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UnDone & UnSaid – Rudy Hunter


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Got Regrets?

Here's to you living much more fully…easily.

Left things incomplete, unfinished, undone?

Swallowed your thoughts & eaten your words?

Yup…it's really common and it's a very common source of

ed Emotional Life Paralysis a.k.a. Getting Massively Stuck!Delay

We'll be working together during this EnergyWork Tool dredging up the

gnarly roots of stuckness and clearing them gently.

Think of it as energetic dusting & vacuuming…we're going to those dank & dark edges to

clean up your internal world of the detritus which only lays around to block your goals,

dreams, ambitions and your personal will. 

No small matter.

Rudy will "drive the bus" so you can just follow the simple instructions to stay open and receive

the transformational energetics to help the layers of "schmutz" lift, bubble away and clear.



  1. A Regret "Energetic Push" for UnDone
  2. Geometric Spin Clearing Sequence for UnDone
  3. "What I've Swallowed" Broad Focus Clearing for UnSaid
  4. "My Freedom To Speak" Broad Focus Clearing for UnSaid
  5. Mystery/Integrative Round Beyond The Mind's Influence for UnDone & UnSaid

Yummy stuff!​

This special recording has the embedded EnergyWork always available in it for you. 

bargain at just $55.00 and it runs 35:51 minutes.It is a

​You can lean in and use this tool as often as you like to get clear and STAY clear

​of the UnDone & the UnSaid in your life.

It will serve you well for years to come.

Here's to YOU with a clearer inner terrain!


Couldn't help but mention something very important that is ONLY my personal experience from working with clients over the decades. 

When there is a chronic & unrelenting buildup of the UnDone & UnSaid [especially the latter] the body has to contend with the blocked & layered "stuff" biologically.  Think of it all as little packets of information & energy bundled up together. 

In my personal non-medical experience I've observed that this is often the beginning & continuation of biological toxic disease.  Why?  Because the OVERFLOW of the little packets begins to get cramped, crammed and bubbles over into our biological terrain.  That's the bad news. 

The GREAT news is that even as we BEGIN to clear the layers, the healing bias of the Universe helps us dump the "crap" [a highly-technical term!] and move back into alignment with better working relationships with our mind, spirit, energy & biologically-challenged body. 

​It is due to the combination of the little packets containing both information AND energy. 

We access & clear the energetics and the information follows along nicely. 

Sometimes the speed of this re-alignment can seem near miraculous.

It isn't…but it's a very fortunate thing indeed! 

We live in a highly-forgiving Universe that wants us to get un-stuck & stay that way. 

​Thought you'd like to ponder these important insights.

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