The Art Of Charm Attraction Alchemy – Johnny Dzubak & AJ Harbinger



The Art Of Charm Attraction Alchemy – Johnny Dzubak & AJ Harbinger


Have you ever:  Seen your “Perfect 10” walk across the room…  Only to freeze up in fear, beating yourself up for not approaching?


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  • Have you ever:  Seen your “Perfect 10” walk across the room…  Only to freeze up in fear, beating yourself up for not approaching?
  • Have you ever:  Confessed your true feelings to a woman you loved…  Only to get the “Let’s just be friends” conversation after? 
  • Have you ever:  Settled for a woman you weren’t completely attracted to…  Because you didn’t think you could do any better? 
  • Have you ever:  Longed for the feelings of companionship and respect that every man deserves but few find? 

Hi, I’m AJ Harbinger.

And if any of these stories sound familiar, trust me, you’re not alone. 

I’ve spent the last 13+ years helping men with their dating lives, and if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that society has stacked the cards against us as men. 

Especially in the year 2020!

From the #metoo movement, to secret smartphone apps that make women look more attractive on social media… 

What you need to realize is…

(That's me on the right with my business partner)

The Dating Game Has Changed

How Instagram, Tinder, And Bumble Are Destroying Your Dating Life

Listen, I’m all for innovation. 

I love my iPhone.  I spend way too much time on Instagram.  Hell!  You wouldn’t be reading this page if it wasn’t for the internet. 

But in the modern age, just like the economy of “The rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer”… 

When it comes to your dating life, especially in the Tinder and Instagram era:  

“Guys with game get all the girls… And The Lonely keep getting lonelier!” 

Which is a big part of why I started The Art of Charm company and top 100 podcast back in 2008, to give men the tools and strategies to become incredibly successful with women. 

Wanna know the secret most men will never discover when it comes to women and dating? 

Approaching, Attracting, And Dating Beautiful Women Is A Skillset Any Man Can Learn

Yep, that’s right.

You’re not dealt a certain deck of cards in life.  You don’t need to settle with the dating life you have today. 

And it doesn’t matter how tall you are, what your ethnicity is, if you’re an introvert, or even if you love playing video games… 

  • You can learn the proven triggers that spark attraction with any woman, and get her hanging on your every word
  •  You can learn what I call “The Million Dollar Mouthpiece” so that you NEVER run out of things to say again. (Even with the hottest, most hard to get girls!) 
  •  And you can learn how to smoothly move the interaction forward, consistently getting first, second, and third dates with ease, guaranteeing you never come across creepy or weird

Just like learning how to drive a car or playing ping pong…  You can learn how to approach, attract, and date the woman of your dreams. 

Wanna know the best part? 

You’ll Build A Bulletproof Confidence That Automatically Attracts Women Into Your Life

Imagine if you could go up to any girl with ZERO fear of failure.  With an unapologetic attitude that drips with confidence and masculinity. 

Imagine being able to read every social cue and subtle body language hint she sends you, and easily calibrate your vibe to keep her attracted. 

Imagine always knowing exactly what to say, having a high sense of self worth, and not caring what other people think of you. 

A confidence that oozes into everything you do.  Being more assertive at work.  Having stronger personal boundaries.  Your friends give you more respect… 

And it just leads to this beautiful “positive feedback loop” where:   

The more success you have, the more confidence you build…  Leading to even more success, and even more confidence!

Sound Too Good To Be True?

Now I’ve got good news and bad news.

The bad news is, of course, there is no magic pill.  I’m sorry, I don’t have a magic wand that I can wave above your head and turn you into the next Don Juan. 

Here’s the good news though: 

Jumping into this confidence “positive feedback loop” is a lot easier than most guys think! 

I’ve seen it time and again on our week-long bootcamps here in LA.  Where guys start out as fumbling introverts, afraid to start a conversation, or even approach… 

And in just a few short days, their body language starts to change, they start to become more outgoing, having more fun, and at ease around even the hottest LA girls! 

Stories Like These Happen Every Weekend


"Before taking the AoC Bootcamp, my nights out were hit or miss.  Now my confidence is sky high in social settings and people notice!" – Andrew

I wasn't getting anywhere on my own, but after The AoC Bootcamp, I went on more dates in two months than I had in the two years prior. " – Brian M

Before the bootcamp I had a lot of anxiety, constantly holding a social mask to the world.  Now I’m confident being myself!  – Kelvin S 


Here’s Your Chance To Get $8,000 Worth Of Dating Advice For A Fraction Of The Price

And after 11+ years of coaching hundreds of men “in the field” and millions more online…

I’ve distilled down the best mindsets, tactics, and strategies from our $8,000 bootcamps and created a simple, step by step at home system that ANY man can use to become incredibly successful with women. 

With HD videos, pdf mind maps, and exercises to hard-wire the attractive qualities into your brain, transforming you into a more attractive, masculine man before you go out next weekend. 


The Attraction Alchemy System

This program is like nothing you’ve seen before.

Instead of getting some vague promises and “tips” about female psychology and dating, you’re getting a step-by-step program that literally FORCES you to take action and get results as fast as possible.

You’ll have all the tools you need to charm, attract, and date nearly any woman you meet, getting you on the fast-track to a new-found confidence around even the hottest women in your city.

Here's How…

Part I: The Attraction Alchemy Mindset

We’ll start off by learning the art and science of female attraction, and I’ll teach you the top “masculine mindsets” that naturally draw women into you.

With battle-tested exercises taken straight from our in-person bootcamps, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can become a more masculine, charming man that's able to create chemistry on command.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • The 25 Attraction Triggers that turn on almost any woman like a light switch (Without needing to change who you are as a person!)
  • The Personality Traits that are most attractive, and how to magnify things you’re already doing to get her hooked on your every word and action 
  • How to read female body language like Neo from The Matrix, so you’ll know exactly when she’s ready to be kissed or asked out 
  • Why Nice Guys Fail – And the 2 things you need to do with every girl you meet to NEVER fall into the friend zone again 
  • A Simple Daily Ritual that subconsciously roots out insecurities and fills the void with a more confident attitude and outlook on life 
  • And A Breathing Exercise you can use in social situations whenever you feel anxious, that immediately calms you down and have more fun 

“Attraction Alchemy doesn’t just teach you relevant skills, it reinforces what you already want to do when engaging a women:  to be fun and care-free!  The strategies taught can also be apply to Facebook and other social media!” – Adam O 

“Before taking the course, I was just like every other guy in the world and getting the same results. NONE!  Now I know how to handle women in almost any situation, and stand out from the crowd! – Jeff D

Most men will never know what creates attraction or turns a woman on.  You’ll be well on your way to mastering this new “superpower” after the very first module!

Part II: The Alchemist’s Attraction Formula

Once you’ve developed a deep understanding of what makes a woman “tick” now it’s time to put it into action!

In Part II I’ll walk you step by step through each phase of the courting process. 

From approach, to attraction, to deep rapport and intimacy in record time.

You’ll learn things like:

  • A Rejection Proof Approach to meeting women in almost any situation (With specific examples for the nightclub, coffee shop, social circle, and even at work!)
  • How to get her hanging on your every word, laughing at your jokes, and feeling an intense connection and desire 
  • A Stupid-Simple strategy to never run out of things to say again, and 3 words you should always say after getting her number to keep her thinking about you NONSTOP 
  • 7 Way to tease her and build a relentless sexual tension that “Flips the Script” and gets her emotionally invested in the relationship 
  • The best way to ask for her number without fail (Even if you're in a public place like work, school, or around lots of people) 

“I just used your system and managed to meet up and score a 22 year old Californian babe, who just moved here to become a professional dancer!!!  She’s absolutely miles out of my league!  Thanks man!” – Harry S 

“I used to be quiet and shy, but after buying your program, people tell me my body language, vocal tonality and eye contact changed and I'm getting phone numbers like crazy!  I literally got 10 phone numbers in one day on the street!  Thank you so so SO much!  This stuff seems small but is really life-changing!” – George M 

Confidence comes when you have a proven gameplan for success.

After finishing Part II, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do at every stage of the interaction, and how best to move the relationship forward. (If you want to!)

Part III: Bringing It All Together

And finally, in Part III we’ll bring it all together so that you can truly create the dating life of your dreams.

Whether that’s “sowing your wild oats” and dating lots of beautiful women, or finding a true companion to spend the rest of your life with.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to setup the first date right, get her chasing you, and trying to impress you all night
  • The Single Sentence you MUST say at the start of the date to make her feel comfortable coming back to your place at the end of the night 
  • The Companionship Conundrum – The biggest mistake most guys make when trying to turn a casual relationship into a serious one (And a simple test you can use to know exactly when she’s ready to “go exclusive”) 
  • How “Naturals” are able to date multiple women at once (And have them be OK with it) 
  • How to turn a woman on in the bedroom and satisfy her in a big way (Getting her to do the things you’ve always wanted) 
  • How to build an ATTRACTIVE LIFE that automatically brings beautiful women into your world, with lots of friends and invites to parties, trips, and exclusive events 
  • And so much more! 

Buy Now And Get These Special One-Time Bonuses!

For a very limited time, if you order today I’m also going to give you these 2 killer bonuses to make this as much of a no brainer as possible. 

As long as the Buy Button below is still active, you can get these Cherry on Top bonuses absolutely FREE!  But get on it now because they won't be around forever…

Bonus #1: The TXT Book

When you order today, I’m going to include our Best-Selling TXT Book, giving you a “Paint by Numbers” system for building attraction via texting. 

Whether it’s creating sexual tension, flirting, or building rapport before your next date, you’ll get multiple examples for how to move the relationship forward with ease.

I’ll give you my favorite first text to send after getting her number so that she’s eager and excited to see you again, my Top 10 topics to AVOID at all costs…

And the best way to re-ignite old text threads from women you thought were gone forever. (Even if it’s been months since the last text!)

We’ve sold thousands of copies of The TXT Book at $97, but when you buy The Attraction Alchemy System today you’ll get the complete TXT Guide for FREE!

($97 VALUE!)

Within an hour of reading the TXT Guide I already used it to line up a date for the next night.  I used to majorly stress over what to text women, now I see how incredibly fun and easy it really is.  I can’t thank you enough!  I should have 7 dates from just the new numbers. This is awesome, but man, these girls are exhausting! :)” – Josh N

Bonus #2: The Ultimate Guide To Tinder

When you buy today you’ll also get my Ultimate Tinder Guide, another one of our best-sellers, absolutely FREE. 

You’ll learn my Photo-Filter System to make sure your profile pictures amp up your personality and lifestyle…

Most guys who implement this system report back AT LEAST a 50% match rate and more dates with higher quality women!

I’ll also give you all sorts of tips and tricks for initiating conversations after matching, how to turn messages into dates…

And when you stack this guide on top of the TXT Book and Attraction Alchemy System, you’ll have a complete fool-proof gameplan to create the ultimate dating life!

($97 VALUE!)

“I went from barely ever getting a response  to my first message to a 100% rate in responses and have been messaging at least 5 girls at once!  Thanks guys for creating an awesome guide. I was always ok with Tinder, but I was like ‘why not be GREAT!?’” – Garretson M

Bonus #3: The Drama-Free Guide To Breaking Up

And finally, when you buy The Attraction Alchemy System today, you’ll also get my “Drama-Free Guide to Breaking Up.”

Because there comes a time in every man’s life when he decides he wants something better.

Whether that’s finding a better partner who you’re more attracted to and compatible with…

Or you’re just looking to meet new people and have some fun for a while… (Especially when you master all the tactics inside Attraction Alchemy!)

I’ll walk you step by step through “The Grown Man’s Way” to end a relationship fast without coming across like a jerk or hurting her feelings.

You’ll also get a comprehensive list of Breakup Protocol “Do’s and Don’ts”, including things like: Whether to end it on the phone, face-to-face or text (It depends)…

And how to make sure you end things on good terms so you can still be friends after it’s over.

($97 VALUE!)

Get The Art Of Charm Attraction Alchemy  – Johnny Dzubak & AJ Harbinger , Only Price $37

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