Olympic Weightlifting Techniques – Glenn Pendlay



Olympic Weightlifting Techniques – Glenn Pendlay


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Product Description

Glenn Pendlay Olympic Weightlifting Coach

Note: This is a digital video. There is no physical DVD.

In this live workshop seminar filmed in 2010, USAW International Olympic weightlifting coach Glenn Pendlay teaches the snatch and clean & jerk to a group of novice adult trainees. By the end of the session, this collection of mostly beginners moved from clumsy to relatively competent under Coach Pendlay’s guidance.

Those of you eager to learn the lifts at home will begin to hone your technique, while coaches who work with athletes will gain countless simple coaching tips to help clarify the most common and even unusual lifting errors.

“I really enjoyed how Glenn emphasized that an elite lifter should do this, but the beginner needs to do that.” ~ Dan John

You’ll learn—

  • A simple, top-down teaching progression that will take you from zero to full squat snatches and clean as quickly as possible
  • The most effective stretches to develop the flexibility needed for the positions of Olympic weightlifting.
  • Hints, tips and error correction strategies picked up over 20 years of lifting and coaching.

Glenn is assisted in the seminar by Jon North, who demonstrates the proper technique in each position. During the workshop, Coach Pendlay takes Jon through his workout while the participants—and the viewers at home—learn of the intensity involved in an elite weightlifting training session.

Each section starts with Glenn’s teaching progression, then is followed by Jon’s elite demonstration, and finishes with the group practice session. The practice is well edited—this began as an 8-hour workshop whittled down to two—but even experienced lifters (and especially coaches) will find important tips while watching Glenn cue corrections in these attendees of varying skill levels.

“Glenn Pendlay has a humble way about him and his instruction is crisp and straight to the point. He details his teaching progressions for the Olympic lifts and gives a clear rationale for their implementation. His emphasis on positions and transitions is something that as a lifter I’ve given a lot of thought to, but could never really “get” with the finer nuances of Olympic lifting. Glenn has really opened up some of those details to me with this work. This video will be an asset for both trainers and trainees alike who want to improve their snatches, cleans and jerks, and, in my opinion, this is a must-have for coaches who incorporate power versions of the Olympic lifts in programming their athletes.” ~ Boris Bachmann

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You’ll enjoy Jon North’s consistent, excellent technique throughout the workshop video. Glenn lectures and Jon lifts, and the combination keeps us watching. “Learn by doing” videos need an excellent technician to get the idea of what we’re trying to accomplish. This combination of Glenn with Jon just works.

This is a two-video set. Video One covers the snatch, at 67 minutes, and Video Two covers the clean & jerk, 55 minutes. Included with this digital download, you’ll find Glenn’s coaching tipsheet so you can print it and follow along to catch his subtle coaching cues.

Video One, The Snatch

After a few minutes of general introduction and discussion of the initial bar position, Glenn begins to break things down—

  • How to put the bar overhead
  • Jump and catch
  • Squat snatch
  • Second position, then taking it from the floor

Next, he moves to a conversation on speed and works through taking the hesitations out of each position. We then watch Glenn supervise an elite athlete’s training as he puts Jon through his paces, and then finishes with a review of the morning’s work.

Each section includes Glenn’s description of the technique, followed by Jon’s demonstration. We get a few final points from the coach, then we watch as a group of participants work on his instructions.

Throughout the workout segments the camera follows Glenn, and we see his coaching techniques, hear the questions and learn how a top Olympic lifting coach would address these questions with his athletes.

This two-hour video set has an awesome balance of lessons from Glenn Pendlay, demonstrations by athlete Jon North, and short clips of hands-on instruction with trainees of varying levels of proficiency. I enjoyed all of the segments both as a teacher and learner.” ~ Boris Bachmann

Video Two, the Clean & Jerk

This session builds on the work of disk one as Glenn uses those bar positions from the snatch and moves to teach the clean & jerk. We see—

  • An introduction to the clean
  • 2 superb rack and squat stretches
  • Cleans from the high hang and from the floor
  • Jon North’s  c&j workout
  • The jerk instruction and demonstration

And then we get a final review of the day’s efforts.

Throughout the workshop, Glenn answers questions for the group, so you’ll finish watching with a satisfied feeling that you know what you need to know, and it’s up to you and your practice to make things happen. If you’re a coach or personal trainer, these are same questions your athletes have, and you’ll have a new level of confidence in your answers to their queries.

Glenn Pendlay

Glenn Pendlay is a top US Olympic weightlifting coach who has produced national champions at every level of the sport, from the Junior Olympics through Masters and Senior Nationals—over 100 national championships in all. This is the level of experience he shares in this live workshop video.

Get Olympic Weightlifting Techniques – Glenn Pendlay, Only Price $17

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