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Not long ago a new program called Bar Brothers – The System has caught my attention.

The reason why ‘The System‘ got me curious is that I’ve always looked for a program that could help me build muscle and develop strength naturally, without the use of weights and without the risk of injury that weights bring.

As a basketball player, I’ve always wanted a natural, lean, muscular body while being able to build my core-strength.

I’ve always wondered how some of my friends looked amazingly ripped and at the same time had the strength and speed of a gymnast.

I’ve been doing push-ups, sit-ups, squats and chin-ups in no specific order for most of my life, but I never realized that there was a complete proven system out there that could help me tone up and build muscle and strength naturally.

And that’s where The System came into the picture.

Why The System?

I first heard about the Bar Brothers program, The System, through a friend of mine.

And after doing a bit of research, I learned it was based on a system of Calisthenics exercises, which is a way of toning your muscles and building strength naturally by just using a pull-up/chin-up bar.

The reason I wanted to try this program is because I was suffering from shoulder and back pain through many instances in my life.

Despite the fact that I was working out regularly and had a balanced routine that consisted of cardio and weight-lifting, I still had my fair share of injuries.

So I wanted to try something new to see if I can cure my back and shoulder sensitivity and increase my overall joint health.

Calisthenics looked like a very promising option and the Bar Brothers’ system price was very tempting – so I went for it.

What Is Bar Brothers – The System?

Bar Brothers – The System is a unique step-by-step training program designed to transform your body and mind in just 12 weeks.

The program works by using calisthenics and body-weight exercises which are massively beneficial for building strength and gaining muscle mass fast.

The System is also the official workout routine of the Bar Brothers movement with over 65,000 users worldwide.

It was created by Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic, two of the most famous and respected street workout athletes in the world.

Together, the two have established a movement that raised the awareness of bar training and healthy lifestyle, and they’ve used calisthenics to transform the lives of so many people from around the globe.

Why Calisthenics?

So why should you even bother with calisthenics? What justifies it over traditional weight-lifting workouts at the gym?

Here are a few reasons…

Natural Compound Movements

The complex movements performed using Calisthenics train multiple muscle groups at the same time. It helps you workout the way your body is supposed to be worked out with faster, better results than going to the gym.

No Gym Requirement

Using Calisthenics you could build strength and tone your muscles in a much more effective way from home, without having to visit the gym and without having to pay for expensive equipment.

This alone could save you around $480 a year in gym membership fees.

Does Not Stunt Your Growth

Calisthenics are especially beneficial to teenagers and adolescents who worry about weight-lifting stunting their growth.

While some people might argue that this is a myth, I’m still Old-School on this one… I really believe people under the age of 18 should not set foot in a weight room.

I’m not going to get into the scientific reasoning of it here, that is a huge topic in and of itself.

But I will just say this – research has yet to disapprove this theory. So until then, stay on the safe side and don’t gamble with your height!


One thing’s for sure, stunted growth is not a concern when using Calisthenics.

With calisthenics there’s no danger of overloading your body with extreme weights, because you’re only lifting your own body weight. It’s much safer and it’s much more balanced as opposed to standard weight lifting.

Plus, it pretty much works your entire body too – that’s two birds killed with one stone.

I could go on all day about why calisthenics are better, but thankfully, more experienced and knowledgeable people such as Elliot Hulse have done it before me.

Just listen to what ‘Yo Elliott’ has to say about calisthenics and body-weight training.


So as I discovered the benefits of Calisthenics I was pretty much sold on it.

Get The System – Calisthenics – Bar Brothers, Only Price $27

How the Bar Brothers Started

It all started off when Dusan, one of the founders was at a point in his life where he didn’t know what his purpose was.

He heard about Lazar at school through a friend and was amazed at how ripped and aesthetic his physique was. He thought Lazar basically lived in the gym 24/7.

Soon after, he decided to meet up with him one day and they instantly clicked.

Dusan was shocked to discover that Lazar was able to look the way he did by just using a bar, natural exercises and his own body weight.


Lazar used his own combination of Calisthenics exercises and he started teaching Dusan how to get the kind of body that he had built. It was by no means an easy task, but Dusan persisted and kept his goal firmly in mind.

Over time, Dusan started noticing a difference in the way he looked, felt and performed, as well as the way people perceived him.

Eventually the two formed a very deep meaningful relationship that extended beyond than your average ‘workout buddy’, and hence the name Bar Brothers.

Once the Bar Brothers started seeing the kind of results they were getting, they started spreading the word out about their method, working out on the streets moving from one playground to another.

Slowly but surely, their movement has grown until it has become something bigger than they could ever imagine.

They first launched Bar Brothers on YouTube, to show people that what they achieved could be replicated by anyone.

They made a promise to themselves to share their method with as many people as possible.

People started messaging them daily with success stories, but they also received messages from people who were either starting out or stuck asking for advice.

One day, a friend offered to build them a website where they could put all their strategies for people to access in one place. The rest is history.

They now have over 65,000 members all around the world united by a common interest.

Who The System Is For?

Let’s take a look at who will benefit most from doing this program.

Beginner to Advanced Level Athletes

The system is suitable for a wide range of people from complete beginners to advanced level Calisthenics users.

If you’re a beginner you will obviously get the most from The System – that’s just how it is.

But even if you’re already using Calisthenics in your training, The System can do a lot for you.

It will perfect your technique and teach you how to correct some very common mistakes that 90% of calisthenics users always make without even realizing.

For example, I’ve learned that a lot of people mess up when trying to do the complex movements – muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, flags, and full planches.

The Bar Brothers program shows you exactly how to do these movements.

They break everything down to small steps, explaining what you should focus on when doing the exercise and what to avoid so that you don’t end up hurting yourself.

So if you’re already using calisthenics and you’re not getting the results you want, The System can actually help you get to the next level.

Bar Lovers/Enthusiasts

The System is great for anyone who loves training with a bar and enjoys the creativity and freestyle movements that bars can offer.

If you love street workouts and parkour, or if you like the idea of just working out naturally from anywhere you want (home/park/street/gym/etc..) then you will absolutely love this program.

Also, if you’re sick and tired of the same old gym/weight routine and you feel like you’re just going through the motion, The System would be a great way for you to spice up your training and bring back that thrill/fun factor you are missing in your workout (I know it did for me).

Basketball Players/Sports Athletes

It is also very popular with basketball players as an alternative to using weights.

As a matter of fact, The System would be great for any type of physical sport you can think of.

I just chose basketball as an example because that’s my game… but this is something every athlete wants and needs.

Anyway, it illustrates my point perfectly because basketball is one of the toughest games physically… it’s a fast-paced high demanding game where things can get very rough on either side of the court, especially when you get closer to the basket.

If you ever played competitive basketball you know what I’m talking about… you have guys constantly pulling and pushing on you from different directions all in an effort to do one thing – to get you out of their way.

This is why pro basketball trainers are so obsessed about core strength when working with their athletes.

They understand how critical core strength is when it comes to supporting the athlete’s body. They know that his ability to stand his ground and push back when pushed upon, is a function of the core.

For this reason, it’s super important that you follow a program that not only builds muscle, but also works on your core and develops functional strength.

I feel like The System definitely meets this criteria as it does an excellent job of building overall structural integrity throughout all of your joints.

By doing so, it helps you perform better athletically and it makes you more resistant and ‘bullet-proof’ to injury.

What Do You Get When Buying The System?

Here’s a sneak pick into what’s inside the Bar Brothers System:


  • A 12 week step by step online video program covers what areas to work out on each day and what mistakes to avoid.
  • The videos are all organized in an easy to find manner.
  • Under each of the 12 weeks you will find step by step exercises for that week. You just can’t go wrong with detailed instructions like this.
  • Every week you get a short motivational video to give you the psychological boost you need to get through the week.
  • The videos are very short, 2-3 minutes each and easy to digest for busy people, yet still cover all the things you need to know for each week of the program.
  • You can access the program from anywhere in the world where there’s an internet connection.
  • If for any reason you get stuck, there is also a private Facebook support group where you can post your questions and challenges to Lazar/Dusan or someone from the community will reply.
  • They tell you how to track your progress from the beginning to the end of the program so you can see the changes for yourself.

Get The System – Calisthenics – Bar Brothers, Only Price $27

How Effective Is the 12-Week Program?

Everyone who takes the program is encouraged to take before and after photos of themselves to track their progress.

Lazar, Dusan and many of their members have posted their before and after photos, as well as videos on their Facebook page and on YouTube.

There are also many video testimonials of members and users available on social media where they speak about how the program has helped them.

I actually watched some of these videos and saw the amazing transformations that these guys had.

Of course, some might argue that videos and photos are faked… but when you see these guys performing these exercises and how they look, you come to realize they can’t be fake.

How can they be fake when you see these guys performing these super complex bar movements on video, which is as real as it gets?!

Don’t take my word for it, feel free to have a look at the progress made by the users of this program and decide for yourself.

Some Before and After Results

And check out this guy… a 38-year old man who used to be a drug addict and Bar Brothers LITERALLY saved his life. Super inspirational.

He not only transformed his entire body, but he became a completely different man.

This proves that no matter how bad things get, no matter how shitty your situation is…

you can always change.

What I Liked About the Program

  • Ideal for beginners to advanced level.
  • You gain mass and develop all-encompassing strength while losing fat with significantly less risk of injury.
  • No Gym Needed – The only equipment you need are some pullup and parallel bars which you can find at most parks.
  • Easy to Use – They explain how to do everything from A to Z with step-by-step instructions through videos and daily workout sheets.
  • Affordable – you get lifetime access at a low price of just $47 for a great value Calisthenics program that has been proven to work. Plus, it comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee.
  • An ideal workout for basketball players and competitive athletes who need to develop balanced muscle and strength naturally.
  • The program includes over 140 videos of high quality video content.
  • The weekly motivation and discipline that you learn from this program can be applied to any goal in your life that you set your mind to.
  • They offer great support if you need it at any time.
  • There is also the option of additional advanced level training for those who want it.

What I Didn’t Like

  • The videos are all online and not downloadable. This means you can only access it when you have enough data or are near a WiFi connection. (*can be solved by preloading the videos though)
  • You have to be willing to put in the effort. You have to be prepared to dedicate 1 hour a day for 6 days a week over 12 weeks of the program.
  • It’s not a program that you can take lightly. The results will come only by sticking to the program.
  • Lack of Detailed Nutrition Information – They only show you how to make 1 energy shake and 1 homemade protein shake for the whole 12 weeks. I ended up buying their separate diet plan after the first month due to this.

Get The System – Calisthenics – Bar Brothers, Only Price $27

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