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3k In 30 Days – Tim Mai


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$3k-in-30-Daya Fast Track Apprentice Program

Intensive 2 Days Live Training:

+ On day 1, you’ll be able to learn exactly what Jeff did and a lot more. You’ll be armed with the specific action steps you need to succeed even if you only attend this one day..

+ On day 2, you’ll be on the phone with my sellers , working on my deals, just as if you were working with me in my office

If you get some deals, I’ll even split the profit with you..

Discover The Only $3K-in-30-Days Fast-Track Apprentice Program That Guarantees Immediate Results… Designed Exclusively For Houston Real Estate Investors

"If You Qualify -1 Will Personally Take You By The Hand And Train You My Most Closely Guarded System That Will Guarantee To Make You At Least $3,000 In Cash Or Equity Within 30 Days… Or Your Money Back"

I Will Even Give You My Fresh "Cash NOW" Seller Leads To Call And Split The Profits With You…

From: The desk of Tim Mai Date: January 1, 2015

Dear Potential $3K-in-30-Days Fast-Track Apprentice,

Already heard the call? Congratulations! You have now discovered the "7 Secrets of How To Immediately and Consistently Make $3,000 – $10,000 Every 30 Days." What you need to do next is get off the rat race and onto the fast track.

If you're one of the fortunate few who qualifies for my $3K-in-30-Days Fast-Track Apprentice Program, the key to your success is in your hand. Come and join me in the two days live training as I hand you your own treasure chest to open.

To demonstrate what I mean, let me share with you Jeff Corpuz's story. Jeff is a 19 year old kid who got his first deal in less than 21 days of contacting me. This is a guy who'd been to other seminars yet struggled for over a year in real estate.

Want to know what I did for Jeff? All I did was send him less than 12 step-by-step assignment emails.

He would go complete one assignment and report back to me and then I'd send him another one. I didn't even speak to Jeff over the phone but once after he had made his $5,000.

Here's what you didn't know. Jeff is from Dallas, an unknown market for me. You see, my system is so rock solid that it can easily be implemented in any city by anyone.

You are much more fortunate than Jeff. You're here in Houston with me where I know exactly which zip codes, which subdivisions, and which Key Map pages and grids that you should concentrate on.

Below is another student of mine, Vicke Mossbarger, who made $5,000 on her first wholesale deal within days of getting help from me. Check out what she has to say when she attended my last seminar:

You see, you have a much better advantage than both of these students because not only will I give you specific assignments, I will personally train you for 30 days. Let me tell you about my apprentice program…

$3K-in-30-Days Fast TVack Apprentice Program

Intensive 2 Days Live Training:

  • On day 1, you'll be able to learn exactly what Jeff did and a lot more. You'll be armed with the specific action steps you need to succeed even if you only attend this one day.
  • On day 2, you'll be on the phone with my sellers, working on mv deals, just as if you were working with me in my office.
    If you get some deals, I'll even split the profit with you.

Unlimited Hotline support:

  • After the live training, you will have unlimited access to my Hotline for 30 days. You can ask me any questions you want, day or night. This support line is designed to help you through tough deals, hard questions and probably save some deals you'd let slip away. I will personally answer all your questions to get you over the hump or to celebrate your deals.

4 Group Q&A Calls:

  • As if all the above are not enough, you will also have access to 4, once a week, group Q&A (Questions and Answers) calls where you'll hear questions from your fellow apprentices. And of course, you can ask your questions on the call as well.

You see, I'm providing all these support systems because I know what it takes to help you succeed. I know that just training you in the class is not enough. You'll have questions, you'll need a little more push, or whatever else might be holding you back. Your first 30 days is very critical so I want to make sure that I provide as much support as possible..

Even though I am willing to share my secrets to a profitable investing system, I only want to share these secrets with a few investors in Houston. I don't want to create too many competitors for myself or for you.

Here's A More Extensive Look At What You Will Learn In The Intensive 2 Days Live Training

  • Learn to avoid the common mistakes made by 97% of investors.
  • How to identify the neighborhoods with the most profit potential.
  • How to use the US census data to locate neighborhoods with high vacancies.
  • How to locate and determine a great deal.
  • How to use bird-dogs to find you deals no one else knows about.
  • How to use hand-written post cards and letters to have tons of sellers calling you.
  • How to effectively negotiate with the homeowners so that you come off as a Pro even if you are just getting started.
  • How to put together winning offers that the sellers must say "YES!"
  • How to properly fill out all of the paperwork.
  • How to wholesale for quick cash.
  • How to assign and double-close to an investor or an end buyer.
  • A detailed step-by-step formula that you can start implementing immediately.
  • And much more…

Dona€™t Spend Thousands of Dollars on Seminars Where The Gurus Don't Even Have A Clue About The Houston Market

Did you know that the national "Gurus" charge upward of $5,000 to $25,000 and don't even have a clue about how our market works? They don't know exactly where to get the best deals, they don't know exactly which title company to go to that can double-close for you.

I will show you the exact zip codes, subdivisions, and even down to the Key Map grids that have the most profit potential.

Everything that you need to succeed is included in this program. Plus, it's specially priced for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere. So there's is really no excuse not to get started today.

If you really want a step-by-step real estate investing program then you are making the right decision. This $3K-in-30-Days Fast Track Apprentice Program is the key to your real estate investing success.

Okay but before we wrap this up I have to mention…

This Particular Event is Positively NOT for Everybody

It is FOR YOU if you are already doing some investing in one way or another. If thata€™s the case, then I can promise you the new information revealed here will be responsible for at least an extra six-figure revenue stream or addition to your business. Ita€™s an absolute no-brainer and shoe-in! (Unless you course, you have a a€~know-it-alla€™, a€~seen-it-alla€™ attitude. Or you like to whine and complain to get negative attention. In that case a€" do NOT show up.)

Now it is also FOR YOU if you are an Investing newbie but very, very serious about building a profitable investing career. This is a golden opportunity to be provided with a true shortcut and roadmap from me, one of Houston's top investors, who has done it and is still "doing it" everyday.

What Kind of Hefty Price Tag Should This Go For?

I thought about this for a long time. I asked myself what would be a fair price for 30 days of extensive training with me? If you could pick up just a fraction of a fraction of this knowledge – what would that be worth to you?

Actually the lowest number I could came up with was $10,000.00 down payment plus 50% profit on all your deals for the first year, which is at least half of what other gurus are charging. And yes I could charge and get this amount.

But I have decided to put this at a more reasonable level of $2,997 down payment plus 50% profit on your first deal. But you MUST sign up by September 29th because the program will start on September 30th.

At this price, it separates the pack from aCcewannabeesaC^. Remember, I can only take on a handful of investors. I don't want to train just anybody. I only want to train serious investors because I love success stories.

But it gets even better … If you sign up by midnight tonight, January 1, I'm going to let you join my apprentice program for only $1,997 down and NO profit split (Yes, you'll get to keep 100% of the profits even on the leads that I give you in the live training).

Or if you rather put less down and split profit on your first deal, then it's only $1497 down plus 50% profit on your first deal. But remember, this is only if you sign up by midnight tonight, January 1.

If youa€™d like to bring a guest – they are $497 but they have to be a spouse/significant other, child, employee or business partner (tax forms may be required to prove relationship). And only one guest is allowed.

Listen, don't delay. Reserve your seat today. After the seats are filled, you risk being shut out completely.

How About a Guarantee?

Absolutely, there is a big, bold brassy one! Ia€™m determined never to have an unhappy customer:

Am I crazy?

I dona€™t think so, even though this puts me on the hook for a big chunk of change. To tell you the truth Ia€™m not worried because I know my system works. It has always worked for me and my students!

But, I need to warn you, you've got to be quick…

Only a Small Group of Investors Will Have Access To This Apprentice Program

But you dona€™t need to risk losing your spotaC by taking care of this now you lock in your seat for the lowest rate and get all the bonuses that will be offered. Training location information will be provided one week before the event.

Here's How to Register

If you're convinced this is the event for you, there are 3 easy ways to register:

  • One: Click Here to Apply Safely and Securely Online. You can pay using your choice of American Express, Master Card, Visa, or Discover.
  • Two: You can click here to print and FAX in your application form, anytime, 24 hours-a-day.
  • Three: You can send your registration in by mail with your personal or company check to: Community REIA, 7324 SW Freeway Suite 650, Houston, TX 77074. (I strongly suggest FedEx)

Listen, if youa€™re serious about your Real Estate Investing business – there's no excuse for missing this apprentice program.

Do it now and secure your place for the major discounts.

Get 3k In 30 Days – Tim Mai, Only Price 139$

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