You Say SWEAR WORDS In Your YouTube Videos? (3:18)
  • Structuring Your Video Editing Style To Match Your Content (6:12)
  • How Branded Thumbnails Leads To INCREASED VIDEO VIEWS! (1:40)
  • Create A UNIQUE Brand Name For Your FANS! (2:17)
  • Create A BRANDED Playlist Series For INCREASED WATCH TIME! (2:14)
  • Follow Your Passions OR Content That Gets The MOST VIEWS on YouTube? (2:45)
  • Satisfy Your Fans OR The YouTube ALGORITHM? (2:34)
  • The Best Growth Philosophy For New YouTubers? (3:33)


  • Commenting On Music Videos For EASY CHANNEL TRAFFIC! (5:00)
  • Why Does YouTube Put Your Channel IN A NICHE BOX? (3:21)
  • SPEED UP Your YouTube SUCCESS By Re-creating Your HIT VIDEOS! (4:28)
  • Voice Over Videos IS THE NEW CONTENT WAVE (1:50)
  • Why Distractions Will RUIN Your Channel (3:44)
  • RapidTags Generator – The BEST Keywords For VIDEO TITLES and Video Tags (1:17)
  • f Crowd Psychology and How It Affects The Success Of Your VIDEOS! (4:41)
  • The DANGERS Of Parasocial Relationships Between You and Your Fans (2:14)
  • Upload 1 AMAZING Video Once a Week OR 7 BAD Videos Every Day Of The Week? (7:34)
  • The BEST VIRAL VIDEO STRATEGY on YouTube? (3:56)
  • My PROVEN Viral Video Strategy! (DETAILED Video Break-Down Example) (3:48)
  • How To Collaborate With "YouTubers On The Rise" (4:35)
  • You Can Have Unfair Advantages Using NEW YOUTUBE FEATURES! (1:31)
  • YouTubers Who Teach Creators How To Be BETTER CREATORS! (2:13)
  • Schedule Your Videos Ahead TO STAY CONSISTENT! (6:12)
  • What Happens When You Get 660 Minutes Watched In A DAY On Your YouTube Channel? (1:14)
  • Replying To Comments Gets You MORE Returning Views on Your Next Videos! (3:40)
  • The #1 Reason Why The HOME FEED Is How Viewers FIND YOUR VIDEOS! (2:05)
  • Why The TOP CREATORS Treat Their Channel Like A Business? (2:39)
  • How Long Does It Take For The YOUTUBE Algorithm To Start Promoting Your Channel? (3:29)


  • Start FREE With Your Smart Phone Using Inshot and Canva (These Apps REALLY WORK!) (2:22)
  • BEST Tips For Recording The Highest Quality Capturing Settings On Your SMART PHONE! (2:32)
  • Great Quality DSLR Camera and Vlogging Camera (My Video Camera Equipment) (5:51)
  • Capturing Your Best Audio Quality For Your Videos (My Audio Recording Equipment) (4:42)
  • Do You Need A CUSTOM BUILT Computer? (3:23)
  • The PERFECT Lighting System Affordable and Powered By Your SMART PHONE! (4:18)
  • The 3 Point Lighting Set Up – NO MORE DARK VIDEOS! (0:55)
  • The #1 BEST Video Tripod That Will NEVER BREAK Or FALL DOWN! (1:59)
  • Using A Pro Backdrop VS Your Bedroom As Your Video Background? (1:53)
  • $100 To $300 YouTuber Equipment Budget! (LED Display, SD Cards, Lavalier Mic, Soft Box Lights, Canon Powershot HD Camera AND MORE!) (8:11)
  • YouTube Space For Creators! FREE ACCESS (0:58)
  • SOUND HACKS! Recording High QUALITY Audio In A Noisy Environment (2:45)
  • Should You Buy A DRONE and a 360 Degree Video Camera? (5:03)


  • Video Editing Apps (Part 1) InShot, Power Director, YOUCUT (PROS VS CONS) (2:41)
  • Video Editing Apps (Part 2) VivaVideo PRO, BUIGO, VidTrim Pro (PROS VS CONS) (3:00)
  • Screen Recorder Apps: DU Recorder, Screen Recorder w/FaceCam, Screen Recorder (PROS VS CONS) (1:48)
  • Picture Editing Apps: Canva, Pixel Lab, THUMBNAIL MAKER (PROS VS CONS) (2:32)
  • Video Editing Programs: (Part 1) iMovie, Video Pad, OPEN Shot (PROS VS CONS) (2:07)
  • Video Editing Programs (Part 2) Adobe Premiere CC, Final Cut PRO, SONY Movie (PROS VS CONS) (2:45)
  • Screen Record Streaming Programs: Camtasia, Bandicam, OBS Studio (PROS VS CONS) (1:56)
  • Video Recording HACKS! EASY Checklist Tips For Visualizing Your Completed Video (2:33)
  • Video Editing HACKS! Duplicating Key Folders and External Hardrive Storage (3:14)
  • Editing Organization HACKS! Duplicate Key Folder with Intro, Outro, Social Media Handles AND MORE (3:48)
  • My List Of Preferred Software Programs For Creating YouTube Videos (3:12)

Section 11 – THUMBNAIL PSYCHOLOGY: The Subtle Art of The Click!

  • The Powerful Thumbnail Philosophy THAT GETS HIGH RANKING! (REAL RESULTS) (4:41)
  • Why Thumbnails Are Seen Most In Recommended and Home NOT SUBSCRIPTION FEED? (1:37)
  • Advertiser Family Friendly Thumbs VS Inappropriate Thumbs (VIEWS WONT GET MONETIZED!) (5:09)
  • The DANGERS Of Click Bait Thumbs! (Low Viewer Trust, Low Minutes Watched, Unsubscribes AND MORE) (4:42)
  • The 5 Principles Of Designing A Clickable Thumbnail (3:35)
  • Why Shocking Colors GET CLICKED ON and Its Subconscious Meanings? (4:18)
  • WINNER vs LOSER Thumbnails! (USING MY REAL EXAMPLES) (4:02)
  • Why Emotionally Charged Thumbnails ARE IRRESISTIBLE TO VIEWERS (2:23)
  • Thumbnails With UNIQUE BRANDING Stand Out and Get MORE Attention! (3:29)
  • The BEST Thumbnails have Vibrant Colors and Expressive Human Faces (Techniques THAT WORK!) (2:56)
  • Information Gap Makes Viewers VERY CURIOUS TO CLICK! (Must Close Gap In Video) (1:58)


  • Youtube Terms Of Service (TOS) and Community Guidelines OVERVIEW (2:56)
  • (YPP) YouTube Partner Program OVERVIEW (3:41)
  • Google Adsense Policies + Application Process (THIS IS HOW YOU GET PAID!) (2:00)
  • The Youtube Algorithm (According To (2:08)
  • How To Get On The TRENDING Tab? (1:26)
  • Youtube Search and How It Works For VIDEO DISCOVERY (2:11)
  • YouTube Suggested Videos Are PERSONALIZED For Individual Viewers Interests and Behaviors (2:19)
  • The YouTube Home Feed Is Customized To Each INDIVIDUAL Viewer (5:57)
  • YouTube Subscriptions and Why Viewers Dont Usually Click This Feed? (3:24)
  • YouTube Notifications Feature Is Based PURELY On Viewer Behavior (4:43)
  • Create a Gmail Account To Create Your YouTube Channel (Tips For Stopping HACKERS!) (4:11)
  • APPROVED For Monetization Yet? Check Your "Status and Features" Settings TO CONFIRM (7:56)
  • Customizing Your Creator Studio Dashboard (Part 1) (1:11)
  • Exploring The Video Manager – Creator Studio Dashboard (Part 2) (0:38)
  • Analytics Tab – Creator Studio Dashboard (Part 3) (0:50)
  • Comments Feed By Relevance – Creator Studio Dashboard (Part 4) (1:13)
  • Best Times and Days To Go Live and Video Premiere Pre-Recorded Content? (6:05)
  • Channel Tabs Overview – YouTube Channel Display (Part 1) (5:04)
  • Customizing Channel Art and Profile Picture – YouTube Channel Display (Part 2) (4:20)
  • Publish Your Closed Captions – Increases Views By 10% (1:41)
  • The YouTube Audio Library For Video Music! (MUST READ SONG PERMISSIONS) (6:18)
  • Advanced Video Settings – Category, Location, Comments, Ratings, Paid Promotion (AND MORE) (2:07)
  • Posting YouTube Stories LIKE SNAPCHAT! YouTube Community Posts (1:42)
  • The Creator Studio App (Manage Your Channel On Mobile) + DASHBOARD OVERVIEW (2:36)
  • Can You Edit A PUBLISHED Video? YouTube Editor (Video Trim, Cards, Endscreen) (3:38)


  • What Does WATCH TIME Mean? Minutes Watched, Best Days Of Performance (AND MORE!) (11:16)
  • Why POOR Channel Performance? Upload Frequency? Advertiser Friendly? Advertising Budgets? (4:41)
  • Understanding Your CTR Funnel – Impressions, Views, Watch Time, Minutes Watched (AND MORE!) (10:42)


  • You MUST Incorporate Your Business To Operate Your YouTube Channel! (Bookkeeping and Tax Form Apps) (6:41)
  • Is Your State Exempt From Taxes? Federal, State and City Taxes MUST BE PAID BY YOU! (4:43)
  • Legal Disclaimers and The FTC Guidelines? (5:21)
  • What Is Copyright + Your YouTube Video Protections (4:15)
  • Fair Use VS Copyright Infringement? WILL YOU GET SUED? (2:45)
  • Lets Play A Game Shall We? ENTER IF YOU DARE! (3:39)


  • CONGRATULATIONS!! Whats Next For You? (Get A SHOUT OUT By Breanna Rutter!) (2:32)
  • How To Deal With NEGATIVE Backlash? (2:31)
  • Which Is Better? Short Videos VS Long Videos? (1:52)
  • What Is It Like Being a SUCCESSFUL YOUTUBER? (5:11)
  • How To Become a Full-TIme YouTuber If You Already Work A Full Time JOb? (3:13)
  • Should I Work With a MCN? (Multi Channel Network) (2:37)
  • Why Do I Keep Getting THUMBS DOWNS On My Videos? (2:20)
  • Why Are My Subscribers NOT WATCHING My Videos? (3:48)
  • How Is It Possible To Make DAILY VIDEOS? (3:14)
  • HELP! I am Burned Out and UN-MOTIVATED To Do YouTube? (4:15)
  • How To Sell Products Online? (3:23)
  • COPA LAW (12:25)
  • YouTube Terms of Service UPDATE!

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