Super-Simple PLR Product Delivery System – Dave Espino



Super-Simple PLR Product Delivery System – Dave Espino


Why is it that so many high-quality PLR products get purchased by Internet Marketers… but then they begin collecting "digital dust"… never to see the light of day?


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Super-Simple PLR Product Delivery System

How To Easily Deliver PLR Products Using A FREE Service That Requires No Domain Name, No Hosting, No Website And No Up-Front Costs Whatsoever!

A Special Letter To YOU If You Own Private Label Rights (PLR) Products That You Haven't Turned Into A New Income Stream Yet…

Finally… A Super-Simple Way To Deliver ANY Digital Product For FREE!

(How To Deliver Your Own Digital Products Or PLR Products In Two Easy Steps!)

This Revolutionary System Requires:

  • No Domain Name
  • No Hosting Account
  • No WordPress Website / Knowledge
  • No Payment Processing / Shopping Cart
  • No Up-Front Cost
  • No Video Hosting (Amazon S3 or otherwise)
  • No Technical Knowledge
  • No Hassles!

Just upload your videos, audios or ebooks and YOU ARE DONE!

You can now immediately begin making money with your PLR products!

Dear fellow PLR owner,

If you've ever bought a PLR product, you've probably gone through these emotions… (as I have)

No Video Hosting (Amazon S3 or otherwise No Technical Knowledge No Hassles!

  • You get excited about a high-quality PLR product that is designed for a hungry niche market and decide to order it. (It's got so much potential!)
  • You order it and then download it to your computer's hard drive, certain that you now have an awesome way to make money! (exciting! you didn't have to create your own product!)
  • Next, you check out the product, maybe even go through some of the videos / ebooks. (Wow, this is actually really good stuff -1 KNOW people will want this!)
  • And then…
  • You move on to other things, never coming back to that exciting PLR product that showed so much potential for income… (Huh?)

Get Super-Simple PLR Product Delivery System – Dave Espino , Only Price $37


Why is it that so many high-quality PLR products get purchased by Internet Marketers… but then they begin collecting "digital dust"… never to see the light of day?

Especially when there was so much promise in being able to resell that digital product and being able to make some GREAT MONEY at it!

The reason you're not making money with PLR products is really quite simple…

It's all the work you have to do to deliver the PLR product!

Think about it, to properly deliver a digital product, (whether it's PLR or your own product) here's what you need:

  1. Buy a domain name
  2. Invest in a hosting account
  3. Know how to build a WordPress site, or a website
  4. A way to receive payments
  5. A way to tie that payment processor to your website
  6. To build a "secret" download page that delivers your product
  7. A way to host the video course (Amazon S3 or otherwise)
  8. A way to capture your customers’ email addresses
  9. Proven ways to generate traffic to your product
  10. To make this all work seamlessly – so that your customer pays, gets onto your email list and begins consuming your product immediately!

As you can see, it takes quite a bit of technical knowledge, time and expense to pull all this off!

Is it any wonder that we're not more successful with PLR products?

Recently, I discovered a revolutionary NEW way to deliver my own information products and I immediately saw the exciting ways it could be used to deliver PLR products, as well!

Introducing the: "Super Simple PLR Delivery System"

This Training Will Show You, Step-By-Step, (Through LIVE DEMOS)

How To Take Your Existing PLR Products (Or your own products)

And Deliver Them Quickly & Easily To Your Customers!

What if there were a "platform" that you could upload your PLR courses to and then immediately begin selling your courses?


This Is About To Revolutionize The Delivery Of PLR, RR and MRR (or your own) Products – Forever!

With this powerful solution, all you have to do is:

  1. Upload your own products or your PLR videos, audios & ebooks to the special online course platform. (You can't do this on Udemy because their rules don't allow PLR products)
  2. Add a "Course Title", "Subtitle" and "Course Description" (salesletter) and "Price" to your online course.

Super Simple%20PLR%20Product%20Delivery%20System%2001 - BoxSkill

Example Of My Online School With My Own Courses As Well As PLR Courses

Get Super-Simple PLR Product Delivery System – Dave Espino , Only Price $37

And, you are DONE…

Now you can START SELLING!

In just about the time it takes to watch a movie,

I was able to publish 4 PLR courses (totaling about 8 hours of training) on this online course platform…


Let me tell you a little more about the benefits of using this platform:

  • You are in complete control – you can sell your courses at full price, or you can create discount coupons to be able to sell your courses at a discount.
  • You can also create a membership site with multiple courses in one membership site!
  • You can charge a one-time price for your products or you can charge a monthly recurring or annual recurring billing.
  • Don't like "serial refunders"? Check this out! If a student decides to refund, you can just delete them from your course, making it impossible for them to access it again!
  • You can email your students through the course platform and offer them new products and courses!
  • You can revise, renew or completely replace a course, if you wish.
  • You can deliver course content in video, audio, ebook, (PDF) text and image formats.
  • You can easily adapt your current PLR content to this platform to create true, high-value multimedia courses that your customers will LOVE.
  • The course layout and platform is super-easy to use and user-friendly and presents your PLR courses in the most professional way possible.
  • You can even have your own affiliate program!

Super Simple%20PLR%20Product%20Delivery%20System%2002 - BoxSkill

Example Of A PLR Product And How Professionally It Is Presented

When you have such an easy-to-use selling platform like this, there are so many ways you could use your PLR content!

  • Give away a high-value PLR course as a way to build your email list
  • Sell your new courses at full price
  • Sell your new courses at discounted prices, using coupons
  • Bundle several PLR courses into a themed bundle (ie: Traffic Generation, Video Marketing, etc.) and sell access as a membership site, (recurring billing)
  • Bundle several MRR products (Master Resale Rights) and offer access as a membership site and then FLIP the membership site to an Internet Marketer for big dollars!

The possibilities are endless!

Super Simple%20PLR%20Product%20Delivery%20System%2003 - BoxSkill

Example Of How Professionally This Platform Displays The Course Curriculum

Here's what's included in the "Super-Simple PLR Delivery System"

  • You get complete, "look over my shoulder" video training as I show you how to turn your PLR content into a valuable online course – on the actual online learning platform that I recommend, (it does all the things I mentioned above -and more!)
  • You get real-world demonstrations on how to set up your online courses, step-by-step…
  • You get a simple tutorial on how to easily import your existing Udemy courses – literally in minutes! (the video demo I did for this course showed an almost instant import of my Udemy course!)
  • You get 5 proven ways to market your newly published PLR courses so that you can begin making sales asap.
  • AND, you get this valuable training on the actual course platform that I am walking you through, so you can see how user-friendly it is!

Super Simple%20PLR%20Product%20Delivery%20System%2004 - BoxSkill

Bottom line:

  • If you own at least ONE quality PLR product, this training will help you.
  • If you have created at least ONE digital info-product of your own, you need this training.
  • If you plan to turn your digital PLR products into income, you need to check out this training.
  • If you want an easy way to create new digital assets (ie: PLR product flows, membership sites, websites for flipping) then this is the course for you!

Your order is backed by my 30-day, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.

My Guarantee:

Order today, watch the training, and if it's not everything I said it is (and more) then simply request a refund. Your order is 100% guaranteed!

Course Curriculum

Super-Simple PLR Product Delivery System

  • Introduction (3:27)
  • Info-Products Have Grown Up (2:17)
  • The New Way To Deliver Information Products & Courses (3:19)
  • What Are Private Label Rights Products And How Do You Find Them? (7:54)
  • Introduction To Teachable – Revolutionizing Online Marketing (3:03)
  • Features And Benefits Of Using Teachable To Deliver Your Info-Products (3:12)
  • A Look At The Three Teachable Plans (3:03)
  • Let's Get Started! Setting Up Your Teachable Course (1:25)
  • How To Publish Your Products On Teachable – Downloading The PLR (3:52)
  • Step-By-Step To Creating / Publishing Your Course On Teachable (18:24)
  • Conclusion (0:52)

Get Super-Simple PLR Product Delivery System – Dave Espino , Only Price $37

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