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Relationship Rescue – Kyle Benson & Sacha Fossa


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This course includes seven dates to decode emotionally honest communication, get your needs met, and establish a soul connection with a lover, using The MacWilliam Method.


Have you ever found yourself in a relationship where you're doing all the planning and compromising? Maybe you feel like you're initiating everything, including affection, touching, and even sex. But nothing you do garners a satisfying response. After a while, it starts to feel like everything's on your partner’s terms, and that doesn’t feel very good. You can never do enough, and whatever you do goes unacknowledged. This leaves you feeling frustrated, angry, and a little crazy.

On the other hand, maybe you have a partner that seems to have endless needs and is never satisfied, no matter what you do. They give a lot, but it feels as if they are trying to obligate you to do as they say. And whenever you push back on that, they turn on the waterworks to make you feel guilty for having your own mind and wanting a bit of space. They don’t appreciate the things you do contribute, and so your efforts are always unacknowledged. It’s like you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. Overtime, you decide it's better not to engage at all.

Eventually, your conversations start to feel like traversing a minefield. Every statement triggers a landslide of resentment and anxiety.

You might feel really rattled when a partner says things like…

*"I am sorry you feel that way."

*"I don't know what you're so upset about, it's not that big of a deal."

*"I need some time alone to think about it."

*"I don't know why, the chemistry just must be off."


On the other hand, you might get annoyed with phrases like…

*"I know you better than you know yourself."

*"You wouldn't say/need/do that, if you really loved me."

*"Nothing’s wrong, I'm fine."

*"If I have to ask, then it doesn't count."

*"Keeping [insert anything] private means you're lying/manipulating/cheating on me."

Overall, you feel undervalued and under-appreciated. Trust erodes. You start wondering how the love you shared could wane so painfully?

Whether you are in a relationship now and looking for new tools to light the spark again, or you’re feeling shell-shocked from past heartbreaks and looking for a roadmap to greener pastures, or you’ve been doing a lot of personal development and are seeking to add new tools to your toolbox, you are in the right place.


Unlike other resources for couples, this course does more than just teach you how to argue skillfully (which research shows can actually make things worse). Specifically, this course shows you how to connect on an emotional level with your partner, and rediscover the joyfulness that you once felt in each other’s presence (not just outwit them, which only makes them feel more alienated and condescended to). To facilitate this experience, fun and easy exercises are demonstrated, so you can access your emotions creatively, and non-defensively. More specifically, you will learn…

*DATE 1: A 5-step focus wheel to keep your head in the game and committed to completing the course, and all 7 dates!

*DATE 2: How to decode your conflict blueprint with bonus expert presenter and intentionally intimate relationship coach, Kyle Benson, a researcher and trained couple conversation coder at The Gottman Institute's Love Lab.

*DATE 3: The difference between deep and surface structure communications, plus 6 easy steps to bridge the emotional gap with your lover, by practicing mindful communication and body activation.

*DATE 4: 4 Steps to safely practicing vulnerability, and an art experiential to help you learn to attune to your partner, while creating emotional safety in the relationship.

*DATE 5: How to inspire your partner to care about your needs in 5 easy steps, plus an experiential activity to design your relationship lovemap.

*DATE 6: How to decode 4 essential boundaries in relationships, plus a fun exercise to explore and navigate the space between you and your partner.

*DATE 7: How to spice up your sex life and keep the embers burning with a guest presentation on Erotic Blueprints™, by certified coach, Sacha Fossa.

Course Curriculum

Introduction and Downloadable Workbook

  • Video Introduction (10:50)
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Downloadable PDF E-Book

Date 1: How to Find, Revitalize or Recover Passionate Love

  • Lesson Overview (1:12)
  • (Video Lecture) Dating While Partnered (8:42)
  • (Video Lecture) Dating While Single (7:57)
  • Supplemental Video* 4 Attachment Styles: A Basic Overview (23:10)
  •  (Video Lecture) A 5-Step Focus Wheel to Enjoy the "Dating" Process! (Even If You're Partnered) (11:13)
  •  Conversation Starters: An Introduction (3:17)
  • (Demo) 1_What do you get out of a relationship? (9:13)
  • (Demo) 2_What are the benefits of relationship? (4:42)
  • (Demo) 3_What do you contribute to a relationship? (10:17)
  • (Demo) 4_How do you prioritize relationship? (4:44)
  • (Demo) 5_What are your goals in relationship? (8:10)
  • (Demo) 6_How much satisfaction do you experience in relationship? (10:32)
  • Quiz

Date 2: Decoding Your Conflict Blueprints

  •  Lesson Overview (1:06)
  • (Video Lecture) Conceptualizing Secure Partnership as "Ascended" Partnership (6:26)
  •  (Video Lecture) Intro_5 Steps to Cultivating a Loving Relationship (0:55)
  • (Video Lecture) Step 1: Create a Safe Container (5:25)
  • (Video Lecture) Step 2: Assess Your Relationship Style (16:40)
  • (Video Lecture) Step 3: Assess Your Values and Beliefs (2:22)
  • (Video Lecture) Step 4: Decode Your Conflict Blueprints (10:38)
  • (Video Lecture) Step 5: Practice Deep Structure Communication (3:22)
  • BONUS GUEST PRESENTATION* The Four Horsemen with Kyle Benson (49:03)
  • (Experiential Tutorial) Call and Response Mandala: Practicing Fun, Easy and Creative Nonverbal Communication (14:40)
  • Quiz

Date 3: Practicing Deep Structure Communication with a Partner

  • (Video Lecture) 3 Keys to Effective Communication (10:38)
  • (Video Lecture) The Downward Spiral (7:05)
  • (Experiential Tutorial) Practicing Mindful Communication and Body Activation with a Partner (30:55)
  • Quiz

Date 4: Practicing Emotional Honesty and Vulnerability

  • (Video Lecture) 4 Steps to Safely Practicing Vulnerability (21:13)
  • (Experiential Tutorial) Learning to Attune While Creating Emotional Safety in Partnership (16:44)
  • Quiz

Date 5: How to Get Your Needs Met in Partnership

  • (Video Lecture) How to Inspire Your Partner to Care About Your Needs, in 5 Easy Steps (26:04)
  • (Experiential Tutorial) Designing Your Relationships Lovemap (14:48)
  • Quiz

Date 6: Essential Boundaries in Partnership

  • (Video Lecture) Decoding 3 Essential Boundaries in Relationship (8:11)
  • Guided Visualization (15:40)
  • (Experiential Tutorial) Exploring the Space Between Partners (10:03)
  • Quiz

Date 7: Spice Up Your Sex Life and Keep the Embers Burning

  • (Video Lecture) Lesson Overview (6:50)
  • Bonus Presentation* 5 Erotic Blueprints TM with Sacha Fossa (44:06)
  • Quiz

UNLOCK YOUR BONUS MINI-COURSE: Personal Boundaries In Love

  • Personal Boundaries in Love

UNLOCK YOUR BONUS MINI-COURSE: 5 Lessons to Decode Mixed Signals in Relationships

  • 5 Lessons to Decode Mixed Signals in Relationships


  • 5 Days to Ignite Your Love Light

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