50 Powerful Date Ideas – Jordan Gray



50 Powerful Date Ideas – Jordan Gray


Men must show effort in creating the date. Having a plan is very important. Women are attracted to men who can lead. Have conversational starters to help you along the way. Some of the activities will allow you to have physical touch as well. Women like to be treated well and being felt appreciated. You need to make her feel special on the date.


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Men must show effort in creating the date. Having a plan is very important. Women are attracted to men who can lead. Have conversational starters to help you along the way. Some of the activities will allow you to have physical touch as well. Women like to be treated well and being felt appreciated. You need to make her feel special on the date. Whoever initiates the date should pay. In addition, do not let the payment issue hinder your relationship. Avoid the mess with simple and practical solutions. Even though she may offer to pay you, do not accept it. Connection is very important in a date. Presence is more important than presents. An emotional connection is a big plus. Physical touch is possible if you all are engaging in activities other than dining. There are certain type of activities which makes conversation more appropriate than others. Take note of costs too as you do not want to keep spending beyond your means.

Rock Climbing. This is a great event. People bond better over activities which make their adrenaline rush. It is a unique activity.

Frisbee Golf. It is practically free. Try to intercept her Frisbee and be playful. Remember to plan for wet weather conditions.

People Watching. Create scenarios by watching people. You can spin creative stories that way. It can build rapport. However, the problem is that it can be difficult to keep the conversation going. Do not try too hard.

Kayaking and Packed Lunch Picnic. Rent it for a few days and have fun. Admire the scenery and there is no need to talk that much. Use the picnic to refuel yourself.

Cooking Class. This is a good way to build rapport. Be careful of those places that overcharge.

Partnered Salsa Lessons. You can have physical intimacy. Most importantly, you must feel confident while dancing. This is also a way to show your leadership potential.

Yoga. It is calming in nature. Even if you are not good, simply show up and try it out. It is also cost effective. Try not to stare at other girls in the yoga room.

Flying a Kite in the Park. It is fun and you can perform kite stunts as well. Teamwork is required for bonding too. Beware of bad weather etc.

Chocolate Factory/Wine Tour/Brewery Tour. A guided tour is good if you don’t want to talk too much. This also is a very unique event. Make sure you don’t too drunk on the wine/brewery tour.

Mini-Golf. It is fun and easy to execute. Be cheeky about it sometimes. Help her with her swing.

Go Ice-Skating. Hand holding and physical intimacy is definitely possible here. Stay close to her and ensure that she doesn’t fall too badly.

Shooting Range. Your adrenaline will soar once you fire a pistol. Do not worry as this is held in a controlled and safe environment.

Karaoke. This requires some courage and doing a duet can be really romantic. It’s not about how well you sing, but about having fun. Stay humorous.

Basketball. This is inexpensive and is a good form of exercise. Modify the rules for her if she is not good at it.

Tandem Biking. It is difficult to mount the bike, but laughter will ensure that you bond well. Sometimes, awkward moments are good for the relationship. Allow her to take the front seat for a while too.

Driving Range. It is certainly very entertaining. Just relax and do not have too high expectations on yourself.

Whale Watching. The ocean is vast and this is an inexpensive hobby. Plus, you are on a mission with her to seek buried treasure together. Even if you did not spot any whales, this sport is still fun.

Art Night-In. Infuse creative juices into your art life. Creativity also will make you feel smarter. Let your creative mind take it from there.

Spanish Themed Night-In. Have eye contact with her and start dancing. Let the music do the talking.

‘Drive-In’ Movie Night. Watch a movie outdoors. Let the movie do the talking in this case.

Secret Envelope Date Structure. Create some surprise in the date structure. It can jolt your romantic spark in you.

Sunrise Surprise. Go up the hill and make a nice breakfast for yourself. This is a beautiful experience. Remember to bring snacks so that you both won’t go hungry.

Runway Rendezvous. Lie back and watch the planes take off. Physical intimacy and uniqueness is certainly possible here.

See a Drive-In Movie. Catch a movie at a cinema.

Outdoor Table for 2. This requires more planning. Keep planning to ensure nothing goes wrong. Buy extra supplies if needed.

Book Store/Library Date. Take turns to pick books and read to each other. Discover what type of books you both like. As reading is intensive, keep a lookout on low energy levels.

Hot Air Ballooning. This is really brag-worthy and impressive. If you fear heights, this is probably not for you.

Billiards. Attach a bet to dates. It is both playful and competitive. Be creative and set forfeits for each other.

Look Out. Drive to a scenic spot and observe the scenery. It is both romantic and intimate. This idea is usually very useful indeed.

Watching an amateur stand-up comedy night. Although some are not good, couples can bond over laughter. Recall some of the humorous lines even after the date.

Seeing a Live Dance Performance. Enjoy the night of dancing. There is nothing like witnessing passionate dancers.

Watching Live Theatre. You get to support the arts economy and the date will be entertaining. Be lighthearted and fun.

Go Bowling. This is playful and competitive at the same time. It’s classic.

Art Gallery/Science Centre. Learn about how the world works and play with hands-on experiments. Embrace the process. Let your inner child run free.

Day Time Symphonic Orchestra. Pretend to be culturally aware and refined for once. Your friends must think that you are classy too.

Fondue. It is easy to bond over chocolate.

Finger Foods. Share plates with each other and feed each other. If you make food for her, that will be even more romantic. Be original in your date ideas to score even more points.

Farmers Market. Browse quality and nutritious goods. These are usually tasty and fun. Offer her a suggestion too. Start experimenting.

Play in the Park. This can bring back memories for you. Reconnect with your inner childhood and make you happy. Remember to be dressed casually.

Indoor Picnic. This is intimate and easy to achieve as well. Remember to bring a mat.

Build a Fort Together. Build a fort to cuddle up against. This is also very cheap and is costless.

Sexy Jenga! This is a 5 star idea. It is both thrilling and will allow you to bond over conversations.

See a Local Sporting Event. Tickets to a local sporting event might be inexpensive. One can also have delicious snacks and be at ease.

Planetarium. This is also educational in nature. Low maintenance date.

A Day at the Races. Attend a horse racing event and bet on the horses.

Arcade. Allow her to win a few games too. It is old fashioned and can bring back memories.

Sun-Date. Create ice cream together.

Go-Kart. High octane event. However, it can be a little expensive.

Home Spa. Do pedicure and manicure on each other. This can be a very intimate affair indeed.

Movie Marathon. This involves a lot of cuddling. However, if you are bored, switch it up by going for a walk etc.

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