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Hook Your Ex System – Steve Pratt



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The Hook Your Ex System is a guide consisting of techniques that can bring one’s ex back, making him/her understand how much he/she misses his/her and needs him/her. It is a step by step course on how to contact and communicate with your ex, avoiding mistakes and saying the right things in order to get their attention back. Every experience that we have is categorized by the brain into either a painful experience or a pleasurable one. According to the creator of the program, this is the reason why most relationships end or the reason why one party in a relationship would want to end the relationship. When the sum total of all the painful experiences exceeds that of the pleasurable ones, it might lead to one of the parties in the relationship to want a break up. The author of this program calls this the “Great Wall of Defense” that your EX pulls up. This is an indication that your ex no longer felt ok with your presence and he/she decided to kick you out.

The methods and techniques shown in this guide aim at making one’s ex wanting to come back to them. The sum of methods and techniques in this guide have to do with mind control, because they help people push the right buttons in order to bring the ex back. The core of the program is based upon the brain’s need to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Steve Pratt explains that as new experiences enter the brain, they are categorized within our minds as either painful or pleasurable depending upon how good or bad they feel. In the program, Steve reveals a unique method for influencing the brain to shift the focus from negative emotions to positive by recalling the pleasurable memories from the memory bank. According to Pratt, this transition from negative memories to positive can happen in a matter of minutes using only 3 simple steps. Step 1. Soften their defense by bringing their primal brain to a neutral position. Step 2. Appear irresistibly interesting. Step 3. Appear completely irreplaceable. The very best part about this system is, it does not matter whether you are a male wanting to get your ex sweetheart back or female planning to returning with your ex partner. It is developed to work for everyone male, lady, couples. 

Hook Your Ex System presents simple psychological techniques given by Steve Pratt and are totally built over his experience, thus it might help people to have their love back in life. It not only promises to bring love back to life but also claims to have more strong essence of love that people never felt before. It helps in avoiding break-ups and divorces. You will get the tips how to plant the ideas and nice memories about you in his/her mind. This will make your ex thinking about you and it will create big desire to get back to you. You will also get some examples of words to say to your ex. With these words. You can start to rebuild your relation and the words will bring emotional starvation toward your ex. The Hook Your Ex will give you the way to use emotional clean up technique. This technique can erase any bad memories about you from your ex, so your ex will only remember the nice memories about you. He also concentrates on some great psychological tips and tricks that will have your ex literally desperate to re-try again with you. Plus these will help to make your relationship far stronger and more solid than it was before. Steve has successfully helped many couples return to a blissful state of togetherness, and his techniques have an outstandingly high success rate.

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