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Thyroid Yoga – MindBodyGreen – Fern Olivia


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  • Daily rituals to support your sustained health and vitality
  • Imperative knowledge on how to self-heal
  • Effective strategies to improve your mental clarity, energy levels, metabolism, immunity, and sleep quality

Who Is This Class For?

This class is perfect for you if:

  • You have been diagnosed with a thyroid imbalance.
  • You're sick of feeling foggy, puffy, bloated, and congested.
  • Want results and are willing to do the inner work rather than relying on others to heal your body.

What You'll Learn

By enrolling in this class, you'll gain imperative knowledge on how to:

  • Practice self-knowledge and self-healing.
  • Masterfully handle stressful situations from a place of personal power.
  • Deepen interpersonal relationships and connectivity at home, work, and in your community.
  • Create inner-peace, fulfillment, and happiness.

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Class Outline

Module 1: Getting Started On Your Journey

Fern shares her personal story of recovering from Hashimoto’s Hypothyroiditis, and her path to becoming the radiant woman that she is today. She'll also explain who this class was designed for, what you can expect to learn, as well as the outline.

  • Meet Fern Olivia
  • Is This Class For You?
  • What Can You Expect In This Class?
  • Your Blueprint For This Class

Module 2: What Is Your Thyroid & Why Did It Go Awry?

Fern breaks down all of your thyroid confusion, and explains how the thyroid actually works, why it's such a problem for so many, and the first initial steps you'll need to take to begin to heal.

  • The Basics Of How The Thyroid Works
  • Thyroid Stats You Need To Know
  • Why So Many More Women Are Feeling Thyroid Imbalances Today
  • The First Step To Healing Your Thyroid Imbalance

Module 3: How To Finally Heal Your Thyroid & Feel Vibrantly Healthy

In this module, you'll learn how to tap into your own intuition to ultimately support and heal your own body. Fern Olivia will show you how to establish effective yoga, meditation, mantra, and breathwork practices, as well proper nutrition and the best use of essential oils for the most incredible healing potential.

  • Why Self-Care & Yoga Are So Important To Heal Your Thyroid
  • A Morning Yoga Practice To Energize Yourself Daily
  • An Evening Yoga Practice To Support The Nervous System
  • Powerful Breathwork To Stimulate The Release Of Hormones
  • Meditation For Thyroid Healing
  • Mantra For Thyroid Activation
  • Nutrition For A Healthy, Happy Thyroid
  • Essential Oils To Promote Hormonal Balance
  • An 8-Minute Sequence To Ignite Digestive Fire & Banish Bloating

Module 4: How To Sustain Your Thyroid Health

Fern Olivia is deeply committed to making sure your thyroid-healing journey stays on track long after you complete this class. Here, she provides you with the motivation you need to sustain the changes for good.

  • Keeping Up Your Daily Rituals After This Class

How It Works


You'll have unlimited access to hours of yoga, all from the comfort of your own home. Lifetime access to the class allows you to return to the videos whenever you're looking to move, bend, and ease your mind.


You'll take what you’ve learned in the videos and put it into practice. Return to any session as often as you'd like, or use what you've learned and apply it on your own.


Interactive discussion boards allow you to discuss what's on your mind with instructors and fellow students. Get your questions answered, while joining a community of other wellness enthusiasts.

Get Thyroid Yoga – MindBodyGreen – Fern Olivia, Only Price $47 

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