Secrets from the MaxPersuasion Vault Vol. 2 – Kenrick Cleveland



Secrets from the MaxPersuasion Vault Vol. 2 – Kenrick Cleveland


This is an exclusive opportunity and we will protect our customers who have purchased this product because they wanted the unfair advantage in moving people to YES.


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Dear MaxPersuasion Subscriber,This is a very special limited-time opportunity for you.

Last year, I spent day and night sifting through the MaxPersuasion Vault (over 400 hours of rare audio and transcripts that only a few have seen) to dig out some of the most important Persuasion Secrets I could find just for you.And… OHHH man did I hit pay-dirt…

Big Chunky Persuasion GOLDEN NUGGETS!

One after another… each one… more valuable than the next.But… unlike “Gold”… whose value goes up and down based on market conditions… making it a gamble for you to choose that one (and only) time to sell and collect your profit…

With this Persuasion Gold, you’ll… CASH In For The Rest of Your Life!

Because…Not a day goes by when you DON’T need to influence others… whether you earn your living by selling a product, service or idea… or you are just looking to boost your everyday interactions and sway people to your point of view.

There is no more important skill-set… that I know of… that gives you a bigger return on your investment (in terms of money and time) then these Persuasion Secrets.

And what you will discover when you are one of the lucky few to gain access to Persuasion Secrets from the Vault: Volume 2…

…will allow you to effortlessly enter the mind of your listener and easily engineer any desired outcome (you’ll see why in a second)…

… by gaining MASTERY over one of the MOST important aspects of moving people to YES…

The Emotional States of Your Listeners!

Now I have to admit… these are some…

Get Secrets from the MaxPersuasion Vault Vol. 2 – Kenrick Cleveland , Only Price $52


Ones that after you master (yes, it will take a little work)… will allow you to spin your listener to where you want them to go… by controlling their emotional states at will….… which as you know… is the…

#1 Secret Of Influence & Persuasion

Because our emotions are the driving force behind our decision making processes.And are the key that opens up the minds of our listeners… allowing us to walk right inside and direct their thoughts and actions.

They are your most POWERFUL ALLY for being able to move people to YES.

Don’t worry though… I have your back… I’m going to make sure you have everything you need to capitalize on them no matter what skills level you are at.

It doesn’t matter if you are a brand new subscriber and this will be your first time digging into the skills and strategies I have been developing for the last 40 years or…

If you have a been a client of ours for the last few decades.

Because we dug deep inside the MaxPersuasion vault and put together a Persuasion Package that will take your ability to influence others to levels beyond belief.

Introducing…Secrets of the Persuasion Vault: Volume 2

And just like when we release Volume 1… Volume 2 is a special limited-time opportunity.

Secrets of the Vault will NEVER be made available to the general public on

We only open up this opportunity to a 100 people every Year (50 spaces available right now) because…We don’t want these secrets in the hands of the masses…

Just for a few special MaxPersuasion subscribers who will gain the ultimate advantage when it comes to being able to control the emotional states of their listeners.

And during this special re-opening of the vault, we are only releasing 50 copies… giving us another 50 copies to make available later in the year.

Once we reach 50 orders… this page will redirect to a promotion over page and your chance to be one of only a handful to access this information will disappear.I hope you take advantage of this short time frame to….

Claim Your Stake
In This Persuasion Gold Mine…

So… what has been unearthed for you…A program that has not been for sale in over 7 years (since I became partners with Kenrick).

In fact, I was completely unaware this program even existed until a client inquired about it during one of our Let’s Make A Deal promotions.

And when I questioned Kenrick (not knowing what to tell that client)… he said… 

Holy Shit!

Inside, you will find a GOLD MINE. I totally forgot about that.You need to listen to the program immediatelyand start using it in everything we do.


That was good enough for me.

I loaded all 5+ hours of audio recordings, transcripts and workbook onto my iPad from the live event called…

Influential Spinning

(not to be confused with Image Spinning – our brand new program)

… went down to the beach and immersed myself in some of the most important content I have ever heard.Instantly, I knew I needed to share it with you as part of… Secrets From The Vault: Volume 2.


Because becoming a MASTER at controlling primary emotional states and Meta States (we will talk about these in a minute) is not only the Key to becoming someone who influences others at will… but the…

#1 Secret For Mastering All Aspects Of Your Life

And what I’m about to let you in on… is the main reason Influential Spinning is going to take your Persuasion Abilities to NEW LEVELS!It is also the same reason why most people…

… stumble and fail miserably when it comes to influencing others… and why they NEVER reach their full persuasion potential.

Ready for the answer?

It’s because…

People really don’t understand what goes into building emotional states.

Take CURIOSITY for example.

I’m sure you know exactly what it feels like to… become curious about something.

Think of a time in your life when something intrigued you so much so that you had to dig in deeper… to lean in and learn more… to see where it might go… to find out how it would change your life.

But… what goes into composing the State itself?

99 out 100 people wouldn’t be able to answer…

They only have a full representation of it… like seeing a completed building.

They are missing the blueprint for each different component and how those pieces fit together.

And when you understand how to look at emotional states… not as a whole but broken-down into their separate components…

You will be one of only a handful of people who can…

  •  Use Emotional States to enter the mind of your listener to guide them where you want them to go…
  •  Build upon your listeners’ states to covertly increase their desire to say YES to you…
  •  Instantly know which emotional state you need to trigger, enhance or even change to get your desired outcome…

But that is only the start!Because one of the other…

…Secrets To Controlling The Emotions In Others…

… is to first be able to control them in yourself first. 

And when you secure your copy of the Influential Spinning program, you’ll discover how to step outside of your own emotions, break them down, rebuild them and then change them using meta states.Meta States:A meta state is a fancy way of saying… stepping outside of a state to add to it.

It allows you to disassociate from it and examine it for what it is.

And in Influential Spinning, you will receive step-by-step instructions on how to do just this.

Having done it myself… I can tell you… it’s not as complicated as it sounds. And with a little practice, you will be able to not only control the emotions inside of others but in yourself too.

And the applications of using this process are immeasurable.

Think about this for a second…

I’m sure there have been plenty of times in your life when you were in a less than optimal emotional state for the situation you found yourself in.

How life changing will it be when you are able to shift into a more desirable state at will?

Maybe you are in sales… it’s the end of the month… and you need to close a few more deals to pay your bills.

So, you start to become very anxious every time you speak to a prospect.

Your faith in your abilities goes waaay down. You are not on your game. You are setting yourself up for failure. But…

What if… in just a few seconds… you could swap out that anxiousness for confidence… a complete belief…that you will get the YES.

Do you think that would change the outcome of your presentation?

You bet it will!

Let’s take it a step further…

So… now that you have… complete belief in yourself… to make the sale… you find your prospect is in a state of indecision. That pesky emotional state is serving as a roadblock for getting what you want.

One that is not always easy to overcome.

Unless… you knew the SECRET from being able to…

Switch off indecision in your mind and Transform it into…


How much easier do you think it will be to hear a YES?I think you know the answer especially…

Since we all have experienced that emotional state where there was something we wanted… so much so that it would keep us up all night, thinking about it, imagining how our life would change once we got it…

Now, I’m sure you can… go back now… and remember one of these times yourself.

How you would have done anything to get your hands on what you wanted.

If you could ramp up that emotional state of desire inside of the mind of your listener…

How many more YESes will you hear?

And to help you get really good at this… really fast… I’m also going to throw in a special bonus for you (a $250 value).

Two KCBIP Editions

(Emotional Chaining 1 & 2)…

Over two hours and forty minutes of in-depth material to build upon everything you will discover inside of Influential Spinning.And while Influential Spinning is all about being able understand what makes up an emotional state and then using that knowledge to your ultimate advantage…

These 2 KCBIP editions will show you:

  •  What the 4 different categories of emotional states are and why it’s critical that they follow a certain sequence (this is one of the main secrets to getting really good, really fast when using emotions to influence others).
  •  How to take different emotional states and sequence them together so you are able to guide your listener effortlessly to your desired outcome.
  •  Example after example showing different chains of emotions to influence someone so deeply that they end up captivated by what you are saying… like being mesmerized by a great book or movie.
  •  The Emotional Recipe for knowing the exact type of emotions you need to trigger and when… this takes all the guesswork out of using emotional states.
  •  The #1 reason why most people fail miserably when trying to tap into emotional states (and the simple shift that will fix it).
  •  A powerful exercise that will allow you to access any emotional state on demand (one of the main reasons I’m including this valuable bonus).
  •  The Secret Kenrick learned from studying with Leslie Cameron-Bandler back in the 80’s (co-founder of NLP) that makes targeting different emotions during any conversation easy. (Hint: It has to do with the material you discovered in Volume 1.)  This is one of the most powerful secrets I have ever heard for using emotions effectively during your interactions and Kenrick has never spoken about it in any of my other programs.

…and that is just a small slice of what you’ll discover in these 2 KCBIP Editions…Plus, you will receive the full transcripts, a Guidebook for implementing these new skills, 2 Neuro Imprinting Sessions™ to imprint this material directly into your being and the recordings of the coaching calls.

(If you already own these two KCBIP editions, we’ll even let you supplement them with two other KCBIP editions that you do not yet have.)

When you combine everything inside these two powerful KCBIP editions ($250 Value) with Influential Spinning… you will become a master of your own emotional states and the director of emotions inside others.I hope you are starting to see the vast potential of this skill-set…

Because when you get right down to it…

If you want to drastically increase your persuasive power

It all comes down to your ability to take people from where you find them and be able to sequence their emotional states until you have them in a state that is conducive to your end result.

Listen to me…

Because I don’t say this lightly…

This is the difference… and it makes all the difference… between someone who just dabbles with the ability to persuade and those who make moving people to YES seem natural.

But… we have only started scratching the surface here.

Let’s get back to Influential Spinning and what else is included when you are 1 of 50 to join the original 100 who were lucky enough to secure a copy last year of Secrets From The Vault: Volume 2.

We were speaking about…

How our Emotional States are at the center of who we are and everything we do.

As world renowned Neuroscientist Dr. Antonio Damasio eloquently summed it up in his book Descartes’ Error… 

“Descartes got it wrong when he famously proclaimed, “I think, therefore I am”.” 

A truer statement would be…

“I Feel, Therefore I Am”

And that is because… recent scientific discoveries show us that it would be impossible to make even the simplest of decisions… if you take your emotional states out of the equation.Let me give you an example:Making a decision on what to order at a restaurant is not difficult for most… but for someone who has damage to the emotional center of their brain… deciding between chicken and steak could take hours.

Think about that… it is so profound and one of the absolute KEYS to being able to persuade others with ease.

And that’s not all…

Because our emotions are one the main ingredients our brains use to code and store our memories.

Did you know this?

Every time you recall a memory, you re-encode that memory based on the emotional state that you are currently in.

Interesting, right?

Our memories are NOT static but fluid and can easily be changed by applying new emotions to them (Yes, I’m going to show you how to do exactly that).

And that is one of the main reasons…

The material inside of Influential Spinning is so damn powerful.

Because every memory, belief and value you or your listener has is attached to emotional states. And when you know how to spin those emotions into another emotion or a stronger or weaker state… you have…

Complete Control Over Your Mind &
The Mind Of Your Audience

And that is exactly what you will discover inside of Influential Spinning (over 5 hours of audio, transcript and workbook that breaks down the different steps for controlling emotional states).As I mentioned before, we have not sold this program in over 7 years and… if we decided to do so in the future (which we currently have no plans to do)… it will be sell for between $397 – $497.

If you are not starting to… really get this…  because of how impactful this will be throughout all aspects of your life… then you better check your pulse.

In fact… if I was to give you a choice right now between a 10 ounce bar of gold (currently valued at $12,883) or the power and influence that comes from Secrets From The Vault: Volume 2…

I hope you wouldn’t have to think twice about choosing the knowledge inside Secrets From The Vault: Volume 2 over the…

Get Secrets from the MaxPersuasion Vault Vol. 2 – Kenrick Cleveland , Only Price $52

FAST $$$

Because… I know when you start applying Influential Spinning into all your interactions… a mere $12,883 is chump change – especially if you make your living selling a product, service or idea.With one strategy that you will learn in audio number 5 where Kenrick shows you how to use influential spinning in conjunction with Framing someone’s Criteria and Values… the price of admission will be covered many times over… and that is only a small fraction of the secrets you will discover.

The bottom line is… when you start using this today…

You’ll be able to Spin Emotions into… a wheelbarrow of gold bricks… because you will be the director of your listener’s emotional states…

Not to mention… the transformational change that Influential Spinning will bring to bear on your own emotional states.

I would not trade these strategies for ten 10 ounce bars of gold.

Because when you know how to control your own emotional states… you will gain power over your own mind and… that is indispensable.

So, if you want all 5+ hours of audio, transcripts and the Influential Spinning Workbook… this is the best (and only time) for you to grab your copy of Influential Spinning (especially at this low of a price) when you sign-up for Secrets From The Vault Volume 2.

But that’s not all…

As I mentioned before, Influential Spinning discussed some very advanced subjects.

So… I dug deep through the vault for something special that will Guarantee you have the necessary skills to take full advantage of everything inside of the program.

And after much consideration… decided to include…

Maximum Persuasion: How To Talk Anyone Into Giving You Anything, Anytime

You will receive the full audio recordings – over 18 hours – from this live event that Kenrick held in 2003 in South Beach, Florida… plus the complete transcripts and 84 page manual.

To Kenrick’s recollection… participants paid over $1,000 to attend and these recordings have not been made available for purchase in over 7 years. (Even then… clients paid $397+ to get their hands on this priceless material.)

And now it will be yours too when you grab a copy of Secrets From The Vault: Volume 2.

So, why did I choose to include this program?

As I mentioned above, Influential Spinning contains some very advanced concepts. And after pouring through over 400 hours of recordings, transcripts and content from the Vault…

Maximum Persuasion South Beach, Florida…

 Fit The Bill Perfectly

It contains all the concepts and strategies you will need to leverage Influential Spinning to its fullest potential… which is vast and wide… and…For our clients who are advanced enough to dive right into Influential Spinning… the material inside Maximum Persuasion will add to your understanding of everything you have learned from Kenrick so far… plus give you a ton of new skills and strategies.

Because during the over 18 hours of recordings… jammed packed with demonstrations and live interactions… you will pick up the little nuances that make using your skills easier, faster and more powerfully than ever before.

And let me tell you… just one little shift revealed inside this program could transform you from where you are now to having…

The Midas Touch

Here is a peak inside into the 84 page manual that you will receive when you grab Secrets From The Vault: Volume 2 and secure your copy of Maximum Persuasion.

Get Secrets from the MaxPersuasion Vault Vol. 2 – Kenrick Cleveland , Only Price $52

NEW BONUS: KCBIP Edition #22 Advanced Anchoring Strategies 

Inside this 2 hour and 20 minute lesson from Kenrick Cleveland’s Breakthroughs In Persuasion series, I dive deep into the perfect skill-set to pair with Emotions… Anchoring!If you are not already familiar with the concept of Anchoring… think Pavlov’s Dog (linking a stimulus to a desired response).  The bell rings… the dog salivates.

So… why is this the perfect compliment to becoming a Master Of Emotions?

Because when you truly understand how to anchor emotions, you have one of the most powerful persuasion tool-sets at your disposal. One where you have the ability to fire off emotional states that are useful to you on command.

Imagine… you are getting ready to go for the YES and earlier in your conversation… you anchored the emotional state of deep desire with a gesture. Just like with Pavlov’s Dog… your prospect starts to figuratively “drool” over what you are offering.

I’m sure you can start to see how…

When done CORRECTLY, anchoring is an extremely powerful skill that will amplify all other persuasion skills and strategies… because it can be used in-conjuction with just about every other persuasion skill or strategy.

Inside this material, we don’t get too deep into the techniques (that is all covered inside Maximum Persuasion South Beach), but advanced ways to think about anchors and how to use them effectively. Because the way that it’s taught in most trainings… makes it completely useless in real world settings.

Some of the advanced anchoring ideas you will discover are:

  •  How to set and intensify anchors using the power of suggestions.
  •  The #1 reason most people fail when trying to use anchoring in the “real” world (not therapeutic interactions) and the simple shift that will allow you to anchor any emotion with ease.
  •  During a business interaction, this is the most important thing you will want to anchor to make the sale. Plus, several other strategies to anchor that will drastically increase your ability to get a YES when selling a product, service or idea.
  •  How to set spacial anchors correctly.
  •  Calibration is one of the keys to anchoring. Kenrick will show you exactly what you need to look for so that the anchor will fire after you set it.

…and so much more!Also included are the transcripts, coaching calls and a Neuro Imprinting Session™ to integrate all the learnings into your neurology.

(If you already own this KCBIP edition, we will swap it out for an edition of your choosing.)

It’s one thing to have knowledge of a skill… it’s another to have it as a behavior.During this private meeting with my elite coaching club in Cancun, Mexico… you will see exactly how to behaviouralize some of the most important Persuasion Skills for everyday use in all your interactions.

Here are a few things you will discover:

  •  My favorite Strategy that gives you the ability to know exactly what you need to seed into your suggestions to get to YES.
  •  Tips and examples for eliciting and applying Criteria/Values in group settings… If you ever present to groups of people – you are going to want to pay close attention to the language Kenrick uses for being able to leverage criteria/values during your presentations.
  •  The trick Kenrick uses for being able to look at any situation and know what frames to use to move his listener in the direction he wants them to go (this is pretty slick).
  •  The simplest way to get over your fear of hear NO during a sales interaction… This can also be applied to overcoming any other confrontational situation.
  •  What to do when someone shows resistance when you are eliciting their Criteria and Values.
  •  The number #1 thing you don’t want to do when eliciting someone’s Values (or selling for that matter) that will close the person off and cause them not to buy. (If you are doing this it’s costing you tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential YESes.)
  •  How to instantly earn more money by changing this one belief.

Here is something really cool (and extremely informative)…While in Cancun, Kenrick and the coaching group attended a timeshare presentation as a group exercise with the goal of dissecting it to see what was done well and how they could ramp up the pitch to increase sales.

And… now you get to listen in and discover:

  •  The perfect question to ask a group to be able to gain rapport, target your messages to their deepest desires and…
  •  How to keep your integrity when you lower your price (this is one of the biggest rapport killers when done incorrectly)…
  •  Countless insights on what not to do and what to do when presenting to groups…
  •  And much, much more!

Exclusive Opportunity For ONLY 50 44 39 31 27 MaxPersuasion Subscribers

…who want to master the most important skill-set for being able to move people to YES – by being able to control, change, spin and intensify the emotional states of others (and even yourself).Today, with this special opportunity, when you become a master of emotions, you gain the leverage you need to enter any persuasion situation and be in full control…

… Because it’s the underlying mechanism for almost every other single persuasion skill or strategy you can wield.

So, when you become one of this year’s new 50 subscribers who gain access to Influential Spinning… you will possess the Secrets for being able to instantly intensify ALL your Persuasion Abilities.

You do not want to miss this opportunity.

And… just so you know… we have ZERO plans to release this information to the masses in the future… especially at the price you will receive it for today.

This Is A Very Limited-Time Opportunity

When you click the button below and order Secrets From The Vault: Volume 2, you will instantly receive:

Influential Spinning ($397 previous list price): Over 5 hours of audio recordings that will transform you into someone who is in full control over your own emotional states and the states of others, transcripts from the original recordings and the Influential Spinning workbook.

KCBIP Editions On Emotional Chaining 1 + 2 ($250 list price): over 2 hours and 40 minutes of detailed instructions on how to know which emotions to trigger and when… plus how to chain them together to take your listener on an emotional journey – where you are the guide – and the destination is YES. Also included are 2 Neuro Imprinting Sessions™, transcripts and guidebook.

Maximum Persuasion South Beach ($397 previous list price): over 18 hours of live recordings from the event where you will receive in-depth knowledge on dozens of the most critical skills for you to master, transcripts and 84 page manual.

NEW Bonus: KCBIP Edition On Advanced Anchoring ($125 list price): 2 hours and 20 minutes on advanced anchoring strategies. Discover the correct way to use anchoring in everyday situations to gain the ultimate persuasion advantage. Also included is the transcripts, coaching call recordings and Neuro Imprinting Session™. 

Just Added Bonus: MaxPersuasion Elite Coaching Club Cancun Live ($397 Value): Less than 60 people have ever heard this material before. Go behind close doors as I deliver top-secret persuasion skills to my previous elite coaching members who paid over $1,000 per month to be a member.

Gain The Ultimate Persuasion Advantage

People always want the magic words or the one language patterns that is guaranteed to get others to say YES to them. Well… I hate to break it to you… but there is no such thing.The “magic bullet” of persuasion is... knowing how to utilize EMOTIONS…

  •  To enter the mind of your listener by knowing the exact states to elicit…
  •  By leading your listener’s thoughts through activating the correct emotions… and…
  •  To intensify “certain” emotional states so you can get the YES!

When you become the MASTER OF EMOTIONS… your own and others…You hold the skeleton key for unlocking the mind of anyone.

No tricks. No gimmicks. Just…

Pure Persuasion Power

And that is exactly what you will discover when you click the button below…Kenrick’s most powerful secrets that have been locked up inside the MaxPersuasion Vault for over 7 years.

This is your chance to get your hands on them for a fraction of the regular sale price before they are hidden back away for the foreseeable future.

And when you make the decision to move forward and be one of only 100 this year (50 spaces available right now) who get their hands these Secrets From The Vault: Volume 2…

You will never have to enter into any communication and wonder what you need to say in order to move your listener in the direction you need them to go.

And that is because… after you go through Secrets From The Vault 2… you will know the exact emotional states and order you will need to trigger them in to move anyone to YES… which will serve as a guide for your words and actions.

So… let me ask you…

Are you ready to gain the ultimate persuasion advantage?

Do you want the confidence to being able to persuade and influence at will?

If you are ready to become a master persuader… you know what to do next.

Click the button below and claim your stake in this Persuasion Gold Mine!

Please keep in mind…

This is a very limited-time promotion and will be shut down after we reach 50 orders.

Now It’s Your Turn To Discover These Secret For Yourself

If you want the ability to become a Master over maneuvering the emotional states of others and yourself……so you can enter any persuasion scenario and tap into the critical component that will decide if you get a Yes or NO… you need to be able to control emotional states.

And now is your chance with Secrets From The Vault: Volume 2.

All you have to do is…

Click the order button Right Now and be one of only 100 people to get their hands on Secrets From The Vault: Volume 2 in 2018!.

Grab Your Copy Of These Rare Persuasion Secrets From The MaxP Vault Today!

Other Important Information:

1.  This program does come with our 60 day Money Back Guarantee. You have a full 60 days to go through the material and see if it’s right for you. For any reason it is not, then just submit a support ticket at and ask full a full refund.2.  This is a downloadable program. Once you place your order, you will receive an email with immediate access to all the files. No physical materials will be mailed to you.

3.  If your intention is to buy this program and resell it or place it on file sharing sites, I’m giving you a strict warning that we are constantly monitoring them… our consul will be alerted to the theft and we will not hesitate to go after you. This is an exclusive opportunity and we will protect our customers who have purchased this product because they wanted the unfair advantage in moving people to YES.

4. These audios are NOT professionally recorded like our current programs. All of the content is 100% listenable but they do not meet the current standards of quality we employ. So, if you are more interested in audio quality than content… this offer might not be right for you.

Hear What Current Secrets From The Vault: Volume 2 Owners Are Saying…

Click the button below to grab your copy today!

“Life-changing! The material is incredible… I’m extremely glad I bought it” – Jason Hundley

“It’s simply amazing!” – John Thomas

“This is some of the most valuable information I’ve ever gotten from you.” – Marvin Johnston

“If I would had got this new Vault information 5 years ago and practiced it, I would had saved thousands of dollars! And I would had made thousands of dollars of not taking creepy Mind control and sales seminars.” – Adam Goodson

Who will benefit from purchasing Secrets From The Vault 2?

You would! You would! You would!That’s because…

All persuasion and influence is based on being able to activate, change and control the emotions inside the mind of your listener (as well as yourself).

With Secrets From The Vault: Volume 2, you will have everything you need to become a master of emotions…

These are some of the most VALUABLE skills and strategies you will ever acquire… more priceless than GOLD.

And when you become the director of emotional states in others, you will be able to tap directly into the most critical aspect of ALL Influence…

You’ll be able to shape the experiences of others so you can guide them where need them to go.

And… let me let you in on a little secret…

If you ever wondered why Kenrick’s strategy for using criteria and values is so powerful… it’s because it gives you a direct path into the emotional states of your listener.

But… unfortunately this “shortcut” is not conducive to every interaction or conversation.

When you discover the strategies inside Secrets From The Vault: Volume 2, you will have a whole new arsenal for being able to control the emotional states in others… during any situation… and in any context.

And what is even more important… you will now completely understand and be able to utilize the underlying structure to all persuasive communication… giving you are direct path to YES.

You’ll be amazed when you start implementing the skills inside Secrets From The Vault: Volume 2 just how easy it is to guide the thoughts and decisions of your listener when you have control over their emotional states.

Not to mention…

You’ll also have the most powerful process for being able to take control over your own emotions.

This is worth it’s weight in GOLD!

And with everything else that is included… you are receiving over 25 hours of rare material (you are paying under $10 an hour), countless NEW Strategies that I have never talked about in any other programs… all for a tiny fraction of the sales price (if they were even currently available for purchase).

Get Secrets from the MaxPersuasion Vault Vol. 2 – Kenrick Cleveland , Only Price $52

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