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Erotic Spanking Mastery – Pleasure Mechanics


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Explore The Joys of Erotic Spanking

Many couples are bored, frustrated and ready to give up on their sex life.

Many more are pretty happy but craving something more intense, more thrilling.

If you are ready to shake up your routine and share intense, thrilling erotic spanking adventures, you are only a few clicks away from getting started.

Erotic spanking is the most effective way to create the sexual intensity you crave.

Stroke-By-Stroke, Spank-By-Spank Video Guides

  • Master the skills of erotic spanking, from warm-up to climax
  • Discover 5 ways to use your hands to create a wide range of sensation and pleasure
  • Follow simpleeasy spanking rhythms to take your lover on an intense erotic journey
  • Explore 5 positions to find your favorite
  • Learn where to spank and where to avoid for maximum pleasure and to minimize the risk of injury
  • See how to use gloves, paddles, vibrators and more to amp up the pleasure of your spanking

In Depth Audio Guides:

  • Discover why erotic spanking can be so pleasurable, arousing and satisfying
  • Explore roleplaying, power exchange and the range of erotic energy that can fuel your spanking
  • Learn how to communicate with your lover before, during and after an erotic spanking
  • Disaster-proof your erotic spanking explorations
  • Gain insight on the skills of both giving and receiving an amazing spanking

Comprehensive Handbook:

  • Understand how spanking creates arousal so you can tap into maximum pleasure
  • Overcome common concerns about erotic spanking
  • Gain communication skills so you can experience the ultimate erotic spanking

Personal Support:

  • Get all your questions answered personally by Chris and Charlotte, The Pleasure Mechanics
  • Get the support you need for successful explorations at every stage

What's Inside:

The Pleasures of Erotic Spanking

  • ​The Eroticism of Spanking
  • ​The Pain and Pleasure of Spanking
  • Spanking Is An Erotic Game For Adults
  • ​Explore Erotic Energy
  • ​How To Set Boundaries
  • ​Consent, Safe words and Erotic Intention
  • ​Essential Spanking Techniques: Positions(6:59)
  • Essential Spanking Technique: Find The Sweet Spots(1:33)
  • Essential Spanking Techniques: 5 Ways To Spank(6:21)
  • ​Getting Started: Warm Up and First Spanks
  • Spanking Rhythms(4:34)
  • ​A Complete Erotic Spanking Experience
  • Full Spanking Scene: Dominant Spanking Session(17:36)
  • Full Spanking Scene: Sensual Spanking Session(18:29)
  • ​How To Receive An Erotic Spanking
  • ​Communication During Spanking
  • Spanking and Sex : What’s Your Pleasure?
  • ​Intensifying Your Spanking Scenes
  • ​Aftercare
  • Feminism, Gender & Spanking
  • ​Common Questions and Concerns: Answered!
  • Happy Exploring!

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