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Cougar Seduction System – Derek Rake


Over the past five years, I’ve slept with more women over 34 than women under 24.

This may be strange, especially since when I’ve first joined Derek Rake’s group as a 20 year old virgin looking to get laid for the first time, I had wanted to score with a luscious 20 year old blonde.


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My name is Patrick Hayden, and I’ve got a confession to make.

Over the past five years, I’ve slept with more women over 34 than women under 24.

This may be strange, especially since when I’ve first joined Derek Rake’s group as a 20 year old virgin looking to get laid for the first time, I had wanted to score with a luscious 20 year old blonde.

And so the fate had it that I had “accidentally” used Derek’s Dark Rake Methodon my 38-year-old professor at University of California, Irvine.

Long story short, we ended up having hot, steamy sex at her study on one humid summer afternoon in 2010.

Now don’t get me wrong…

I love women of all shapes, sizes and ages, but over time I had developed a taste for women at least 7-10 years older than me. 

Cougars seem to have everything that I ever wanted in women: class, maturity, style, open-mindedness, and best of all, they always seem to beunashamedly sexual

During one of my coaching sessions with Derek Rake, I had asked him to teach me how to use SonicSeduction on cougars.

“So here’s the deal, Patrick,” Derek said. “SonicSeduction works on women of all ages. If you want something specific to use on older women, then you’ll have to rely on your own creativity.”

So over the years, with guidance from Derek, I developed my own style of seduction, and having field-tested my techniques on cougars as young as 32 (and as old as 55!) with tremendous success, I now have in my possession the world’s first and foremost method on meeting and attracting older women – the CougarSeduction™ system.

Introducing CougarSeduction™: The World’s First (And Best) System For Attracting Older Women And Putting Them Under Your Control

Derek, as you know, is a real stickler for quality, and he wouldn’t put out a program unless he was 100% convinced that it would benefit his clients.

“Patrick,” he had told me, “Prove to me that (CougarSeduction™) works.”

So last year, we put CougarSeduction™ under rigorous testing by rolling it out to some 128 long-time clients of Derek Rake who told us that they were interested in older women. The results completely blew our mind…

The CougarSeduction™ Bag Of Dirty Tricks Will Either Delight Or Disgust You

Know what you are getting yourself into before you buy

OK, before anything, here’s something that I must let you know, so pay close attention.

Out of the 128 beta testers who had volunteered to test out CougarSeduction™, not everyone was happy with the program. In fact, there were three (3) participants who had PULLED OUT from the group on DAY ONE after going through the program one time.

When asked why, these were the answers –

“Seems to be very manipulative.”

“I thought the Dark Rake Method was evil enough, but this was downright sinister.”

“I’ve got three sisters. I can’t do this without thinking that some guy may be doing the same to them, sorry.

Since you’re already familiar with Derek Rake’s programs, you understand that our stuff is not for every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Dating and relationships can be brutal and totally unforgiving, and because of this, we like to push the envelopeso that our clients get the best tools and techniques in the world, bar none.

We can’t please everybody, especially those who are too pussy to use these military-grade mind control hacks to dominate women. CougarSeduction™ is pretty hardcore, and I make no apologies for it.

Get Cougar Seduction System – Derek Rake, Only Price $22

CougarSeduction™ hits it where it hurts the most

Know this:-

In particular, there’s one weakness among older women which we want to exploitCougars are very self-conscious when it comes to their age.

She might have just hit 33, and yet she thinks that she’s already too old and un-sexy.

So why is this important to you? Simple, really. Cougars are starving to feel young again, and you want to exploit this insecurity and fear of aging to make them surrender to you.

If you are able to communicate to her that you find her sexy, attractive, and most importantly, young, she will do whatever you ask her to doCougarSeduction™ will show you how to do exactly that.

  • Onboarding: the essential foundational principles of seducing cougars using the Derek Rake dating philosophy
  • Profiling: knowing her type:- Divorcee Cougar, Sugar Mama Cougar & Cheating Cougar. Guidance on how to adapt your techniques to her type
  • Her Motivation: knowing what she wants in a younger man, and how to fulfil her desires
  • How To Date A Cougar: some ground rules to obey
  • A Cub’s Checklist: the three criteria that make a younger man stands out in the eye of a mature woman
  • The Cub’s Motivation: why and how dating Cougars will bring your seduction game to the next level
  • Hunting Grounds: where to find Cougars, online and offline
  • The Cub’s Prep: laying the groundwork for success
  • Goalsetting: structuring your gameplan, performing research and pre-date intelligence
  • Social Stigma: how to overcome the number one objection that you will get when dating an older woman
  • Differentiation: learn what distinguishes cougars from younger women, and how to press those unique hot buttons to make them desire you
  • Why role reversal is essential when seducing cougars: the Boytoy Principle
  • The five things that cougars look out for during their prowl
  • Cougar hunting: knowing what’s inside her mind when she’s out and about
  • Relationship management: how to maintain the crucial “balance” between the younger man (i.e. you) and the Cougar
  • The 5% Rule: the little you give that makes all the difference
  • Social Stigma Part 2: Managing more sticking points and setting you up for the long-term
  • Techniques to maintain a healthy (and sane) Cougar relationship
  • How to manage public scrutiny and heightened expectations
  • 8 tips on dating older women: obey these principles and you’ll enjoy unlimited success with Cougars
  • How to overcome the most common sticking points when it comes to Cougar dating
  • Techniques to “bulletproof” your relationship and set you up for long term success
  • Tips to address the mismatch in life preferences and expectations due to the gap in age
  • How to avoid the deadly “Mother Hen” trap
  • Dealing with different levels of success and the inevitable public scrutiny

Also Included: One-On-One Coaching & Premium VIP Support

Get the definitive answers to all your burning questions from CougarSeduction™ Master Coach Patrick Hayden

Since I am the go-to guy among Derek’s coaches when it comes to seducing cougars, I’ve been charging guys $250 an hour (via’s private coaching practice) to answer questions and solve problems.

If you buy CougarSeduction™ today, I will offer you the same coaching service at no extra cost. This means that I’ll answer every question that you have about seducing cougars for free, and for life.

There is, however, one catch…

As of now, I am coaching DerekRakeHQ’s private practice clients full-time, which means that I have limited hours after work that I can use to answer questions from buyers of CougarSeduction™. This means that I can extend this offer to an extremely small number of guys.

Therefore, I have to limit this coaching offer strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. There’s only 24 hours in a day, and once the slots are full, this offer I am making to you right now will expire

Get Cougar Seduction System – Derek Rake, Only Price $22

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