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Ultimate Speed Mechanics – Julie Hatfield


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If you want better results for your athletes…

“Announcing a Step by Step System for Developing Speed Mechanics

Here are the speed and quickness mechanics proven to drastically improve any athlete…

Dear Coaches, Trainers, and Parents:

Do your athletes have the skills they need to be great at their sport, but just can’t seem to get that edge?

Do your athletes just need that little extra something to rise above the rest of the pack?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to either of these questions, then it’s clear what your athlete is missing.

It’s the same critical ability that separates athletes in every sport and at every level…


Speed and agility are skills that can and must be taught if your athletes are going to step up to the next level and blow the competition away.

While it’s true that speed is something you are born with, it’s also something you can specifically train to improve….

But only if they are have the right mechanical foundation.

With IYCA’s Ultimate Speed Mechanics Nationally acclaimed Coach Jim Kielbaso will show you a clear-cut method for improving your athletes’ speed by giving them that extra something to leave the competition in the dust.

The IYCA’s Ultimate Speed Mechanics product walks you through the surprisingly simple process of teaching your athletes to be quicker and faster on the field by focusing on his or her acceleration, sprint and agility mechanics.

Here is just a sample of what IYCA’s Ultimate Speed Mechanics has to offer your athletes and program.

You’ll get Video Breakdowns of:

  • Arm Action, Arm Action, Arm Action… you know how important it is, and you see daily how poorly your athletes arm action is. Discover these quick drills that your athletes will pick up right away so you never have to see sloppy arm mechanics again
  • Lower Body Mechanics – these drills will put your athletes in the proper position every time. Being out of running alignment, just a little bit, is the difference from your athletes generating huge force & power or actually causing a braking action where they are slowing themselves down. They need to get this right if they ever want to reach their full speed potential.
  • You’ll discover my best Speed Drills for improving
      • Backpedaling – breaking out of a backpedal, changing directions into a backpedal
      • Shuffling and Lateral Quickness
      • Crossover Running
      • Jockeying
      • Pivots/Drop Steps
      • Quick Steps
      • Change of Direction
      • And much, much more (again these are my top speed training drills I use with my elite college and professional athletes)

Plus you’ll receive Comprehensive Modules on:

  • Discovering the Foundations of Speed Mechanics that will take your athletes speed to the next level
  • Learning these crucial acceleration mechanics…get this wrong and you set your athletes up for failure
  • How the role of maximum velocity (top speed) relates to how fast your athletes can run and how these simple techniques will minimize sprinting fatigue
  • The truth about agility and how these simple improvements I am going to show you will change everything (they will be able to get to the ball first and cut on a dime and never be beat again)

And you’ll also get these two Bonus Modules:

  • The Guide to Footgear for Speed
  • Speed & Agility Coaching Points

Here is the bottom line:

IYCA’s Ultimate Speed Mechanics will improve the speed of every athlete, no matter what sport they play.

After seeing IYCA’s Ultimate Speed Mechanics you will discover how easy it is to implement this routine into your program. Your athletes will immediately get faster.

If you coach or work with athletes, the IYCA’s Ultimate Speed Mechanics product is an absolute must.

If you work with athletes, you know how important it is to teach speed and agility. The IYCA’s Ultimate Speed Mechanics product contains the exact same techniques Jim Kielbaso was brought in to teach the University of Kentucky Basketball team before their National Championship season in 2012.

These techniques will open your eyes to the skills needed to be a better athlete.

This resource is simple with ready to use techniques for your next training session.

In no time, you will see amazing results with how your athletes are moving and reacting.

Stop wondering how to take your athletes or program to the next level and start teaching them how to be fast.


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