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Jan Forster LIVE – Jan Forster


"Jan is the epitome of the classic mentalist persona. His ACAAN is one of the best I've seen and his knowledge and skills are world class." – Bob Cassidy

"Jan’s billet work is simply exceptional!" – Peter Turner



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"Jan is the epitome of the classic mentalist persona. His ACAAN is one of the best I've seen and his knowledge and skills are world class." – Bob Cassidy

"Jan’s billet work is simply exceptional!" – Peter Turner

"Just the lecture of Jan was worth the entire convention. There is probably no other German mentalist, who tunes and works out his routines with so much subtlety and deep thinking. Simply great!" – Erich Hammann-Boretti, Magic Circle Germany

"Jan, you're the best!" – Paul Vigil

What will he teach?

Influence: Jan Forster’s diabolic impression device, its extremely clever handling and a terrific routine!

Kiss and Name: Real mind reading would look like that; several principles and layers make backtracking sheer impossible.

Under Test Conditions (MemDeck Telepathy): So hands off, so impossible. 4 Spectators, 4 thoughts, you read them all. True mindreading would look like that!

Mental Poker: An impossible effect, three different methods, easy to perform – but you will fool also the most experienced guys…

Destinations: A unique combination of psychometry, graphology and telepathy with an extremely strong double punch at the end which looks like real mind reading. New in method, approach and very “hands off”!

The Mascot: Mentalists and magicians will love it. The probably best and smartest routine using the clock force. Entirely stand up, no table needed!

Who is he?

Jan Forster got a huge name in Germany, a big one throughout Europe and, latest since his appearances as one of the headliners and lecturer during the “Mindvention” 2011 in Las Vegas and the “Mind Summit” 2014 in Cologne, he is also well known in the rest of our “mental world”.

He is working as a full time pro since 1983, mainly doing theatres with his own full evening show, clubs, corporate shows, cruise ships and occasional TV appearances. Being a pupil of Henk Vermeyden and Joe Nex he started as a manipulator in magic. He won with his original act "Smoker's Dream" several 1st prizes, including the Grand Prix Prag 1981, the German Championship in 1984-86, the Tarocco D'Oro Bologna 1983, Merlin Vienna 1991 and some more.

Having been always interested in mentalism and mental magic he turned completely mental in 2000. His deep knowledge and hard school of magic was and is often of great help, but he had to forget also things he had learned in so many years. He did.

Being member of the Magic Circle (MZvD) and the Society of European Mentalists (GEM) he has published highly acclaimed lecture notes, DVDs and contributions to several books and many magazines. He has published 5 books in German, the sixth one is coming in 2016. A big book in English is in preparation, containing all (previously in German) published material plus some more and updates. Currently, it is translated and expected to be ready by mid of 2016.

Many call him “Germany’s most entertaining mentalist” as he easily holds his audience’s attention for two hours and longer during his full evening shows. Colleagues praise his dedication to perfectionism and his painstaking eye for subtleties and details. Although very busy he loves to meet, share and brainstorm with other mentalists. Besides that, he loves to read in his huge library.

Being fluent in 6 languages he is travelling world wide. He is married to Danielle. They have two young daughters (and a cat) and live in Germany when not travelling.

His mother thinks he is the best, his kids (still) believe he’s great… :)

If you could ask ONE question to one of the world's most creative professional magicians, what would it be?

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Magicians flock to see “workers” give talks. Why? Because these guys see and learn things that you won'’t find in any book or DVD. Yes, you'll be learning some incredibly powerful A-material, but the INVALUABLE stuff will be the insight you learn along the way.

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