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Thai Rocking Massage – Thai Healing Massage Academy


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Thai Massage is a highly effective, versatile, and therapeutic system with an amazing potential for helping your clients. 

However…it is often misunderstood and taught only as a mechanical sequence – leaving out the heart and soul of it – the real art. This can result in two issues

Issue #1:

Thai Massage has the reputation of sometimes being quite intense and painful, and maybe not suitable for all clients because of that.

Why is that?

Thai Massage uses lots of stretches and manipulations. Unless the therapist is quite sensitive, it is easy to overdo those stretches and cause discomfort or even pain.

Good Thai Massage is not painful by nature. It is a true healing art – not just a sequence of techniques, and there is a very elegant solution for this "pain" issue.

Issue #2:

The traditional style of Thai Massage relies heavily on thumb pressure and palm presses. This can be hard on the hands of the therapist and can lead to injury.

Also there is often insufficient training in good body mechanics which can also lead to strain for the therapist. There is a solution for this issue as well…

What if you could transform Thai Massage into a gentler, more fluid, more effective, and more therapist-friendly system?

And what if you could apply this system to any other massage style as well?

Such a system actually exists, and it is called

Thai Rocking Massage

What is Thai Rocking Massage?

Since Thai Massage is done fully dressed without oil, pressure tends to be linear – direct pressure on one point – instead of long stroking moves like in oil massage. This can be intense.

Thai Rocking Massage solves this by using motion techniques like rocking, rolling, circling, wiggling, or swinging. This distributes the pressure over a larger area and eliminates pressure on one point only.

This works for stretches as well, making them much gentler and more gradual.

These motion techniques have three advantages:

  • Advantage for the client: Rocking techniques are gentler, more pleasant, and totally pain-free. They are also very enjoyable and highly therapeutic.
  • Advantage for the therapist: Rocking techniques do not stress your thumbs, wrists, or hands. They are much easier on your body.
  • Rocking techniques allow you to do Thai Massage on everyone, even clients who are very stiff, very old, or very pain sensitive.

What can you achieve with this training?

  • Add a very unique element to Thai Massage or any other massage
  • Loosen up any joint gently, more effectively, and in a pain-free way
  • Make stretching more gentle and more pleasant for the client
  • Work with a beautiful and elegant flow
  • Use less effort while achieving better results
  • Eliminate strain on your own body and especially your hands

How do I access my Thai Rocking Massage course?

This is an online training course. You can access it conveniently from our membership platform.

Training schedule: A new training module will become available to you every two days so that you have time to practice without information overload.

You don't have to keep up with the course schedule. You can totally work at your own pace. So if it takes you three or 4 days per module – no problem!

Your access does not expire. Even if you cannot get started immediately, or if life gets in the way for a while, your course will always be available to you, even months or years later.

What will I receive with this course?

  • 11 video modules
  • 6 hours of easy-to-follow, in depth training
  • Detailed course manual
  • Permanent access – no expiration
  • Unlimited personalized support by the instructor

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