The Fuck Yes Life Challenge – Katrina Ruth



The Fuck Yes Life Challenge – Katrina Ruth


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Let’s get real gorgeous, and REALLY freaking straight up about it, too –

You’re not happy, are you?

I don’t mean like ‘oh, I’m not happy, my life is sad and bad and I’m all small and lame, be sorry for me world and then send marshmallow cuddles STAT, ’cause I don’t even know how to even anymore!’.

Nah, not that sort of not happy. Not the lame ass sort of not happy of the normal people, nope, never that. At the end of the day, no matter what’s going on, YOU are still a badass mofo who eats uncertainty for breakfast, who spins the world on its heels before most people even roll out of bed in the morning, and then dance on top of it IN her 6-inch red-soled heels, all the while singing YIPPEEE KAY-AYE at the top of her voice.

It is what it is and that’s all it is, ain’t NOBODY can stop you being Queen of the whole damn show, heck you ARE the whole damn show. (I know I am, anyway – I AM The Katrina Ruth Show!)

But at the same time, hmmm, yes, if you’re honest about it?

You’re NOT happy.

This is not how it was meant to be.

There’s SO much more you KNOW you’re not allowing through.

And it’s about damn well time you were honest about it.

Honest about where you’ve been letting mediocre be your norm,

And where you KNOW you need to burn the freakin’ ships, tear a few strips off a bitch (maybe THAT bitch in the mirror, hmm? Hmm!), and GO GET THE LIFE YOU ACTUALLY CAME HERE FOR.

Speaking of which –

What was that again actually?

That life you came for, how’d that look once more?

Oh, yeah, that’s right –

It’s sorta like …

A little bit like …

KIND of …


Surprise surprise.


You ‘sorta’ know. You have an IDEA of. You could probably pretty easily say ‘no, that’s NOT it’ about the stuff that, well, isn’t.

But be specific, firm, absolute, down to the dot point deliberate, intentional, determined and DECISIVE, no holds barred and NO apology?

Not a fucking chance.

Not for a while now.

And, since we’re being really honest and all, maybe not at all, not for more than a second. Because the reality which you’ve been avoiding admitting to yourself is that if you were really locked down specific and non-negotiable about the damn thing you would HAVE the damn thing. Wouldn’t you?!


Which really does make you wonder –


YOU, the one who has always known she can have it all, on her terms, and teaches and preaches the damn fact to everyone she encounters AND their dog! You, who sings to the heavens about not settling, not sacrificing, not compromising! You, who gets all riled up with excitement about anything to do with quantum reality, anything to do with knowing ALL desires are already DONE, available, available now, who knows in every cell of her BEING that this is truth!


Being flaky as fuck with your destiny.

Being shown constant reminders and signs of what the actual vision is meant to be, and then essentially turning AWAY from it and saying ‘nahhhh… not yet … too scared to think about THAT!’


Slowly but surely boy-who-cried-wolf-ing your own life.

Continually promising yourself you’ll be a certain type of person and then,












Get The Fuck Yes Life Challenge – Katrina Ruth, Only Price $87

You silly SILLY girl, don’t you see?

Your destiny was always able to be bigger than even the realest of your fears.

God has GOT you.

Your own higher self is ready and waiting and has GOT you.

Your soul has GOT you.

LIFE has motherfucking got you!

But you do have to step up.

YOU have to say yes.

It is NOT enough to know it is ‘done’, ‘meant to be’, ‘possible’, ‘now!’.

YOU are the one who has to claim that shit, ain’t nobody who can do that for you. Just because you have a purpose and a destiny does not mean it will EVER come to life! MOST people die with their light inside of them, being SPECIAL and UNIQUE and EXCEPTIONAL and the 1% within the 1% and ALL of the things which you know you ARE does not mean a single


ONE of ’em

will occur.



Speaking of which???


The Fuck Yes Life Challenge

21 Days with Self-Made Multi-Millionaire Katrina Ruth, to Destroy Mediocre, and Become Unavailable for Anything LESS Than Fuck Yes (Fuck You!) Money, a Fuck Yes Body, Fuck Yes Relationships, Fuck Yes Frequency and a Fuck Yes Life

OHHHHHH yeah baby, it’s ON and THEN some.

We gonna tear shit up

Burn it down

RIP it shred to shred

Fuck mediocre RIGHT up the ass (‘kay, that might be extreme … extremely NECESSARY!)


But to LEAD from.

Because, to get even more real than what we’ve already been gettin’ over here –


And yet that’s EXACTLY what you’ve been doing with your precious little self, isn’t it?

Well, it’s time to toughen up, straighten up, WOMAN up, and remember who the fuck you are and what you came here to do. BELLS MOTHERFUCKING ON SISTER.

And as it so happens? I would be MORE than honoured to kick your sweet ass to do just that. All the while holding your hand and slapping you in the face at the same time.

You are WELCOME.

So here is how this is going down and what it’s all about and what you need to KNOW.

The Fuck Yes Life Challenge: DETAILS

We go for 21 days

It will be brutal

It will be uncompromising

It will confront you so damn hard you’ll want to cut a bitch (me)


You will love it

It will be EXPANSIVE beyond what you thought is humanly possible

It will light you up so damn bright you won’t need to even WORRY about how to get seen, noticed, paid, you’ll be magnetizing the whole WORLD

It will connect you back to the power you’ve so long cast aside, giving you access to EVERYTHING you need to know in order to create and allow through EVERYTHING you desire,

And that’s just for starters!


Fuck Yes Money

Fuck Yes Money? Fuck YOU Money, by which we mean of course YOU knowing for absolute certain that money shows up for you continually in the way you need it to so that you NEVER AGAIN HAVE TO BEND OVER AND TAKE IT as far as doing a SINGLE thing you don’t wanna do –

In a way anything other than your ABSOLUTE fave –

And completely on your terms –

In order to get paid!

Specifically, what we’re diving in to in this area?

  • Dialling up your money beliefs so that you fully EXPECT to have money show up for you in a certain way and then it, well, DOES
  • Upleveling your normal in every inner and outer aspect of what abundance really looks like and how it just IS, for YOU, at that next level
  • Identifying the sweet spot of what you would love to talk about and teach on all day long, as well as what will SELL
  • Idea through to launch process, exactly what to do and how to keep it simple … AND we will be doing a launch challenge within the group, as part of this!
  • Aligning to higher abundance and ‘being the person’ – knowing when to spend vs when to ‘be realistic’
  • Daily money practices, exactly what I do and recommend
  • Shedding self worth shit, the Katrina Ruth way!
  • Inner work for thinking like a rich person
  • Upleveling your environment, knowing what to cut and walk away from, and when to burn the damn ships in order to make space for a wealth consciousness ALL around you!
  • Selling high end with ease and (duh) NO sales calls required
  • How to structure your biz activities for maximum $$ return!
  • Being the person who people always pay, and always love to pay
  • Calling in ONLY soulmate clients who do the work, get killer results, and are fun as fuck to work with
  • Knowing what is your job vs what someone else should be doing in your biz and life
  • Making fuck yes money non negotiable!

Plus I will be personally answering all your questions as we go and kicking your butt on the DAILY in this area, so that you AUTOMATICALLY upgrade how you see yourself, and as a result of that?

How money sees you.

Fuck Yes Body

Let’s get real SISTER, ain’t a single Queen out there who actually wants to be walking around in anything other than a FULL fuck yes body.

This has NOTHING to do with size –

And EVERYTHING to do with energy, because we KNOW that hot is an energy and we also know that YOU DESERVE TO FEEL AND LOOK FINE AS FUCK, on your terms, the way you long for, and where you can’t help but wriggle in your panties about just how damn HAWT you are!

Plus, you know – to have this whole thing working for you so that your energy is always on point and you are FUNCTIONING as the high-level badass you are!

Here is just a little of what we’ll be covering in this area!

  • Following intuition and flow on what to eat and when to eat it, so that you ALWAYS know what is actually right – perfect! – for you
  • Reverse ageing. For real though
  • Expectations and beliefs, how your body shit inside and out is a reflection only and always of what you believe and expect, and how to with ease change your physical reality in this area by changing the internal coding
  • Real shit that works to speed up digestion, metabolism, energy, and more. Let’s get this baby WORKING!
  • Dispelling anxiety and stress, practical as well as mindset stuff that actually works and LASTS
  • Hormonal balance through mindset. Something I have been practicing for years.
  • How to with ease drop and re-code stories around things that ‘mess’ with your body, let go of limiting beliefs about what your problem areas are or about how you ‘always gain weight when blah blah blah’, and KNOW that you are ALWAYS choosing how things get to be
  • Expanding time while getting hotter (because why would you not … )
  • Making your fuck yes body non negotiable!!

I’ve been passionate about health and fitness and looking and feeling incredible since I was 17 years old. At nearly 40 now I can say I LONG ago let go of restrictive or crazy rules in this area, or anything that was contractive and did not TRULY serve me. Now, I know how to ALWAYS look and feel like fuck yes for ME, and I want to show you how easily you can create that for you!

Fuck Yes Relationships

It’s very very simple. Each relationship you’ve allowed in, personal or professional, is either expanding you and ADDING to who you are, or it is contracting you and taking away.

Regardless, in ALL cases, it is a reflection of what you allow, believe, expect.

In this area, here is a little of what we’re working on together!

  • Being honest with yourself about boundaries and requirements in your relationships, knowing when something is to be worked through or grown from (well, that bit always!) as opposed to walked away from
  • Building belief and faith to know for certain that your soul people are out there in every area you crave ’em
  • When to walk away, cultivating faith to be willing to walk away
  • Being irresistible to your soul people, such that they just show up in your life out of nowhere, like magic, magnetically drawn to the essence of YOU!
  • Worthiness of amazing / and having it all in this area!! We are going to get your self-worth game ON!
  • Making space for only fuck yes, being brave enough to make that space and how to hold and also FILL it
  • When (if ever!) you can turn ‘fuck, maybe’, into fuck yes
  • Being in a fuck yes relationship with YOU
  • Making fuck yes relationships non-negotiable across every area of your life!!

You deserve the best of the best in all areas gorgeous.

Fuck yes clients.
Fuck yes friends.
Fuck yes lover or lovers.
Fuck yes YOU.
Fuck yes of COURSE this is how it is, and only this.

Let’s go get you that 


Without doubt this is what I am MOST excited to speak on with you. Because really, if you can get this? You got it ALL.

Here is just a TINY teaser of what we’re going in to on FREQUENCY, ENERGY, CODING, and creating your self and your life from the inside out!!

  • Reprogramming, repatterning, recoding, re-MEMBERING you back to the you who you always were
  • Shredding and shedding limiting beliefs, patterns, behaviours that keep you operating on a loop, or in sabotage
  • Discernment between so-called sabotage and procrastination that serves vs destroys, and knowing what to do with these patterns
  • Coding yourself to automatically upgrade and uplevel, being programmed to upgrade
  • Choosing quantum reality over Newtonian, and how to stay in that space, also how to return to it when you drop out
  • Knowing when to wait for flow vs create it, and how
  • Accessing the frequency YOU personally need in order to be that ‘next level you’ in each area you desire to shift, and understanding how to align to then operating from that field!

Shit’s going to get mystical –

But really, THAT is the new normal and how it should be, isn’t it?!

Your Fuck Yes LIFE

As we go through everything above, by definition the entire time what we are doing is creating your fuck yes LIFE. Here are a few key things I’ll be making sure we cover to really lock this in in all areas, much of it of course directly connected to the FREQUENCY work we will be doing.

  • Admitting the ‘have it all’ vision of everything you actually want
  • Creating the now from the future
  • Instant and rapid manifestation
  • Shedding and shredding the stuff that is blocking you from having what you want / taking up space
  • Designing your reality daily
  • Soul alignment to the now, using soul guidance to know exactly what to do and exactly how to do it
  • Flow productivity
  • Knowing when to take action vs sit back
  • Overcoming overwhelm and resistance
  • Making your fuck yes life non negotiable!!

This is an insane amount of content to cover in 21 days, even WITH daily content (which you will be receiving), SO, there is also your –

Get The Fuck Yes Life Challenge – Katrina Ruth, Only Price $87

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