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Here’s What You Need To Know To Get Started!

Everything you’ve been told about burning fat with exercise is flat out wrong. Metabolic Aftershock introduces you to “intelligent” exercises that are short, fun, thrilling, and can be done anywhere without weights or gym equipment. These scientifically-based 45-second movements take only 15 minutes, 3 times per week, and will reprogram, recharge, and reboot your metabolism.*

Everything you’ve been told about burning fat with exercise is flat out wrong.

Most people think exercising to burn fat is simply about working harder. It’s not.

You can be as diligent and consistent as you like, but if you are working harder at the wrong thing you are increasing your odds of failure not success.

Exercise is not just about quantity. Longer is not better.

And it’s not a simple matter of quality either. Harder, shorter workouts don’t guarantee success either.

There is something else that is required. Something that determines whether or not your workout will make a difference in the way you look, feel and function.


Fat-burning exercise is about efficiency. It is about doing the maximum amount of intelligent exercise in the shortest amount of time while adjusting to your specific fitness level.

The most important word here is “intelligent.” Intelligent exercise is exercise that provides just the right type of stimulus, in just the right amounts, to get the body to do what you want.

Which is exactly what this program has been designed to do.

It accomplishes this by taking you through a three phase system. Each phase consists of three workouts. The workouts are short, yet intense—each routine is only 45 seconds, and you workout for a total of 15 minutes three times a week.

Here's How It Works…

PHASE #1: Create the Spark

The first three weeks is all about doing two things:

First, we need to get your muscle and nerves connecting appropriately.

In the beginning, you may feel a little off balance or be unsure about the movements. This is normal and by design. In fact, in this phase Dr. Jade purposely exposes you to exercise and movement patterns that challenge you differently than other types of exercise and specifically work on strength and balance.

You can think of this phase like an athlete going into spring training. You will be getting the metabolic benefits from day one, but we also have to lay the metabolic framework so you can benefit maximally from phases 2 and 3.

PHASE #2: Light the Fire

In phase 2, we literally turn up the heat on the metabolism. Right out of the gate you will be using advanced metabolic training techniques in this phase.

“Burning” in your muscles—something most exercisers avoid—is the very thing that turns on the most beneficial aspects of this program.

This phase will make you burn.

In it, you will be introduced to techniques that create what is called vascular occlusion. This specialized exercise approach allows you to generate a large burst of hormonal messengers that ignite fat burning for days.

With the phase 1 base laid down, and the phase 2 fire burning, phase 3 puts it all together.

PHASE #3: Fan the Flames

In phase 3, we turn up the heat on the metabolic fire by using a special technique Dr. Jade developed with his brother. They’re called metabolic chains.

In this third phase, you are going to be ripping fat apart at a frantic rate. The exercise will focus on the “breathless” component while still giving a solid dose of the “heavy” and “burning” effects from phases 1 and 2.

This is metabolic conditioning at its best. You will be moving from the floor to standing, using explosive power moves as well as tight, burning tension reps.

If you have ever chopped wood, pushed a wheelbarrow up a steep hill or played tug-of-war, then you have a sense of what this phase will be like.

By the time phase 3 is over, your metabolism will be functioning on a whole other level. It will be completely different from where it was when you started. You’ll be burning fat like never before, even when you rest.

But Metabolic Aftershock’s mini-workouts aren’t just about looking good—they help you get your life back, brighten your mood and make you feel 10-20 years younger.

They get you BACK into the game again,enjoying life to its fullest, by triggering a powerful cocktail of all-natural hormones that rebuild and repair your body and brain.

Find out how to get started here…

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The Scientific Research on Which the Metabolic Aftershock Program is Based…

Any old type of exercise will burn calories. And pretty much any type of movement is healthy for you to do. But only certain forms of exercise have been scientifically proven to literally force your body to change, adapt and turn on your fat-burning potential.

This program is designed to do just that. It:

  1. Provides a measured, specific and individualized exercise program.
  2. Generates a flood of metabolic messengers, hormones and muscle molecules.6
  3. Increases fat burning during the workout.2
  4. Enhances fat use after the workout.2
  5. Rebuilds your metabolic architecture so you will start burning more fat, even at rest every day, within a few weeks of beginning the program.10, 12

But to get this effect requires a unique form of metabolic intensity that not just any type of exercise can accomplish.

Metabolic Aftershock is able to accomplish all this because, unlike traditional cardio or slow-motion weight training, it breaches what exercise science calls the anaerobic threshold.

This threshold is reached when the exercise intensity becomes so high that the body is forced to mobilize resources in the moment and make metabolic alterations to meet the same or similar demands in the future.

This is why it blows traditional approaches away.

Traditional exercise, like cardio and weights, either don’t get your body to reach this state at all or do not reach it long enough or frequently enough to make a difference.

These old approaches may burn some calories (and muscle, too), but they don’t make much of a difference in the way you look.

To burn fat, shape muscle and change your fat-burning potential for good, you need a different approach.

Not just shorter and more intense, but one that is carefully structured and specifically tailored to your individual metabolism.

How Rest-Based Training Works…

You may be familiar with some of these concepts through a training technique called interval training.12 This technique has been growing in popularity because it is so much more effective compared to traditional exercise.

It’s more impactful because it makes use of some of the same physiological changes the Metabolic Aftershock does.

But it is not scalable to the individual. This style of training can definitely generate the aftershock, but it suffers two major downsides:

  1. It is too hard for most (and not hard enough for a few).
  2. It is not individualized to your unique metabolism.

That is where rest-based training comes in. Sounds like an oxymoron right? Typically, rest and work are thought of as opposites. They aren’t. They are actually synergistic.

Think of an elite sprinter who runs a 100-meter dash at top speed. Now imagine telling him or her to run the race at the same intensity again as soon as they complete the race. It would be physiologically impossible wouldn’t it?

The sprinter would not be able to muster the same intensity physiologically, or psychologically, until he or she took some rest. At that point, they not only could run the race again, but could come close to matching the same intensity.

Quality rest leads to quality work, and quality work requires quality rest.

This was explained in a January 2011 study published in the journal Psychophysiology.13 Researchers wanted to see how traditional interval training (where work-to-rest ratios were set) compared to self-paced interval exercise (where work and rest intervals were self-defined). Three different methods of gauging exercise intensity and recovery were used in this study:

  • Heart rate recovery intervals: Exercisers resumed exercise when the heart rate returned to 130 beats per minute.
  • Defined rest intervals: Exercisers resumed exercise after the rest period equaled the work period. A 1:1 work to rest interval ratio.
  • Self-paced intervals: Exercisers resumed exercise when they felt “ready.”

The self-paced interval group performed slightly better, was shown to have worked just as hard and finished the session slightly faster than the traditional interval group. The heart-rate recovery interval group had the lowest intensity levels.

Interval training is all about maximizing the work-to-rest ratio to maximize performance and intensity. Self-paced or rest-based interval training was able to accomplish a better outcome.

Research has also shown rest-based or self-paced exercise is psychologically easier.14,15,16,17,18 The common notion that letting people self-select their exercise intensity and rest periods will result in less effective workouts is wrong. It actually makes the workouts more effective and more psychologically pleasing.

We call rest-based training “interval training on steroids,” because it gives you all the metabolic benefits of traditional interval training, but allows you to work even harder than you would otherwise since you are in complete control.

Prioritizing rest over work is what allows this metabolic effect to happen.

Harder work leads to more fat calories burned during exercise and a greater Metabolic Aftershock. And quality rest is required to produce quality work. It is win-win for the metabolism.

Get Metabolic Aftershock – Jade Teta, Only Price $17

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