Javascript for Beginners



Javascript for Beginners


Learn Javascript and supercharge your web design with this Javascript for beginners training course.


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Take this Javascript training course and start learning Javascript today.

"As a business guy I have no place in programming." Ten years ago, you could have gotten away with that statement. Today, you say that to your colleagues and they scoff at you before they go back to their computers to fix real problems and do real work.

If you want to do something useful, start by learning Javascript. In these days when the browser is central to all computer use, knowing "the language of the browser" is the most important step.

A few years ago, Javascript's potential was uncertain and many programmers considered it useless. These days, however, competent programmers have identified Javascript's real potential and uses, and it has gone from a toy language to the main language of the browser. It has become one of the most useful languages of this era. Every developer needs at least a basic understanding of Javascript. A developer who knows Javascript is the rockstar of the company and is in constant demand by employers. Our online Javascript course will get you started by teaching all the essential aspects of coding in Javascript.

So… what's it gonna be? Do you want to supercharge your career and be in constant demand by employers? Do you want to learn how to create dynamic and innovative Javascript documents? Start programming today with our Javascript course for Beginners training and take control of your career.

Course Curriculum

Hello Javascript!

  • Hello World in Javascript (5:12)
  • Where to Put Javascript (8:35)
  • Chapter 1 Lab Exercise

Storing Information in Variables

  • Learning to Use Variables (7:50)
  • Variable Operators (10:45)
  • Chapter 2 Lab Exercise

Conditional Statements

  • Simple Conditionals (7:05)
  • If Else If Statements (5:47)
  • Switch Case Break Statements (5:15)
  • Chapter 3 Lab Exercise

Dialog Boxes

  • Three Types of Javascript Dialogs (7:33)
  • Chapter 4 Lab Exercise

Now We're Iterating – Loops in Javascript

  • While Loops and Do… While Loops (5:26)
  • For Loops and Practical Applications of a Loop (8:11)
  • Chapter 5 Lab Exercise (4:28)

Coding Javascript Functions

  • Function Introduction (5:39)
  • Functions, Parameters and Returns (6:58)
  • Calling Functions from Events (3:46)
  • Chapter 6 Lab Exercise

Working with Arrays

  • Declaring Arrays (8:40)
  • Manipulating Arrays (10:51)
  • Chapter 7 Lab Exercise

The String Object

  • String Objects (12:25)
  • Chapter 8 Lab Exercise

Obtaining and Manipulating User Information

  • User Information (9:13)
  • Chapter 9 Lab Exercise

The Document Object

  • Document Object (6:56)
  • The InnerHTML Property (5:19)
  • Solutions
  • Chapter 10 Lab Exercise

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