Magical Objection Mastery 3.0



Magical Objection Mastery 3.0


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Magical Objection Mastery 3.0 + Advanced M.O.M. 3.0 & M.O.M. WARS Combo

Plus FREE BONUS Coaching Program

Yes Kenrick! I am ready to take advantage of this limited time offer and become a member of M.O.M 3.0 making 2016 my Year of NO Objections

I understand when I sign-up today, I will receive:

M.O.M 3.0 ($687.97 value) – 6 professionally recorded modules covering all 24 doorways into the minds of others (plus additional skills and strategies), 6 State of the art learnings sessions (first time ever offered for this program), Objection Master List Manual and full transcripts of each modules.

Advanced M.OM 3.0. ($297 Value) – Takes M.O.M. to a whole new new level where you will discover advanced strategies for squashing the toughest of objections – which will include pre-framing, using parts and other strategies that have not been taught in previous M.O.M programs. Brand new learning sessions will also be included to help you integrate the material easier and faster.

Coaching Program + Private Group Access ($300+ value) – 2 hands on LIVE coaching calls with me where I will answer all your questions on this ground breaking material. You will also have complete access to previous coaching calls. When you take advantage of this free addition, you are guaranteed success with our material.

M.O.M Wars Group (PRICELESS) – Ready to show what you are made of and test your skills against other M.O.M 3.0 members? Call the dogs of war and get ready to battle inside the M.O.M Wars group…that’s if…you are brave enough.

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1 Full Year DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee – We are so confident that these skills will take your career to a whole new level that we offer our DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK

GUARANTEE. Complete the program, do the exercises and put them to the test. Then if you do not think M.O.M 3.0 is worth 10x the purchase price, ask for a refund.

Pure Gold…

“The ideas in Kenrick’s Magical Objection Mastery training are pure gold. I’ve used many of his techniques in my copywriting and sales presentations to make double digit close ratio improvements….If your income hinges on your ability to change minds — without resistance, resentment or remorse — then you are quite simply bleeding money without this training.” –Daniel Levis,

Get Started Today…

All you need to do is complete the form below now by clicking the “complete order button” to gain instant access to Module 1. You will receive an additional module every week. We will be holding the first live coaching once all 6 modules are finished. The second coaching call will be held after Advanced M.O.M 3.0 is completed.

Please Note: This is a downloadable program and modules will be released on a timed basis. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail.

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