The Bulletproof Knees And Back Seminar – Mike Robertson



The Bulletproof Knees And Back Seminar – Mike Robertson


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Finally! How To Solve Your Clients’ Biggest Back and Knee Problems…And Position Yourself As The Most Trusted Fitness Professional In Your Area!

Trainers and coaches everywhere are missing out on a golden opportunity.

An opportunity to fill a real need, and in the process, get better results with the clients and athletes they train.

And in the long run, they’re losing money as a result.

  • Are you ready to become the go-to trainer in your area for knee and lower back pain?
  • Would you like to understand why someone is having knee or lower back pain?
  • Would you like to know how to program effectively for them?
  • Would you like to know how to coach them, to ensure you don’t make their symptoms worse?

The Bulletproof Knees and Lower Back seminar is the culmination of the last 8-10 years of my life. In this 13+-hour seminar, I cover a ridiculous amount of information.

This product isn’t geared towards athletic trainers or physical therapists, although even they may take a few things away from this.

I geared this product and this lecture towards personal trainers and strength coaches just like myself.

I geared this to help you deal with everyday people, because I’ve got news for you – no one is 100% healthy!

I certainly hope so – and I KNOW this product can help get you there.

But first, let me tell you how I started down this path, and how I can fast track your progress as a result of my mistakes.

The Bad News? I Was Just Like Every Other Trainer…

After graduating with a Masters Degree in Sports Biomechanics, I took some time to critically evaluate myself – what I was good at, what I was not at, and I ranked them on a scale of 1-10.

I hadn’t spent much time working with injured athletes, and I remember giving myself a 2 out of 10.

Quite simply, an exercise science Undergraduate degree and a Masters in biomechanics hadn’t prepared to work with people who were in pain or suffering from injuries.

I had just accepted my first full-time job, and being 24, in all my infinite wisdom, I figured I pretty much had it all figured out. I had already coached high-level athletes at the Division 1 level, and going forward I was going to continue to kill it as well, right?

Not so fast.

I was thrust into a situation where my job was 90% injured people. I saw people in crippling lower back pain.

I saw people in the worst knee pain you could ever imagine.

I saw one lady who could not move her shoulder at all.

And as you can imagine, I was freaking out!

My most memorable client to this day was also one of the most challenging. You might have heard bits and pieces of this before, but let me give you a quick recap.

When I first met Mark (no, that’s not his real name) he had been off of work for almost 3 years due to persistent and horrible back pain. The pain had taken a toll on his personal life as well.

He was in the midst of a messy divorce, and his ex-wife was playing games with his kids as well.

Could you imagine being in that situation? It must’ve been horrible.

But the worst part was, this guy couldn’t do anything. Before his back injury, the guy made a pretty good living driving the big rigs.

Now, he couldn’t hold down any kind of job because it hurt to do everything. Standing up, sitting down, driving a car, playing with his kids, etc.

You name it, and it hurt.

He was probably one of the most difficult backs I’ve ever seen and it took a ton of work to get him feeling better again.

Over the next 6 months, we took him from a point where EVERYTHING hurt, to a point where almost nothing hurt.

He got another job, ended up with partial custody of his children (whom he could now play with pain-free!), and even found a new girlfriend that he was madly in love with.

I clearly remember the day he stopped coming in (he was driving 2 hours EACH WAY, 3x per week to work with us), and he said to me with tears in his eyes…

“Thank you for giving me my life back.”

That’s pretty powerful stuff.

And just like you, I’ve spent my time in the trenches. I’ve gotten up at 3:45 in the morning every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to work with a client. On these same days, I often didn’t get home until 7 or 8 in the evening.

Seriously – 3:45 in the morning?

I remember thinking, “What is wrong with me? Do normal people do this?”

It was rough not only physically (I was tired all the time and living on triple venti non-fat Mochas from Starbucks!), but emotionally as well. You don’t have the time or energy to spend time with your loved ones and friends because your entire schedule is focused around serving your clients.

My training suffered as well. If anything had been consistent the last 5 years of my life, it had been training. That was my release, my time for “me.”

Now I was losing that as well.

Does this sound something like you?

Are you spending way too many hours in the gym, taking care of clients and not yourself?

Are you working too hard to make too little money?

Would you like to have more time to spend with your family and friends?

Have you ever felt like you’re turning away clients because you don’t know how to help them?

Would you love to have MORE clients because you’re the go-to trainer or coach in the area for helping them address their knee or lower back pain?

If you were in my situation, what would you do? Would you give up and hope for the best? Find a different job that wasn’t as challenging?

I chose to empower myself. I stayed up late and night, reading books and research articles. I watched VHS tapes (yes, I’m starting to show my age!) from other people in our field.

I attended seminars.

I did everything in my power to learn as much about the human body as possible.

Here’s where I can help you out, because I’m tired of talking about me. This product is all about YOU.

That’s Where I Come In…

Rather than reading all the research, attending all the seminars, purchasing all the DVD’s, manuals and webinars, why not pick up one all-encompassing resource that will give you the bulk of my knowledge?

If you watch the Bulletproof Knees and Back DVD’s and apply the concepts I outline with regards to knee and lower back pain, I can guarantee the following:

  • You’ll understand the functional anatomy surrounding the knee and lower back; without this, you’re shooting from the hip and guessing as to what’s going on!
  • You’ll be able to put your clients through a thorough and detailed assessment to determine why they are having pain. Often, knees and backs are the site of the pain, not the source.
  • You’ll be able to write a program that not only addresses their physical limitations over the long haul, but also allows you to make their training sessions pain-free and productive in the mean time.
  • You’ll be able to coach your clients more effectively. Quality programming is great, but you have to make sure your clients can execute your game plan!

I’m not telling you to overstep your bounds, either. We all have clients who are too far-gone for us to help. Or people that may have strange or rare conditions where we need to call in the big dogs for help.

One of the key points I discuss at length in this series is growing your network – having a great massage therapist, a great physical therapist, a great chiropractor, etc. on board so that you can all work together to get a fantastic result for the people you work with.

All I want you to be able to do is take the average, everyday client who suffers from mild knee or lower back pain and get them moving and feeling better so they can achieve their goals and live happier, healthier lives.

That’s it.

You won’t be a physical therapist, chiropractor or athletic trainer when you’re done, but you’ll be a hell of a lot more competent when it comes to training your clients and athletes than ever before.

And that confidence is HUGE.

I’m not a strength coach or personal trainer – will this product help me?

A huge percentage of my readers are high-level fitness enthusiasts. They may not train or coach people for a living, but they love to learn and understand how the body works.

So let me summarize this in one word: Absolutely.

While this product is geared towards trainers and coaches because they’re use these materials every single day, anyone who reads my blog consistently and wants to learn more about the knees and lower back will benefit.

Would you like to learn more about functional anatomy, program design, and how to perform your lifts with flawless execution?

And most importantly, would you like to know how doing this can keep you knees and lower back healthy and injury-free?

If so, this product will absolutely help you out.

Mike You’re a TRAINER – What Do You Know?

I realize as a trainer or coach talking about knee and lower back pain, you may be skeptical. I’m not a physical therapist, athletic trainer, orthopedic surgeon or even a chiropractor.

How could I possibly know what I’m doing?

Since I started, I’ve made a name for myself within the industry. My knowledge in corrective exercise has helped Bill Hartman and I build one of America’s Top 10 Gyms (as ranked by Men’s Health magazine), for two years running.

Outside of our standard local client base, we routinely have clients drive from Louisville, Lexington, Chicago, St. Louis and Columbus to work with us. We even have distance clients that have come from as far as Japan and Bulgaria to get an assessment, a customized program and some training!

I’m paid pretty darn well to travel around and speak about these very topics. This presentation was given in Vancouver, and I’ve been to Australia two times now as well to help trainers just like yourself get better at improving their clients’ health.

And I’ve written for most of the major training magazines, both printed and on-line: Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Muscle and Fitness, T-Nation and Elite Fitness.

Listen, I’m not here to tell you I’m perfect or that I know everything. That’s not the case. I’m always trying to learn more and improve myself as a trainer and coach.

But I’m pretty darn good at what I do, and I’m confident I can help you get better at what you do.

Mike Robertson’s course was the best training seminar I’ve been to! A total game changer! As someone who has bought thousands of dollars of training products including Mikes’ I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went to his seminar. All I knew was I was excited but didn’t know if he would honestly live up to the huge reputation he had acquired on the internet. My expectations were blown away. Not only was Mike one of the best presenters I’ve seen but his content and knowledge was phenomenal!

The information on how to coach lifts the attention to detail on posture for exercises made a huge difference in the way I look at exercises and movement. I went back and started training simpler and I and my clients have gotten better results. One client I have been training for a long time with right hip pain we were able to stretch out with techniques from Mike’s seminar and her pain has vanished.

As a coach and trainer this course was invaluable it has changed the entire way I look at training; my understanding of force coupling within the human body. One of the best investments I have ever made!

Isaac Ho


I recently began following Mike’s training system due to a nagging back injury I had sustained 7 months earlier. The injury took a pretty big toll on my body, so much so, that I had to eliminate all bi-lateral lower body movements from my training. I decided I was in need of some help, so I made the trip down to I-FAST. Upon arrival, I was taken through an extensive assessment that looked at my joint and muscle function, as well as posture/alignment. The results of the assessment clearly demonstrated that there was some work to be done, and less than a week later I began my first month’s worth of programming.

It has been over 4 months now, and I must say my body has undergone some impressive changes, despite only being able to make it to I-FAST a couple weekends a month. Mike’s training system has improved my mobility, increased stability throughout my entire body, and has been cleaning up a few asymmetries I have. As a result, I have been experiencing less and less back discomfort, and have been able to slowly add bi-lateral movements back into my training. In fact, this week I was able to front squat 175lbs for 8 repetitions, with ZERO back irritation. Not an impressive feat of strength by any means, but not bad for someone who didn’t know if he would ever be able to perform squats or deadlifts again.

The methods Mike implements with his clients are scientific and proven. He uses the assessment to determine what his clients need, and then sets up the programming to address those needs, providing his clients with measureable results. After all, we can’t forget that results are what training is all about. I have 100% confidence in Mike’s training methods, and will continue utilizing them throughout the rest of my training career.”

Wally Becker, C.S.C.S.

Sports Performance Graduate Student

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Mike Robertson present the knee/back seminar in Vancouver, and I was really impressed by the great information and coaching provided there. Learning hands-on from one of the guys I really look at as one of my role-models in the fitness business was awesome, and I went home with some tips and techniques that I put into practice with my clients right away.

With the understanding I gained from that seminar, I was able to identify and correct the underlying causes of some chronic pain in my clients that I had been chasing my tail on for months. If you or your clients are looking for exercise-based solutions to knee and low-back pain, including how to assess for the possible causes of that pain, I am certain that you’ll find the information in the DVD of great value!

JP Siou

I am a former collegiate basketball player who suffered through 4 years of knee pain while in college. I saw multiple doctors and chiropractors to help decrease the pain and allow me to play to my full potential. Nobody could tell me exactly what was wrong and why I was having so much pain. I tried just plain rest, had multiple MRI’s done, tried acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments and cold laser therapy. It helped ease the pain a little but then it would come right back a few weeks later.

I thought I was doomed to have knee pain the rest of my life! It was then that I decided to go visit Mike Robertson. Within the first 15 minutes of my evaluation he knew exactly what was wrong with me. I had patella tendinosis, not tendinitis. It also had nothing to do with my knee; it was my hips that were the issue. I had terrible hip mobility and had no left glute strength at all. He got me on a program right away to address these issues and within two weeks I was back on the court playing in a two-day basketball tournament.

Over the past couple years he has helped me increase my squat and deadlift numbers substantially and I have not had any knee pain! I would highly recommend Mike to anyone who has any type of knee injury and my only regret was that I did not go see him sooner.

Kane Sivesind

This seminar has greatly shaped the way I have trained people. The various coaching cues were invaluable. I have implemented the single leg, squat and deadlift progressions into all my clients’ programs. The seminar also greatly helped me in my assessment protocol and execution.

His presentation on anatomy was excellent, Mike goes into various muscles of the core and lower body and shows that they have very important roles in creating stability throughout the core and hips. The information he presented goes beyond what you will learn in college anatomy courses.

I’ve also changed up a lot of my own training as a result of having Mike assess me. I’ve started implementing box squats and rack deadlifts more into my programming. My ROM wasn’t quite where it needed to be for deadlifts, as a result I had numerous energy leaks. I’ve been working on my form so I can get back to deadlifting.

If you are looking to get better as a coach or make yourself a more efficient and safe weight lifter, then I’d strongly suggest this product.


All through my adolescence and young adulthood I was a “grind it out” type of athlete. “It hurts? who cares, grind it out. No pain no gain” was the mantra of my inner monologue.

Needless to say, when I turned 30 I was met with a rude awakening. My knee was a wreck. I had no more cartilage on my knee and I was told by the orthopedic surgeon that I was looking at a knee replacement in about 5 years. He also said I needed to permanently discontinue any sports I was currently involved in (rugby and powerlifting).

After undergoing arthroscopic surgery to remove some debris, I decided that I hated surgery and being physically inactive. I went to physical therapy but after a month they said that my knee was as good as it could get. With that I took things into my own hands. I had read a lot of Mike Robertson’s articles on indestructible knees and decided that I needed some of those!

My first visit was in January of 2009. I was amazed with the thorough assessment that covered movement, strength and flexibility from head to toe. Although, the most important aspect of the assessment was that it gave me hope.

For the first time, I didn’t feel like a lost cause. I merely needed a lot of work. Mike put together a training program that addressed the weaknesses that were causing my knee pain. I’m not going to lie; it was hard unglamorous work at first. As time went on it proved to be worth it, my knees began to feel stable and pain free. My programs slowly progressed to incorporating the major powerlifting movements along with accessory work to keep addressing my weaknesses.

Recently I visited IFAST for a one-year follow up assessment. My strength and quality of movement compared to my first visit was shocking, but it didn’t stop there. There was MORE he could do to help. He has continued to provide highly individualized programs to help me reach my goals. Investing in Mike’s quality programming and knowledge is far and above the best decision I ever made towards my health.

I don’t consider myself a finished product yet, but Mike is clearly laying out a path that is getting me there.

Sarah Martin, Ph.D.

I’m a fitness professional/strength coach in the Seattle are and a former professional basketball player. I’ve dedicated pretty much my whole life to sports, fitness and performance.

I do a lot of traveling around the country and the world to different seminars, workshops and conferences related to fitness, performance and honestly anything that would make me a better teacher, more knowledgeable and bring my clients better results.

When I heard Mike Robertson would be having a seminar a couple of hours from me relating to rehabbing the knee and low back, I didn’t think twice about going as I knew he was an incredibly knowledgeable strength coach who also walks the walk. It also made sense as I was dealing with an adductor and low back issue for the better part of 7 months, something neither physical therapists, doctors, massage therapists and number of other professionals couldn’t figure out.

I expected the content to be real good, as Mike always delivers. But it wasn’t real good. It was a lot better than that! It actually created a shift in the way I looked at training, programs, rehab, training myself as well as others. The combination of theory broken down into understandable segments and combined with real world examples was great and in itself worth the seminar fee. But what really made it so valuable was that we spent hours hours in a hands on environment assessing ourselves and others with Mike’s guidance.

I thought I was pretty damn good at what I do. But I left that seminar MUCH better and it really was an aha moment for me, a little humbling, yet empowering experience. To know that I have so many more tools to help the people I train and take their fitness and performance to the next level while also making them feel and move better.

If you’re a fitness professional or are anywhere close to the fitness or performance field, you’d be nuts not to attend a Mike Robertson seminar!

To confirm how impressed I was with Mike, I also hired him to do design my training program for the next 3 months (and I’ve only let a handful of people in the world do that). 6 weeks into the programI have reduced my adductor and low back issues by 75%, something doctors, physical therapists, etc. couldn’t do in 7 months!”

When I first started with Mike, I was beat up from years of over usage and nagging injuries. He was able to help me correct imbalances, get rid of pain, and ultimately train at a higher level. Mike made me his own Frankenstein by constantly thinking up new protocols and exercises to keep me challenged, motivated, and improving. He has the knowledge and experience to adapt to anyone’s unique set of circumstances and goals. Mike is someone I will use for the rest of my career and can’t recommend highly enough. In my line of work I can’t afford to settle for second best.

Federal Agent, client of Mike, and former IFAST member

18 months after surgery-gone-bad for patellar tendonitis, I was starting to think I would never play beach volleyball or basketball again. Especially after consulting with no less than 6 orthopedic surgeons, all of whom wanted to do more surgery. I stumbled on Mike’s websight while searching online for an alternative treatment to surgery, and I’m sure glad I did.

As luck would have it, I had a business meeting scheduled in Indianapolis so I scheduled an evaluation with Mike. It became very obvious during the evaluation that this guy knows A LOT about the human body and how it should move. Mike didn’t just focus on my knee, he evaluated at my entire body structure and movement.

From the start, I was comfortable with the program Mike developed for me. Maybe it was because he explained the intent of each exercise, or maybe it was because each exercise made so much sense to me. Instead of just treating the symptoms, his program addressed my body’s weaknesses that were actually causing my problems.

In the past 3 months since starting Mike’s program, the strength in my left leg has improved so much that I know I will be playing at my old level soon. As my leg, hip, and core get stronger, my knee is getting much more stable. In fact, my goals have changed from just getting back, to actually being better than I was before surgery.

Thanks Mike!

John G.

While going through Special Operations selection in the military I developed IT band syndrome so severe that on longer runs my knee would lock up entirely and I had to run by swinging my leg around rather than bending it.

This horrible compensatory pattern, combined with almost four years of operational deployments as a Special Warfare Combatant Crewman on open ocean jet boats which produce repeated impacts of up to 20 G’s, left me with chronic back pain, a mess of fascial adhesions and a knee that didn’t take kindly to running.

I was in the process of educating myself in the field of strength and conditioning and due to the nature of my job, had always taken a keen interest in training with a corrective or injury preventative nature. Finally, I decided to contact the guy I had been learning most of this from in the first place and see if he was up to a assessing and programming an extremely difficult client: me.

Half a year later I had added 90 pounds to my deadlift (pulling 505 at 185 pounds bodyweight), could tick off a ten mile run without a trace of pain, and no longer felt any back pain.

I’ve since left the military and started my own fitness business and have been quite fortunate to call Mike a mentor in the industry. His materials are required reading for every trainer at my facilities and I’ve learned more from him than anyone else in the strength training world.

Craig Weller

The course I took with Mike Robertson was super informative. I have been able to integrate everything into my practice with great results. The stream line assessment was really helpful to “get back to the fundamental basics”.

I have also purchased your Single Leg Solution package which was put together very simply and full of tons of great information that is very practical to use. Thanks!!!

Raina Croner

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you again for a fantastic seminar up here in Vancouver. I’ve been to quite a few different talks both in Europe and over here over the last 2 years and last weekend stood out head and shoulders above any other course I’ve taken. Your systematic approach to both your training and the weekend really helped me get the most out of the course.

Best thing about the weekend; it was basics at its best. Without a shadow of doubt I found this weekend to be the most valuable learning experience I’ve had yet, even though at an individual level I didn’t learn anything new. I just learned how to do everything I already know better, way better. For me at least, you put everything together. It’s like I already had all the jigsaw pieces and then you came over, rotated a few, moved one or two around and then it all fell into place.

There is just something so honest about your approach to training. It’s seriously refreshing.

I hope that I get to take another of you courses in the upcoming months or years. Maybe I’ll even manage a trip over some time next year…I have to come get my water bottle back anyway (Note from MR: I had no water the first day so Cian loaned me his!)

Thanks again for taking the time to come up northwest. If you could convince one or two of your colleagues to do the same that would be fantastic!

Cian Lanigan

The Bulletproofing Knees and Back (BKB) seminar gave my business something tangible, objective and measurable that we could apply immediately into our practice. Mike put it all together into one cohesive package with equal focus on theory, assessment, and correction. The BKB assessment protocol is comprehensive and objective. The practical component put everything together and addressed components of major lifts that are often overlooked. It is the most hands on time that I have spent in a seminar.

Thanks to BKB we have identified and corrected faults in our own assessment protocol and improved cueing and viewing of our clients. I attended BKB on the assumption that I would learn how to clear up unresolved client issues with their knees and back, but came out with much more. I didn’t expect to find what has been holding our “healthy” clients’ performance back. Since attending BKB my clients have been unlocking potential and safely setting personal bests in deadlifts, squats, lunges, etc.

As an athlete myself, I have put the BKB methodology to the test. I am a triathlete, but have had chronic anterior right knee pain with running long distances. Since addressing weaknesses that were identified in the BKB assessment I have been running faster, harder, longer, and stronger without the knee pain that would have otherwise been present.

Mike exceeded my expectations on all levels. The BKB seminar is a game changer.

Steve Di Tomaso

This product definitely isn’t for everyone, though. Some trainers and coaches are truly comfortable with the status quo – they’re making a living, so why bother getting better?

This product is geared towards the successful minority – the people that want to get better results for their clients and athletes.

And as a result, they are rewarded for that hard work by making more money and having to work less.

Okay I’m interested – what’s covered in the seminar?

This 6-disc DVD series is over 13 hours in length and will give you the foundation necessary to be confident when training individuals. Here’s what you get in each DVD:

DVD 1 – Philosophy and Functional Anatomy

  • An overview of my training philosophy.
  • Functional anatomy for 30 joints and muscles affecting the spine and knees.
  • How important it is to get your movement and motion from the appropriate joints!
  • A serious lecture on the core – There’s more to stability than a six-pack!
  • How crunches can jack you up.
  • How poor posture and joint limitations can limit your ability to lift (and LIVE) pain-free.

DVD 2 – Static Assessment (Lecture and Hands-On)

  • What exactly do we assess? Why three types of assessment are better than one.
  • A joint-by-joint static evaluation process, starting with the feet and working the way up through the body.
  • Watch as we evaluate one client in a group format, and then breakout for individual assessments.

DVD 3 – Isolative Assessment (Lecture and Hands-On)

  • How the isolative assessment builds on the static assessment.
  • 22 tests to help root out isolated joint and muscle limitations.
  • More hands-on coaching of the isolated assessment.

DVD 4 – Integrated Assessment (Lecture and Hands-On), Program Design

  • 7 tests to further identify dysfunction.
  • Why the isolated and integrated assessments are imperative to proper programming.
  • The step-by-step process you can use to write programs that eradicate dysfunction and movement limitations.

DVD 5 – Hands-on Session #1

  • How foam rolling can help eliminate knee and lower back pain, and the specific areas we address.
  • Mobility drills for the Ankle, Hip and T-Spine.
  • Core training and coaching cues to make sure your programs are executed effectively every time!

DVD 6 – Hands-On Session 2 and Conclusion

  • Hip-dominant exercises – proper performance, coaching cues and training progressions.
  • Quad-dominant exercises – proper performance, coaching cues and training progressions.
  • Single-leg exercises – proper performance, coaching cues and training progressions.
  • Case studies, Q&A and Conclusion.

As you can see, this seminar series covers a ton of information!

When you’re done you’ll have an understanding of the functional anatomy surrounding the knees and lower back, you’ll understand how to assess your clients and athletes, you’ll be able to write training programs that can help resolve their issues and halt pain its tracks, and you’ll be able to coach them effectively so you derive maximal benefit from their training.

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