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Power Mail Pro Training – Bob Patrick


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If you are thinking about joining Powermail Pro, created by Bob Patrick. This article is right for you.

Bob Patrick is saying that you pay him $1000’s to start to use his program to bulk emailing to his so-called “records” for a lack of a better terms of optin subscribers and you will be able to send your messages to 1 million people of your offers each month.  That’s the thing I had back in Oct 2014, not sure it still holds water at the time I am writing this.

Bob Patrick packaged the deal as if you don’t have to build your list one by one, instead you are authorized to email his “records” every day, and they are waiting to open up your email and click through the record.

At the time I subscribed the service, I thought, well it all sounds the holy grail of email marketing, but in the end, is it so?  Let’s find out…

The open rates was about 5-7% depending on your subject lines.  I should have captured the screen shots at the time I had the program.  Oh, by the way, I should have mentioned that it was Matt Bacak who introduced this Bob Patrick guy to me back then, which I had since removed from email subscription.

To say the least, the email “records” was not responsive, and I emailed Bob about it and he said, it needs a lot of testing and relationship building with the “records” in order to increase the clickthrough and the action rate.  Okay, that’s not the impression I got when I was sold to the program.

The business model might work for a lot of people, but it definitely did not work for me.  He packaged the deal as a Commercial Email Marketing” system.   I’d suggest you don’t fall into this thingy.   If you must enter email marketing, do build your email list one by one, from day one.

With so many marketing tool these days, e.g. video marketing, social marketing (e.g. facebook, google+, instagram, and the like),  you do not need to SPAM people.

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