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Everything We Know About Training is Wrong

We are all taught that muscles contract and relax. They get tight, relax, and produce force. This is true, but it’s not the whole story. We were all taught to strengthen the weak and stretch the tight, but we forgot to ask simple questions, like WHY is it weak, and WHY is it tight?

Let’s use tight hip flexors as an example. Everyone has them, and everyone spends hours trying to stretch them out or find a better way of stretching them. All this stretching provides short term relief, but doesn’t solve the problem. Is the answer more of the same, or changing how we think about the body?

The answer is that the hip flexor isn’t tight on its own. It’s tight for a reason. It’s up to you to find out what that reason is.

My name’s Dean Somerset. I’ve been a personal trainer for 15 years, and over 80% of my personal clientele come directly from medical referrals (physiotherapists, chiropractors, general practitioners, surgeons) in order to help their patients get continuing results when they leave their clinics.  I initially started off looking to become great at helping people lose weight, gain muscle and become absolute monsters, but quickly found that almost everyone coming into me had a shoulder, back, knee or hip problem that was holding them back.

It was a necessary step for me to learn how to work successfully with a wide array of injuries, conditions and developmental issues in order to take on everyone possible who could benefit from my help.

The funny thing is, they need the same kind of movement coaching and progression that elite athletes need.

This is where Post Rehab Essentials comes in.

This is a workshop that goes through the basics that every trainer should know about injury post-rehab before working with their clients. It covers the most common conditions of the shoulder, hip, knee and spine, and gives directions on what to do and more importantly, what not to do with the specific injuries. Each section goes through pertinent anatomical information, what adaptations occur with each injury, how to assess and determine who can and cannot begin training, and how to train it to get the best results safely and effectively.

The concepts contained in Post Rehab Essentials have helped me get the following results for clients:

  •     Helped a client with massive pelvic and abdominal reconstructive surgeries deadlift almost twice her bodyweight within 1 year of surgery, pain free
  •     Helped a client recover from hip replacement surgery to ski and golf in the same day
  •     Re-built my own low back issues to deadlift pain free and even do the splits
  •     Help my wife get back into competitive triathlon following a series of SI joint injuries
  •     Help an Olympic gold medalist recover from a hip injury to prepare for the Sochi Olympics
  •     Get hundreds of clients out of pain and training with purpose once again

The complete package contains the following:


  • How different injuries happen
  • What makes or breaks a training program for the different injuries you’ll commonly see in a gym
  • How injuries heal, and when it’s right to begin training
  • Why rehab and training aren’t two separate programs
  • The paradigm shift in thought process that can help you and your clients get stronger and healthier, regardless of restrictions or injuries
  • How fear is holding your clients back, and why you should be aware of it

Upper Quadrant:

  •     Biomechanics, anatomical structures of importance
  •     Common shoulder injuries
  •     How most common training programs lead to more injuries than they fix
  •     How to get optimal training responses to overcome the injuries

In addition, I will also show how most common neck, shoulder and low back issues are directly related to breathing, and what to do about it

Lower Quadrant:

  •     Biomechanics, anatomical structures of importance
  •     Common knee injuries
  •     How to get the most bang for your buck from re-training your foot
  •     How to get optimal training responses to overcome the injuries
  •     How important proper glute training is to preventing and recovering from knee injuries

In addition, I will also show you how knee pains are rarely knee problems


  •     Biomechanics, anatomical structures of importance
  •     Common low back injuries and what to do with them
  •     How to properly train core function
  •     Why movement quality is more important than ever when dealing with low back pain
  •     Why most core training programs don’t actually train the core to function better

I will also show you the only three core training exercises anyone will ever need to build a powerful and functional spine

****Please Note: This product is available as a digital download and streaming video. No physical products will be shipped. This means you have instant access and can take the videos with you anywhere, on any device, without needing to bring specific media with you.****

You’ll also get a massive hands-on sessions in each section with specific exercises and the technical breakdown on what they work, how to properly execute them and how to cue the client to get them into the right movement patterns. I’ve also included easy regressions and progressions for basic movements that everyone does incorrectly.

The practical breakout sessions will show you how to go through passive assessments, active assessments, how to build put all the pieces together to build a program from those assessments, and how to integrate corrective strategies throughout your program for maximal training effect.

You also get Continuing Education credits from the NSCA. This product has been approved for 1.2 CEU’s with the NSCA, which will help you to keep your certification while getting your learn on.

You can also use these credits to petition other certification organizations to gain credit.

As an added bonus

You also get access to the super-secret Facebook group for professionals and practitioners. This closed group is by invite only, and only available to those who purchase Post Rehab Essentials V.2.0, and is a place where you can ask questions about concepts or clients, provide your own unique insights, and have access to hundreds of world-class experts in dozens of fields.

PRE FB group

Here are some of the highlights I go through:


  •     How most “rehab” programs aren’t tailored to specific needs of the individual and do nothing but eat up time.
  •     Joint mechanics that show why some exercises will hurt you while others will help you.
  •     Why repetitive strain injuries are so common, and how to fix them forever
  •     Why pain doesn’t tell you the problem, and how to uncover the real issue
  •     Why static stretching is completely useless and should be stopped at all costs, especially when working through an injury
  •     How to dramatically increase the value of your training sessions and keep your clients longer
  •     How to perform complex lifts, assessments, and corrective exercises in a safe and effective manner.
  •     How to get people strong. Period.

Get Post Rehab Essentials 2.0 – Dean Somerset , Only Price $37


Q: How is this version different from the previous version?

I’ve changed roughly 70% of the content of the old version to the new version to reflect the current state of research and concepts that have shown to generate far superior results for clients, while also being easier to digest and understand. While the body remains the same, this is looking at it through a completely different window.

“Dean Somerset is a movement genius. What does that mean? He is the opposite of why most people become frustrated with fitness. He will make you better and remove your pain–all while helping you see more results. It’s what the best coaches know how to do, and Dean is part of an elite group.” – Adam Bornstein, New York Times best selling author

Dean Somerset is one of my “go to” resources in the fitness industry when I have a question that requires awesomeness. I can say without a doubt or any hesitation that few have the knowledge around rehab, movement dysfunction, physiology, program design and training. Not only that, Dean has the priceless “under the bar” experience that many trainers are lacking to be able to actually apply this knowledge in a real-world setting and with real clients.I was patiently awaiting the release of Post Rehab Essentials because I knew Dean would over-deliver big time – and I wasn’t disappointed. Every time I go back to it, I learn something different and pick up new ideas to integrate into my program. I don’t recommend ANY product without truly believing in it or if I don’t actually use it in my program. Post Rehab Essentials will change the way you program and make you a better coach by increasing the value you bring to all of your clients.

James “Smitty Diesel” Smith,

As a sport medicine practitioner, it is always a pleasure to see colleagues with the same beliefs and methods grounded in contemporary evidence. Lucky for me, Dean is a local specialist whom I trust and cannot recommend highly enough.

– Dr. Jeff Cubos,

“Dean Somerset has quickly emerged as an outstanding resource in the fitness industry. I really enjoy reading his stuff, and I’m sure you will, too.”

-Eric Cressey,

“When I first met Dean at a small conference in Edmonton a few years back, I knew he was what the fitness industry needed. His experience and knowledge when it came to understanding the spectrum of injury to performance is one of a kind. Over the years it has been great to see him share all he knows in his blog, in the Muscle Imbalances Revealed series and in the Ultimate Training Guide for Cancer Survivors.

I was excited to hear he was releasing the Essentials of Post Rehab Training. I was lucky enough to get an advance copy and the material blew me away. Even with 17 years of experience in the post rehab, I learned a lot and picked up a stack of exercises that I know will help my post rehab clients.

If you are a fitness professionals and if any of your clients have new or old injuries, you have to get, watch and apply everything in Post Rehab Essentials.”

– Rick Kaselj

“Rarely in this industry do we find individuals who seamlessly mesh passion with knowledge.

Dean is one of those rare cases. There are very few coaches who are as well-rounded and research based as Dean. Anyone who learns from him can consider themselves lucky.”
– Jonathan Goodman

“Dean’s presentation is a great resource for anyone working with clients or looking to train after an injury. Post Rehab Essentials is a perfect compliment to my business because I deal with the general population that enters my facility with a host of orthopaedic problems. There are times I need to go back and research some protocols and Post Rehab Essentials is a great place to start.

Dean does a great job of explaining the causes and treatments for most common injuries that are seen in everyday people. His presentation is top-shelf and he really comes across as a great educator.”

– John Izzo,

Dean was kind enough to send me an advance copy a few weeks ago and all I have to say is that after viewing it, I wish I could just hop onto Craigslist, do a search for “Flux Capacitor,” and then go back in time for the sole purpose of scissor kicking myself in the face for relying too heavily on what my text books told me. Suffice it to say, it would have saved me A LOT of time if I had resources like this back then.

– Tony Gentilcore,

Dean is a wealth of knowledge and information that I’ve personally used to help my clients and myself.

The best part is the ability to deliver it in a manner that is simple to understand but not overly distilled till content is lost.

Post Rehab essentials combines fantastic information with a dash of humour and the result would be obtaining the ability to kick ass after and injury!

Kedric Kwan, Personal Trainer, Malaysia    –

 “Dean is my go to source for learning everything to do with stability, mobility, strength; and increasing my knowledge base of how the body moves in general. So whenever he releases a product, I snap it up and I am never disappointed. It is no made up “bro” science. He has the education and the experience, and I can tell you personally from having the privilege of training with him that his methods work, AND FAST!

He also has a talent for presenting the material in a straight forward, easy to comprehend manor that won’t put you to sleep. It’s a great mix of anatomy, theory, and hands on demonstration. Forget everything you think you know about corrective exercise. In fact, Dean needs to coin a new phrase to do his methods justice. Apply the knowledge contained in these DVDs and POOF! You and your clients are rocking strength without the tight immobile muscles and nagging pains!

Bottom line is that my clients want the same things that I do. They want to be strong, to move well, and to continue to see results. Applying the knowledge set forth in post rehab essentials has brought both strength and quality of movement to my body; as well as to my client’s that have been plagued with issues such as improper breathing patterns, tight t-spines, shoulder and neck pains,  tight and immobile hips, and less than desirable movement patterns in general. If my clients aren’t progressing in their strength, remaining  pain free, and moving better in their everyday lives then I cease to be of use to them. As a trainer, I cannot afford to not know all that there is to know about properly assessing and correcting muscle imbalance. Post Rehab essentials is an essential addition to my educational arsenal.

Oh, one last but important detail. Once you purchase any of Dean’s products you do not become lost in a sea of nameless, faceless masses. If you have any questions or concerns, he actually returns your emails in a timely manner. That is a lot more than I can say about other educators that I have bought products from in the past. Happy learning and thanks Dean!”

Carolyn Box, Personal Trainer

Being in pain on a constant basis is a horrible way to live. Being that I had multiple issues ranging from lower back pain to hip and knee pain, I reached out to Dean after reading his blog and purchasing Post Rehab Essentials. If anyone could help me it was going to be Dean. After a few months, most of my symptoms subsided and I was back to moving some steel again and feeling like a human being in the morning rather a walking disaster. A great deal of what he used in the programs have been from this and the previous version of this resource. As a personal trainer, I am constantly dealing with people with orthopedic issues and referrals from physical therapists.

PRE V 2.0 has been a great compliment to the first version and I have already begun utilizing material from it with my clients and they are seeing results and enjoying their workouts and life more. Thanks to Dean for putting out another stellar product that will not only benefit you in your own training, but for your clients as well, making you look good. Whenever my clients thank me for helping them, I tell them, “Don’t thank me, thank Dean Somerset for making such great information available.” He is making other trainers better all the time. I wouldn’t be half the trainer I am today without resources like this.  It gives you the confidence and knowledge when it comes to delicate situations where you can either make or break a persons rehab or recovery from injury, while still allowing them to train like a hero.

Bryan A. Francis


‘The Post ReJoey sakshab Essentials workshop by Dean Somerset opened my mind to a whole new training approach. Dean’s insightful and highly entertaining approach to instruction was fantastic. Understanding how to interpret and plan to correct imbalances improved quality of life and sport performance for a number of my clients, and I know they are happy I learned from Dean.’

Joey Saks, canfitpro PRO TRAINER & Personal Trainer

Andrea thatcher

I had the privilege of seeing Dean teach this live. And even after 20 years in this industry, I’m still blown away by the information Dean shares. It’s immediately usable with clients, and what personal trainer doesn’t want to help their clients feel better, have less pain and be stronger?

Dean has made it pretty easy for Trainers to learn some complex stuff with Post Rehab Essentials. He combines research, with experience and humour to create an outstanding resource for all Fitness Professionals.

Thank you for all you do Dean!

Andrea Thatcher, PRO TRAINER

In total, you’re going to get 12 hours of videos, and most importantly, answers to many of the questions you may have about how to train clients with injuries.Every time you have someone who sits in front of you and says they have an old injury, a new injury, or an unexplained ache or pain, you should still be able to work with them in a safe and effective manner. Each time you turn a potential client away or have a client who can’t train because of an injury from a poorly designed program, you lose money.

If a client continues to train with you to help improve an existing injury, it’s again paid for itself. Top it off with the fact that if you reduce a clients level of pain or dysfunction, they feel better immediately, and can then get stronger and lose weight faster than on any other program because you took the time to work on what needed working on.

No Pain = Better Results = You look better = More Business

Because I believe in this product so much, and I just know you’re going to walk away with a lot of new information that you will be able to use right away, I’m also going to include a 60 day money-back guarantee. If for whatever reason you don’t feel you learned anything from Post-Rehab Essentials, let me know and I’ll personally issue you a full refund. That won’t be an issue though, because I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I GUARANTEE you will learn at least one new bit of information that will change the way you train your clients and probably help you get more clients to purchase training than ever before.

I make a point in the video of saying I want everyone to take at least 100 points of information with them to add to their trainer toolbox, and I’m sure you’ll get this same benefit.

You have a choice to make

Like in the Matrix, you can take the red pill and continue to train the way you have, hoping that doing hundreds of elastic band exercises will make your rotator cuff stronger, stretching your hip flexors so they will eventually loosen up, and doing hundreds of crunches to improve your abs and spinal core stability…….

……or, you can take the blue pill, watch this workshop, and see how far down the rabbit hole goes.


Get Post Rehab Essentials 2.0 – Dean Somerset , Only Price $37

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