How To Communicate With Unstoppable Confidence In 20 Days Or Less – Peter Murphy



How To Communicate With Unstoppable Confidence In 20 Days Or Less – Peter Murphy


And just so you know right now – what I am going to reveal has very little to do with mirroring and body language. It goes far beyond basic communication skills training and insteadd…


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Ever Feel Shy, Tongue Tied Or Unsure About What To Say? Want More Self-Confidence…

"Imagine Always Knowing the Right Thing To Say and Speaking Up with Such Confidence That Others Feel Compelled to Listen…

If You've Got 10 Minutes a Day You Can Use This New Step-By-Step System to Easily Start Great Conversations with Anyone You Meet"
(this proven system is ideal if you tend to feel self-conscious or worry about what people think of you) 

Peter Murphy

From: Peter Murphy, Peak Performance Expert

Dear Friend,

Imagine feeling deeply appreciated and respected, and talking with such clarity that people are attentive to your every word… this is closer than you think when you discover the fastest, easiest and most effective system for knowing what to say and saying it with confidence. 

Even if this sounds amazing to you now – by the time you read to the end of this article you'll know why it is not only possible but achievable for you. 

Would You Like To Develop Exceptional People Skills?

Here is a taste of what you will be able to do when you use the system I stumbled upon out of sheer desperation…

How to put an end to feeling self-conscious and stuck for words when you meet new people

A simple way to get your point across with impact and avoid confusion

Never again freeze up and have your mind go blank when all eyes are on you

How to become such a good listener that people are hungry to talk to you

How to laugh in the face of rejection and smile at negativity

The best way to command attention when you talk and make sure people listen to every word you say

My name is Peter Murphy. 

And even though it isn't really, it seems like a long time ago when I used to have great difficulty meeting and dealing with people. Back then getting rapport usually depended on sheer luck. And all my problems were really just people problems I couldn't solve. And like you I was looking for more effective ways to communicate with other people.

Everything changed…

Today my life is completely different and so much easier and better because I have finally made the breakthrough. I discovered a revolutionary approach to communication most people know nothing about. And not only that. I also stumbled upon the amazing secrets to having an unstoppable confidence that makes it easy and effortless to talk with whoever you meet. Let me tell you how you can do the same…

How to… Quickly and Easily Know What To Say To Whoever You Talk To

Imagine having the ability to quickly and easily get rapport with anyone you meet and to never again worry about how to handle people … even when dealing with difficult people in challenging and stressful situations. Would that make a difference to your social life, your family life and to your career? 

And what if you could go just one step further?

Imagine always knowing the right thing to say. And having people everywhere respect and appreciate you in a whole new way. Imagine how good it would feel to be someone who people love to be around – the kind of person everyone wants as one of their trusted and closest friends. This is closer than you think.

What I am about to tell you could be one of the most important things anyone will ever teach you about life. I am going to show you a completely different approach to winning friends and influencing people and I'm convinced anybody can copy what I'm doing – once they understand it. And best of all you can achieve all this without having to change who you are. You don't have to become a loud or even arrogant person! But first of all…

Discover the 3 fundamental core attributes of all highly skilled communicators and use them to further your career and social life

And just so you know right now – what I am going to reveal has very little to do with mirroring and body language. It goes far beyond basic communication skills training and instead you will learn the three fundamental core attributes of all highly skilled communicators. Imagine…

How would you like to express yourself in a way that touches people in a special way?

First of all you need to know where I have come from and why it became very important to me to master communication skills and to excel in all my dealings with other people. Before I finished college and entered the workforce my limited communication skills were never really an issue. I could quietly go about my day without having to face my fear of dealing with people and I avoided the issue as long as I could. Things were about to change!

As soon as I got a job in retail and joined the workforce I had an immediate and rude awakening. All of a sudden there was a boss to deal with as well as my new colleagues not to mention the customers who could be awkward, difficult and down right rude. I struggled with my fears and anxieties, and I had nowhere to run.

I was completely stuck but not for long more.

Out of desperation I began reading books on how to deal with people. Many of these books were badly written by over qualified academics – still I ploughed through them and I started to apply everything I learned at work. Things changed.

I soon found it easier to deal with people in my day to day life but I still wasn't as confident as I wanted to be and more importantly I didn't feel I was expressing the true me. Instead I was playing a mindless game of matching body language and I never felt in charge of these conversations I was having with other people. What I will tell you next will excite you with the possibilities for your own life!

How I finally got rid of my fear of meeting new people! And how you can too..
Then the breakthrough happened.

Listen carefully while I explain how I made the shift from being scared stiff of people to quickly becoming confident and even charming. After you have read this you will see that anybody can do what I have already done so successfully.

Back in 1993 I attended a 12-month course in peak performance that took my communication skills to a new level. Each month I spent 21% of my income to attend this program and what I learned nearly blew my mind. At these intense information packed seminars I sat next to dynamic, confident men and women who managed major companies and I learned the very same peak performance communication strategies they used to lead teams of people to success and to earn huge salaries. What happened next was remarkable.

Before I even completed the course my income jumped by 89% and I moved into a far more responsible position… all because I applied the powerful communication strategies I learned. I was an excellent student! By the way, these are the very same strategies I am going to share with you.

From this point on I modelled highly successful people including several self made millionaires, corporate Vice Presidents and award winning sales executives. And over time my ability to influence, persuade and create a favorable impression in the eyes of other people just grew and grew. You will learn their secrets too!

I had never felt so confident and powerful in all my life. And all of a sudden my social life took off. Instead of sitting at home reading about how to make my life better I was out making new friends and having a ball. And the most exciting part is that there is nothing stopping you from doing the same…

You could easily enjoy the same success with people once you know how…

I put my money where my mouth was and I got a job as a sales executive. I achieved impressive results. In my first sales role I worked very hard and went from being a complete novice to number one in my region within 3 months. I even won a company wide sales competition and I won a nice bonus for my efforts. Dealing with boardroom executives just got easier and easier. My confidence soared even higher!

Looking back now it is hard to remember what it was like when I didn't know how to communicate effectively. Those were stressful times. When you live like this your whole future is not under your control – it depends on the decisions and actions of other people. But there is a much better way…

When you become a highly skilled and confident communicator life is very different. Getting ahead in a job is so much easier because you know how to deal with colleagues, suppliers, customers and managers. And if you want to work somewhere else getting a job is no problem because you excel in job interviews. And of course… 

Your newly acquired advanced communication skills will also enhance every other aspect of your life including all your relationships and your home life. These are fundamental principles and strategies that will transform all your dealings with other people. How would you like to have the confidence to deal effectively with anyone you meet?

Exceptional Communication Skills can be Learned by Anyone who Follows the System I Uncovered

What does my story have to do with you? It's really very simple. As you now know I spent a lot of time and a great deal of money figuring out how to develop superior communication skills. And there is no need for you to have to go through the same tedious and painful trial and error I endured for so long. Why?

I have successfully isolated the three core attributes that you need to develop not only rapport but a rapport grounded in confidence with anyone you meet. And remember this is a completely different approach to communication skills which took me from feeling fearful and anxious dealing with people to confident, charming and entertaining in only a few months. And…

I'm convinced anybody can copy what I'm doing, once they understand it. In fact I even go so far as to guarantee my easy to copy system will work for you within 20 days as long as you are of average intelligence.

In fact if you want to master the system you can do so in a fraction of that timescale as long as you take it a step at a time and do a little more each day than the average person will.

Listen to what other people have said about my unique and highly effective approach…

Who else wants the confidence and charm that goes hand in hand with feeling deeply appreciated and valued by other people? 
Immediately discover…
The little known secret to easily boosting your influencing skills by 100%! Imagine how good it will feel impressing everyone you meet with your confidence. (page 3)

Finally a proven, tested strategy for communicating with impact with anyone, anywhere and anytime. The single most important confidence technique you will ever learn. (page 5)

The peak performance signal that will allow you to instantly be at your charming best whenever you choose to be. Without this insider knowledge you will always be at a disadvantage when dealing with high powered executives. (page 7)

Discover how to condition yourself for success and join the ranks of the corporate elite in creating your own destiny. This one outlook ensures you will radiate a magnetic quality that people cannot resist. (page 10)

The subtle distinction only the best CEO's understand that allows them to command respect and loyalty and the surprisingly obvious implications for your job security. (page 13)

The only thing you ever need to do to push peoples hot buttons so they willingly bend over backwards to help you get what you want. Once you know how ridiculously easy it is to appeal to what matters most to other people – you will never again worry about how you are going to win their support. (page 14)

A highly creative and innovative way to handle objections to your ideas and proposals. You'll laugh in amazement when you see how easy it is to turnaround stalemates and stalled negotiations. (page 19)

How to quickly and easily control any conversation. (page 23)

A little know approach that virtually forces other people to help you. Please use this principle with integrity because it gives you tremendous power over other people. (page 25)

The simple yet powerful technique that enables you to feel and be confident in seconds. Without this revolutionary strategy you will never be able to count on having confidence when you need it. (page 28)

How to make a fantastic first impression whenever you meet someone new. This is so easy when you know how you will wish you learned this one years ago. (page 31)

How to have the kind of unstoppable self-confidence that impresses everyone – every time you speak. (page 34)

The secret to confidently persisting when people are not responding to what you have to say. You will make sure your voice gets heard when you use this technique. (page 37)

The only tested and proven way to be ready for what ever they throw at you. (page 40)

The 2 steps to getting out of your own way and succeeding anyway. If you are not making progress and developing your ability to influence people and make a favorable impression you need this strategy right away. (page 41

Kiss Your People Problems Goodbye Forever

– And Never Again Worry about What To Say –

Think about it! Have you had enough of feeling unsure of yourself? Would you like to say goodbye forever to that feeling of anxiety when you struggle to make a good impression? How long more do you want your days marked by sweaty palms and a dry mouth? Instead…

Imagine having the charisma and poise that causes people to listen to every word you say with their complete attention. Everyone wants to be around some one like this. And what if you oozed confidence, authority and presence. I will show you how to supercharge your communication skills in a way that creates rapport with everyone you meet while also allowing you to impress others with your charm and diplomacy. And…

Best of all it is easy because I will show you one step at a time how to change how you feel and how you think. Imagine the difference this proven formula will make to your life. More about that in a moment but first…

This Is The Fastest Way To Transform Your Ability To Get Along With Other People
Imagine knowing what to say and when to say it no matter who you are talking to! It's easy once you know HOW. Knowing what to do is not enough though. It's amazing…

I can vividly remember how excited and powerful I felt when I first learned these secrets. People treated me differently and in a moment I knew with certainty that my life would never be the same again. You know how you feel when you know you are discovering something new that will make your life better from this day forward? How good does it feel to know at last you have found the missing link that will get you what you want? There's more…

You will be delighted as you watch family, friends and colleagues treat you differently while your boss respects you in a new way …all from using the exact same strategies that I use that are easy-to-understand and presented for the first time ever in this fascinating highly informative book. 

Later on I'll also tell you about a range of valuable additional bonuses you will receive with the book.

By This Time Next Month You Could Have A Confident Glow That Makes People Eager To Please You
When you exude a magnetic confidence that makes people want to work with you, and want to help you, it becomes easier than ever to achieve your goals. When you forge an alliance between your ability to get things done with your new found ability to inspire people to work with you and for you… when you discover what most people never learn.

Very few people truly understand the mechanics of communicating with confidence in a way that positively influences people. Interestingly, business leaders and all top achievers seem to intuitively understand and live these principles. Isn't time you joined them? Let me tell you a true story to illustrate this important point…

Are You Making The Same Communication Mistakes This Highly Qualified Accountant Made?

The breakthrough for me was learning the ultimate skill – the ability to speak with confidence in a way that inspires and motivates people. It's the same set of skills shared by all highly successful business people, entertainers and politicians. But if you fail to grasp this important point your whole life can suffer. Listen to this true story. 

When I was a student there was a guy in our class of 163 who always excelled in exams. He was very bright and very hard working. After college he went on to become an accountant and he passed the difficult professional exams with ease. What happened next is a real shame.

Did you guess that today is he is managing a huge firm of accountants? Wrong! People do not like working with him. He got moved from office to office and even overseas because he was so unpopular. His technical brilliance and intelligence are secondary if he cannot get along with other staff and clients. Protect yourself from this danger.

Don't make the same mistake this accountant made! All business is the people business – become a master communicator and reap the rewards today. And why not use my approach? In a moment I will tell you why my material is completely different to anything else you have seen and why this is great news for you…

Announcing…Sure-Fire Strategies for Talking to New People 
How would you like to know…

The easily forgotten trick for appealing to the natural curiosity in all people. When you want to instantly command attention use this one for great results. (page 43)

How to develop the flexibility you need to deal with awkward situations and still come out on top. This is the ultimate cure for embarrassment. (page 46)

How to create vivid colorful pictures with your words that are music to the ears… and leave your listener begging for more. (page 48)

Learn the highly unusual communication secrets of a respected communications specialist. And discover why you are at a major disadvantage without his insights. (page 52) 

Imagine never being tongue tied again! Why it happens and what to do about it. (page 54)

The importance of breaking rapport when and how to do it quickly without any fuss or commotion. (page 59)

How to protect yourself from overbearing people with this ingenious technique that works in seconds. (page 60)

Unleash your ability to communicate with passion and conviction when you tap into a well of high self-esteem that pulsates with every word you speak. (page 63)

The sure-fire strategy that shows you care and builds deep rapport easily and effortlessly with anyone. (page 67)

The only 3 questions you need to ask yourself when communication breaks down this approach will reveal the answers you need and these insights will be unclouded by your feelings on the matter. (page 71)

Never before revealed! The one thing you want more than anything else. How to get it and why it underpins the way you communicate with everyone you meet. (page 72) 

The exact strategy used by a successful entrepreneur to perform at his best under pressure and why you need to do the same if you want to express yourself well when it matters most of all. (page 75)

The hallmark of all highly successful executives and why you absolutely must adopt the same approach. Failure to follow their lead will mean that others will run rings around you in meetings and leave you looking foolish. (page 78) 

Discover how to inspire your listeners to trust you and believe that you will deliver on your promises. (page 81) 

How to speak the magical language of persuasion so people thirstily soak up every word you speak. (page 86)

The quickest and most fool-proof way to identify the approach that will be most persuasive for each person you talk to. (page 87) 

The 4 questions you need to ask when you hit a brick wall despite your fine tuned communication skills. Use this approach to quickly get back on track. (page 89)

"It's Like Becoming A People Magnet!"

How would you like to Discover…

The key factor in seeing things from other peoples point of view and discover how to use this valuable information to bowl them over with your understanding. (page 6)

How to ensure you always exude charm for those important even critical events. Why my Vice President mentor never once neglected this crucial success factor. (page 9)

Finally the 3 deeply felt cravings that drive all human behavior. And how to use this insight to talk in a way that causes others to eagerly listen with total attention to everything you say. If you are serious about understanding what makes people tick you absolutely must learn how to use this knowledge. (page 15)

The only way to free yourself from the anguish of needing to be liked by other people and how to use this technique to glow with a warm inner charisma that makes people like you anyway. ( page 16)

Learn what skilled negotiators do when their proposal is picked apart by the other party and use the very same ingenious technique to get people to reconsider your suggestions. (page 20)

The one word that stalls every discussion and disrespects the person you are talking to. Discover how to avoid this serious error of judgment and instead foster greater rapport and understanding. (page 21)

The secret to making people feel important and deeply appreciated. (page 24)

The 6 key distinctions that ensure you will be able to access your ability to exude charisma whenever you choose to. ( page 30)

You will laugh in the face of rejection when you learn this clever technique. At last you will never again worry about getting turned down. (page 35)

The one roadblock that stops most people in their tracks while leaders simply side step it and keep on succeeding. You need to learn this approach or forever live in fear of what other people will say to you. (page 36)

10 simple ways to become an outstanding listener people love to talk to.  (page 42) 

At last… a quick and easy way to eliminate the internal chatter that stops you feeling connected to other people. Calm your mind and enjoy a new level of rapport and contact with everyone you talk to. (page 45) 

A magical way to grab peoples attention that few people understand and even fewer know how to use. (page 49)

The barriers to effective communication – how to eliminate them quickly and easily. (page 53) 

The little understood strategy the most charming people use to ensure they have the maximum impact every time they speak. Use this insight and you will easily spot the key turning points in every conversation where rapport is either lost or rescued. (page 61)

Announcing The Self-Appreciation Enhancer! Discover – how to feel fantastic about yourself and use these wonderful warm inner feelings to fuel the glow of charisma. (page 62) 

The fascinating truth about how to deal effectively with all kinds of people even if you have nothing whatsoever in common with any of them. (page 69)

How to quickly and easily be free of the never-ending need to have the approval of other people. You will enjoy a sense of freedom you can't even begin to imagine and your words will sparkle with a radiant energy and power.  (page 73)

The quickest proven way to go from feeling uneasy and tense to feeling phenomenal and confident in an instant. (page 77)

An easy no-effort strategy for ensuring you communicate with authority and diplomacy in key meetings. (page 79)

The easy answer to getting what you want when even your best efforts have not worked. Not one CEO would survive a week in the boardroom without this attitude. (page 88)

The only 7 Tips for superior listening skills you will ever need to read. (page 90)

Why This Material is Completely Different to Anything Else You May Have Seen!
Other authors will mention you need to develop superior communication skills but the material will not show you step by step how to acquire these skills in a way you can easily use right away. Why?

Because the author does not know how to! When you buy these other books you are buying hope. They will not show you how to think and feel differently. You will not learn how to develop a deep pervasive confidence that leaves people eager to help you. That's not all that is missing either!

Other books will not cover the three essential character traits shared by all gifted communicators. Did you realize communication skills make up only one of these three key characteristics? I reveal all three in my book in a way you can easily learn – just copy what I do and enjoy the same success I have produced. Plus I help you to apply these new skills in your day to day life.

These other books and courses are missing a crucial ingredient for your success. Knowing what to do is not enough. You need to know how to make the changes in your communication style that will give you superior communication skills. And best of all it really is easier than you think!

"Five Reasons Why This Powerful Material is A Must Have"
You get the exact same tested strategies I spent thousands of dollars to learn at cutting edge peak performance trainings. Plus you benefit from the thousands of hours it took me to perfect these powerful techniques. You get to skip the frustrating trial and error stage.

You have the knowledge and experience of  someone like you who made the leap from average to exceptional in this special book. I am only making this material available online. 

No reworked old theories and useless concepts that can be found in any book store. This book is completely different and offers creative and highly effective new ways to dramatically change the way you communicate. Every word is based on what works not on some idle theory.

Highly specific guidelines show you exactly how to incorporate these cutting edge strategies into your life. Never before has it been possible to learn such complex communication strategies without needing a PhD ! I reveal all you need to know in plain English. If you can read and follow instructions you can become a highly skilled communicator.

This is a very personal insight into the world of a peak performance expert. One step at a time you will join me in becoming all you can be without having to lose your unique personality or pretend to be what you are not. Release the charisma you have locked inside of you today! 

How to Get Started

Right Now

This book offers highly effective strategies – the ones used by the very best communicators, persuaders and influencers of our time. Think about it. This is an amazing value. You can discover and use the very strategies used by millionaire entrepreneurs and corporate leaders earning six figure incomes each year. And it gets even better…

I make it really easy to learn. In the book I break the material down into 20 easy to apply lessons for you to take a day at a time over 20 days. And of course you can also learn at your own pace and do more or less on any given day. You are in complete control of how quickly you acquire these powerful new skills.

How To Communicate With Unstoppable Confidence in 20 Days or Less is a 94 page ebook packed with proven strategies and practical tips you can immediately use to improve your social life, your career and your home life. There is not one page of fluff or filler – unlike many several hundred page books that tell you what to do without giving you step by step advice on how to put the material into action.

Why am I virtually giving away this invaluable resource
that cost me thousands of dollars and years of research to perfect?
Well, it's really quite simple. I know how many seminars, conferences and training courses that are out there chasing your valuable time and money. And I know that despite the best intentions of the organizers many of these courses can not deliver the goods. At best you get a shot of hope into your blood. At worst you just end up feeling even more frustrated. Let me tell you…

I've been there. I've sat back frustrated and stuck after spending hours reading about how to develop exceptional people skills but all that effort didn't make me more successful. Until…"I got even more convinced there must be a missing link to communicating with confidence nobody is talking about!"

I found that missing link. And if you finally want to enjoy the success and happiness you really, really want why not have it right now? 

There are so many reasons to say Yes to this book
And I've just added another one

The reason I want you to have How To Communicate With Unstoppable Confidence in 20 Days or Less is because these insights belong in your hands. The teacher appears when the student is willing! I'm ready and you're willing so let's get started.

And when you Order and Get Started right now, you not only get your Instant $22.02 Cash Rebate off the original $69.99 price, making your order today only $47.97

You also get some very special bonuses at no extra charge. More about that in a moment but first…

"How To Communicate With Unstoppable Confidence in 20 Days or Less is The Missing Link and a Must Read for Anyone and Everyone Serious about Developing Superior People Skills!"
"You May Be Surprised At What You Learn"!

Remember I am not releasing this package in any other format.  I am not making it available through book stores. You will not find this anywhere else! It is only available here …so Get it Now! 

You Really Can't Afford Not to Invest in This Book to Discover
How To Communicate With Unstoppable Confidence in 20 Days or Less
It's quick and easy to get this powerful material in your hands right away.

Just say Yes to improving your life and you can have instant access right on the spot to download How To Communicate With Unstoppable Confidence in 20 Days or Less and don't forget…

You can immediately get your hands on the valuable set of bonuses I personally selected for you:

Special Bonus #1 – Conversation Fear and the Three Ways to Kill it

        Value – $37

If you have ever felt tongue tied and unsure of yourself during a conversation you already know how       uncomfortable conversation fear can be. It's that tense feeling of being stuck and not knowing what to say.

In this special report  I reveal three different strategies you can use right away to rid yourself of this embarrassing problem. Put an end to worrying about what people think of you, say goodbye to social anxiety and put your best foot forward starting today. And remember this report is not available anywhere else.

Special Bonus #2 – How to Start a Great Conversation with Anyone

Value – $37

In this very powerful report you will learn 15 great distinctions to make your conversations sing. And you will discover how to start a great conversation anytime anywhere – even with a complete stranger.

After reading and using the breakthrough strategies in this document you will finally understand that talking to people with confidence is a question of strategy and has very little to do with luck or personality.

Special Bonus #3 – Exclusive Confident Communication Coaching 

Value – $300

This offer is only available to How To Communicate With Unstoppable Confidence in 20 Days or Less customers. For 90 days from the day of purchase you are entitled to complimentary email coaching for advice, support and guidance.

While the book is complete in and of itself you have the added peace of mind of knowing that you are entitled to unrestricted access to the author.

I usually charge $200 an hour for coaching so it is difficult to place a dollar amount on the massive value you will get from this offer. Say I spend only 90 minutes helping you over the 90 day period … that works out at a $300 value. 

Obviously if you need more help you will get it and this coaching becomes even more valuable.

Special Bonus #4 – Building Success & Good Fortune Course

Value – $40

The course was written by Charles Burke the author of a number of highly rated books on success. I flexed my persuasion skills and he agreed to let me share his course with you.

These lessons will bring you exciting, instantly usable information to help you move ahead quickly at work:

  • DAY 1 Why most opportunities come in "kit form".
  • DAY 2 The single most powerful source of opportunities
  • DAY 3 Why the most successful people don't believe in luck
  • DAY 4 How to get in touch with every talent you ever wanted
  • DAY 5 Find exciting new experiences in "parallel universes"
  • DAY 6 Where money really comes from – how to get yours
  • DAY 7 Easily free yourself from someone running your life

And that's just the first seven emails. These 20 lessons will show you the most effective ways of relating to success and to the "synchronistic events" in life – what some people call luck. You'll receive one lesson every other day for 38 days.

These are not just a collection of bland platitudes. The lessons are designed for high impact in common daily problem areas. And then, to assure maximum impact, each lesson is followed by a power-charged exercise. Do the exercises regularly, as shown, and you can't help but make astounding progress.

Special Bonus #5- Magical Communication Metaphors 

Value – $37

In this powerful report you will learn about metaphors by reading some of my personal favorites.

You'll love this special kind of story telling – where we tell the story without directly pointing out the obvious, where we allow the listener to discover the hidden message on their own.

This is a very clever way to keep people listening when you want their undivided attention – you'll notice how I create sensory rich stories that appeal to all the senses with visual, auditory and feeling based words to really grab peoples' attention and to create vivid word pictures

Special Bonus #6 – The Ultimate Achievement Report

Value – $35

Only after reading several hundred books on personal development was I able to design a simple 6 step process that anyone can use to instantly be more successful.

If you have ever wondered why you are not as successful as you know you could be then this report is essential reading for you. The Ultimate Achievement report reveals the exact approach used by all high achievers to quickly move ahead. Without this information you will always be at a disadvantage.

You can use this powerful 6 step process to enhance the quality of your life in all areas including your relationships, family life and career.

How about that for great value! Bonuses worth $486. Some of my friends think I'm nuts giving away so many valuable bonuses. Grab them quick and get them in your hands before I change my mind and come to my senses!!

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You will still be allowed to keep and profit from the How to Start a Great Conversation with Anyone Report, the Conversation Fear Report, the Communication Skills Newsletter, the Success Course, the Magical Communication Metaphors Report and the Ultimate Achievement Report. That's $186 worth of bonuses! 

Obviously the Confident Communication Coaching will not apply because this is reserved only for those who like me are committed to developing exceptional people skills… 

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You can now…

Move ahead in you career a confident dynamic person who commands respect

Never again be stuck for words and always know the right thing to say

Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you can deal effectively with anyone

Impress people with your confidence and poise 

Command the respect and appreciation of your friends

Your investment in this invaluable resource could pay off like it has for me. The nice fat salary you could make once you use these new insights, new wisdom and your new found confidence could add up to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars or more! It's up to you. Get Your Copy today. 

This is Really Something Special! 
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Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy, Peak Performance Expert

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I have described everything I do in my book and you can have a copy of my easy to apply system for a tiny fraction of what it cost me to discover and refine these powerful strategies. Within minutes you can be learning how to have unstoppable confidence, amazing rapport skills and the very special X factor only the best communicators understand and use.

Is your happiness worth $47.97 to you? In 20 days time you will feel more secure in all your dealings with other people and exude an electric confidence that causes people to deeply respect you. Why not go ahead and try it out for a 60 day test drive? It works out at less than 14 cents a day for 60 days – for just a few cents you are only moments away from a life breakthrough.

And remember all the risk is on me. You have 60 days from the day you invest in How To Communicate With Unstoppable Confidence in 20 Days or Less to put the material to the test and push it to the limit. If you are unhappy for any reason just let me know and I will issue a full refund. But in the unlikely event that happens please keep the 6 bonuses I mentioned earlier as my way of saying Thank You for taking a look.

P.P.S. One more thing. Of course, there are a ton of resources on communication skills. Some are really good, a lot are useless. You may be wondering then what makes this ebook so much different and so much better than anything else? 

My proven 20 day success system for developing unstoppable confidence and superior communication skills has already worked for thousands of people just like you. You simply take a lesson at a time and learn at your own pace. If 20 days is too slow for you then simply dive into more lessons each day.

Plus you have access to me…

If you get stuck, if you need a hand or you want a second opinion I am here to advise you. Try getting ongoing coaching from a book you pick up at a bookstore! Imagine having personal coaching from your own desk – all you need to do is drop me an email and I will be happy to help.

I charge $200 an hour for coaching so this is another reason why I am only making this material available online. I need to restrict the number of people who invest in this ebook. Otherwise I would not be able to devote sufficient time to each person who wants guidance. 

Order now to ensure that you still qualify for confident communication coaching. With each new order I am coming closer to the day when I will have to stop offering free coaching with this package. I only have so many hours in the day! Get your order in today to avoid disappointment.

Get How To Communicate With Unstoppable Confidence In 20 Days Or Less – Peter Murphy, Only Price $20

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