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The truth is society is largely annoyed and aggravated by women's moods.

Women are jokingly labeled as crazy, b*tchy, dramatic, over-reactive, bipolar or schizophrenic all because they are engulfed in a perfectly natural, hormonal, roller coaster.

Young women are directly and indirectly socialized to press on with life during the time when they are at their weakest, physically, and then called psycho when they clap back out of exhaustion.

Men are not expected to know anything about the monthly cycles of women, so they respond by being grossed out, insensitive, inconsiderate and just plain ignorant of how to handle a woman during her period.

The end result are women that are boiling with the beast of misdirected fire, feeling unsupported, misunderstood, and undervalued and men who are left recoiling in their helplessness and clueless as to what to do to soothe a hormonal woman. The simple fact of the matter is when the monthly cycles of women are not honored, the b*tch beast appears and everyone suffers in its wrath. Don’t you think men would like the women of the world to be more calm, relaxed, and peaceful?

Don’t you wish our society could learn to be more understanding,

supportive, and respectful of women’s mood swings?

Wouldn’t it be nice to finally slay this damaging concept of the

monthly monster

And give rise to a new way of relating to natural feminine flow?

JujuMama’s Love Academy (JLA), has been providing sex and relationship coaching and training to singles and couples of all types for over ten years. We are thoroughly convinced there has not been enough education and training made available to men (nor women for that matter) for them to know how to utilize the majestic power of the feminine for the benefit of all.

We created this QueenMaker Red Tent Tantra video course in order to provide insight on how to effectively channel women’s emotional energy and assist women in being more peaceful yet strong throughout their monthly cycles.

The QueenMaker Red Tent Tantra course promises to elevate your relationship with women to a new level of awesomeness once you grasp this fresh new approach to dealing with women and their variety of moods.

This Two Hour Course Will Show You How To Better Understand and Manage

ANY Woman (and all her many mood swings).

In the QueenMaker Red Tent Tantra course, you will learn:

  • How to effectively nurture & soothe menstruating and menepausal women. Q Step by step method for rising above suffering during her time of month.
  • Practical demonstration of how to shift any woman into clear & balanced Q (8) easy tantric exercises that will allow you to ignite her feminine force.
  • An incredible new understanding of sex on the menses!
  • Realize why her period is the best time for intimacy!
  • Ways to make your home a place of vigor, vitality and peace Q Ease the pains, tensions, and aches that usually bring crazy out of her.
  • All exercises can be done alone or with a partner.


QueenMaker Tantra is the solution for men, women, couples, anyone who wants to overcome the dramatic emotions associated with the monthly cycles of women. QueenMaker is what you’ve been waiting for if you want to finally learn real ways to heal the women you love.

When you purchase this breakthrough QueenMaker Red Tent Tantra course for only $69 you will receive:

  • Lifetime access to the two hour recorded QueenMaker course which includes discussion of in-depth, closely guarded secrets of the true potency and capabilities of feminine flow.
  • Instructions and demonstration of the exercises to perform at each phase of a woman’s monthly cycle.
  • Guided meditations designed to enhance this healing practice.
  • Exclusive access to ask our JLA Love Coaches, Kenya and Rakhem Stevens, any questions you may have about Red Tent Tantra rituals or anything else you learn in this course.

You are fully protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We would never want you to be unhappy! If you don't find benefit in this presentation or if you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact us anytime within 30 days of your purchase and we will give you a full refund. NO questions asked.

JLA metaphysician, author, life and love coach, Rakhem Seku Stevens once wrote,

"A boy does not become a man until he has healed a woman…"

Are you ready to heal a woman you love today? By purchasing, watching, and practicing the techniques taught in this innovative, relationship-changing course you will learn how to take her from raging b*tch to purring kitten and turn monthly period pains into intoxicating moments of magic & intimacy. Get immediate access to QueenMaker Red Tent Tantra now!

Click the START button to enroll in this course for only $69 and unlock your access to the power of Red Tent Tantra.

***WARNING***: Please be advised this video contains nudity. It is not intended to be pornographic, rather the goal is to successfully demonstrate tantra techniques so that viewers can understand them in a practical way and imitate the exercises in the comfort of their own space. Viewer discretion is advised.

Course Curriculum


  • Full Video
  • Queen Maker Tantra Raw Video Unedited (115:55)

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