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Neck Pain Solved – Rick Kaselj


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The simple, safe, and proven method to beat neck pain with no surgery and no medication

How would a strong, flexible, pain-free neck improve your life? Just imagine how much better you would sleep, how many sports you could do, and how your quality of life would improve.

“Neck Pain Solved” will eliminate your pain in 28 days and with just 9 minutes a day of gentle exercises. It’s the ultimate natural pain reliever.

Discover the 8-step approach to tackle neck pain

“Neck Pain Solved” combines 8 approaches into one simple exercise routine, relieving cervical neck pain and stiffness, tension headaches, and migraines with no need for special equipment or medication.

Learn how to incorporate posture, self-massage, range of motion, rotator cuff exercises, increase neck strength, and more into one simple, easy-to-follow routine that’s been proven to work for countless people already.

Comprehensive pack contains everything you need for fast pain relief

Your pack contains videos and manuals with everything you need to beat your sore neck, including:

  • The 3-Stage Comprehensive Exercise Program
  • Self-Assessment Package
  •  Quick-Start Cheat Sheet
  • Exercise Quick Reference Guide
  •  Progress Tracking Sheet

Created by injury expert Rick Kaselj

“Neck Pain Solved” was created by Rick Kaselj, a Kinesiologist and Exercise and Injury Specialist. After treating patients with bad necks for years, he devised a simple system that anyone could use for fast pain relief. Now you can take advantage of all his years of knowledge to free yourself from debilitating pain.

Cure your neck pain fast

This system has worked for countless people already, and now it can work for you too. In just 28 days, you could be living pain-free with all the lifestyle improvements that it brings.

So buy “Neck Pain Solved” today, and let’s eliminate your neck pain!

Program Highlights

  • ELIMINATE NECK PAIN IN 28 DAYS: Neck Pain Solved is the natural exercise program that will get rid of your stiff neck in just 4 weeks. No more headaches, migraines, and stiffness; sleep better and improve your quality of life
  • JUST 9 MINUTES A DAY: Carry out just 9 minutes of gentle exercises and stretches each day to tackle even severe neck pain; virtually anyone can follow this course with no expensive surgery, special devices, physical therapy, or pain pills
  • TACKLES PAIN FROM 8 ANGLES: By attacking your pain from 8 separate angles, it has nowhere to hide; from improving your posture to stretching and isometric exercises, no stone is left unturned to strengthen your neck and banish pain
  • COMPREHENSIVE PACK: Included in your pack is the 3-Stage Comprehensive Exercise Program, Self-Assessment Package, Quick-Start Cheat Sheet, Quick Reference Guide, and Progress Tracking Sheet
  • IMPROVE OVERALL QUALITY OF LIFE: These therapeutic exercises go beyond tackling neck pain to help with shoulder pain, migraines, headaches, and problems with sleeping, to enhance your quality of life so you can live without pain or stiffness

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