The ShredSmart Program – Radu Antoniu



The ShredSmart Program – Radu Antoniu


If your fitness regimen gets too demanding, you're probably no longer willing to pay the price. Your job, family, school, friends, and relationship take priority over fitness. So if your diet or training takes too much time or effort, these are the things you're going to drop first.


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The ShredSmart Program

Get Lean & Muscular. Keep your Lifestyle

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The fitness programs you tried so far have not been written with YOU in mind.

Here's an idea you probably didn't think about before:

The people who become personal trainers or fitness authors are those who love fitness.

You'll say: Wow…you don't say Captain Obvious. Of course.

No, no! Here's the thing you didn't think about:

Because personal trainers and fitness authors love fitness, they assume their clients are like them! They don't mind being in the gym every day, pre-packaging their meals, taking supplements, and setting up their schedule around their workouts. So they think: Why would other people mind doing that as well?

Uhm…because we have a life?

If I had to guess I'd say you're not that crazy about working out or preparing your meals. You want to be ripped so you do it anyway but you don't really love it.

If your fitness regimen gets too demanding, you're probably no longer willing to pay the price. Your job, family, school, friends, and relationship take priority over fitness. So if your diet or training takes too much time or effort, these are the things you're going to drop first.

Am I right?

I believe that's one of the main reasons people fail to get in great shape. They follow a nutrition and workout plan made for a bodybuilder or fitness model who's FULL TIME JOB is going to the gym and eating right.

Of course you're not as dedicated as they are. I understand that.

So my goal when writing The ShredSmart Program was to create a fitness plan for YOU – someone who is busy, doesn't necessarily want to be in the gym but wants to be lean and muscular. And I think I've succeeded.

It all comes down to a lifestyle approach

For a maintainable shredded physique, you need to approach diet and lifting from the inside out.

You build your nutrition plan and workout routine based on your lifestyle, not the other way around.

For this reason the meal plans in ShredSmart require little cooking and cleaning. They are designed to include your favorite foods while also allowing you to eat at least one big meal a day.

Making your fat loss plan enjoyable is essential to your success.

However, what determines whether you reach your goal or not isn't your diet or training program. It's your mind.

Sounds cliché? It’s really not.

Fitness authorities and personal trainers attempt to access the importance of your mind through willpower and motivation. That’s why you see quotes like "No Pain no Gain!" or "Go Hard to Go Home!" painted on the wall of every gym.

In fact, it’s much deeper than that. It all comes down to your self-image. Your mind will always bring you back to how you see yourself.

Imagine yourself at the beach this summer:


What do you see?

Do you have 6 pack abs and your goal physique?

I would guess not. You probably see yourself just like you are right now.

If that's the case, I can guarantee something: as long as that's the way you see yourself, no fitness program will ever work for you. That's because your self-image guides your actions and will always bring you back to what you consider "normal".

I discuss the mind’s importance in a shredding journey in an entire section of The ShredSmart Program. You'll learn how to change the way you see yourself so that being lean and muscular is what you consider your normal physique.

But before you decide whether or not you want to purchase my program, please do some research. Look at other programs and see if you think they will help you achieve your goals as well as ShredSmart.

Look through our website at the hundreds of posts and videos packed with free content. Make sure that I convey information in a way that resonates with you.

If you find that you’d like something better, then go for it! The ShredSmart Program will still be here helping people reach their goal physiques.

If you’ve done your research, watched my videos, and think that this approach to getting shredded is the right one for you, then click the button below and get started on this exciting journey.

Get The ShredSmart Program – Radu Antoniu, Only Price $19

What will I get if I purchase The ShredSmart Program?

I believe ShredSmart to be the best shredding program on the market for people who are busy pursuing other goals but want to have a great physique as well. It is not for advanced bodybuilders or fitness models.

I have studied the best bodybuilding and nutrition coaches in the world and I'm aware of what's ideal for muscle growth and fat loss. But I have purposefully simplified their approach in order to fit in the lifestyle of most people and at the same time produce outstanding results.

Just think, if for the price of ShredSmart all you got was a thinner waist, would it be worth it?

If all this did was finally get you on the right track towards your fat loss goals after years of searching and failing, would it be worth it?

Right now, The ShredSmart Program is only $37. And if you’re not satisfied, I’ll take the risk and offer you a 30-day money back guarantee.

So go research, read, watch and find out if this program is right for you. Hopefully it is. Then come back, and press the button below to start your ShredSmart journey.

Your Instructor

Radu Antoniu

Hello and welcome to my store!

The reason I wrote these courses is because I believe we should be the best we know how to be. By this I mean actually applying what we learn we should be doing.

I recently noticed that this has been my motivation for many years. Once I became aware that something I was doing was wrong, I couldn't do it anymore. I felt a personal responsibility to start doing what I learned was "the right thing to do". This has been immensely rewarding for me because it constantly forced me to grow.

Now all my work is devoted to helping others go through the same process and make the right choices for themselves and our society (what research says are the right choices).

Fitness is just one of the ways I expresses this belief.

I first started lifting weights in high school to impress girls. At that time my main focus was overcoming my socially awkward nature because I wanted to be a part of the cool kids. I thought building a great physique would contribute to that goal.

Earning money was another goal motivated by my early desire to be cool. In my last year of high school I joined a sales company along with my brother where we met two managers who later became our mentors. I spent a year working for them, time in which I adopted their life philosophy. That was the turning point of my life. I changed my motivation from "wanting to be cool" to "achieving goals in the service of others".

I did not achieve success working in that sales company and eventually quit. In search of another big goal that would push me to grow, I refocused on fitness in 2013. One year later after following the advice of Greg O'Gallagher I reached my goal of "looking like Brad Pitt in Fight Club". Later, I followed Greg's example and started my own fitness website.

Fitness was my main focus from 2014 to 2017, when I decided to start creating content about other important topics as well.

Now, a part of my work is talking about how you can achieve your physique goals while also growing in other areas of your life. I believe that fitness should be automated and leave your attention free to be focused on other goals. Health, vitality, and self-fulfillment are the cornerstones to a happy life. But I believe once we are happy with our bodies and health, we should turn our attention towards our education and look for ways to contribute towards the betterment of society. It would be great if we could all "score a victory for humanity" before we die.

Course Curriculum

PDF Downloads

  • The ShredSmart Program FREE SAMPLE
  • The ShredSmart Program Third Edition
  • Bonus: Lean Bulking Guide
  • 1600 kcal Meal Plans
  • 1800 kcal Meal Plans
  • 2000 kcal Meal Plans
  • Vegan 2000 kcal Meal Plans
  • 2200 kcal Meal Plans


  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • The ThinkEatLift Workout App (1:27)
  • More on Autosuggestion and the Sublime Moment (20:47)


Get The ShredSmart Program – Radu Antoniu, Only Price $19

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