Juicefeasting – The 92-Day Nutrition Course – David Rainoshek



Juicefeasting – The 92-Day Nutrition Course – David Rainoshek


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We welcome you to JuiceFeasting.com to discover one of the most amazing health technologies available! Juice Feasting is the product of many decades of practice and research, and has been endorsed and put in to practice by medical doctors, health practitioners, naturopaths, and individuals just like you! 

It may be amazing to discover that it is so simple to do, that you are completely in charge of your own health and able to heal yourself of many chronic diseases, and that the knowledge and information you need in order to take back control of your health and happiness is all available to you, right now, right here! 

We no longer need to wait for the discovery of a "cure", we have all the tools we need to heal, we know how to use them, and you will too! Whether you are here to overcome an illness, or to take your already excellent health to the next level, we invite you to to join us in life's great adventure and to take hold of your birthright: a beautiful, healthy life!

We, David and Katrina Rainoshek, the creators of the 92-Day Juice Feasting Program on JuiceFeasting.com, believe that it is possible for you to create extraordinary health for yourself. We invite you to imagine this for yourself. We have seen many, many people, including ourselves, from all walks of life and from all stages of wellness or disease transform their health for the positive through Juice Feasting and live food nutrition.

IMAGINE what your life would look like if you had amazing physcial health, health beyond your wildest dreams and expectations!

With radiant health, how would you like to:

  • be free of fear of developing one or many of the chronic illnesses that affect many of today's population?
  • create a deeper, more joyful experience of life for yourself, free of physical discomfort and pain?
  • experience mental clarity and freedom from "brain fog?"
  • enjoy your body more, as it becomes the correct weight for your height?
  • feel proud of your radiant, glowing, healthy skin and bright, clear eyes?
  • enjoy eating free from guilt, and in a way that is ecologically and environmentally beneficial?
  • gain more self confidence?
  • be blown away by how GOOD it is possible for you to feel?
  • kiss common colds, flus, headaches, mucus, and more goodbye?
  • eliminate the need for chemical pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs?
  • effortlessly move away from the foods that create illness because you now get FAR MORE pleasure from feeling healthy than you ever did from eating sugary, processed foods.
  • be a powerful example of HUMAN POTENTIAL, sharing your health secrets with the millions of people who so badly need to see and hear about vibrant, healthy people like yourself?
  • have consistent energy and emotional stability throughout the day?

Get Juicefeasting – The 92-Day Nutrition Course – David Rainoshek, Only Price $59

 What if there was a way for you to realize such excellent health for yourself, and what if it was as simple as FEASTING on fresh, natural, beautiful JUICE! Well, IT IS!

Juice Feasting is, at its heart, about self-empowerment and abundance. 

UICE FEASTING means you can drink all fresh, nutrient-dense juices for up to 92 Days, healing and preventing almost every major health challenge we have developed in western society. Join thousands of individuals, including recognized health professionals who are switching on to Juice Feasting as a way to make significant healing and health possible for themselves, their clients, and those they love.

As you will read in "Modern Challenges" 65% of Americans are overweight or obese, and recent data out of John Hopkins University suggests 75% by 2015. One out of three children born today will develop diabetes. Many of us are low in energy, suffer chronic pain, a lack of focus, or feel like life is not the dynamic, switched-on, deep experience that is has the potential to be. Much of this is due to our modern diet and lifestyle. Thankfully, the challenges we face can be transformed into a reality greater and brighter than we may have previously realized.

In the interest of helping shift the health of everyone affected by the westernized diet and lifestyle, we are providing, free of charge, a full explanation of how to Juice Feast in the Juice Feasting Intro so that you can access this revolutionary health technology for yourself at home, while going to work and taking care of your family responsibilities. It is our dream to see happy, healthy people where ever we go, and for exceedingly good health to permeate societies on a global level. We strongly recommend that you read this section thoroughly so that you do not miss all the important information we are sharing with you in order for you to have a very successful and enjoyable Juice Feast!

Get excited to dive even deeper into Juice Feasting and abundant health information. Learn incredible health secrets. Receive daily insights and inspirations to keep you motivated on your Feast. Gain access to the Juice Feasting Forums and on-line community of Juice Feasters. Join our members by signing up here!  

By Juice Feasting as an Act of Love and Abundance, you will realize excellent health and become a beacon of light for everyone you encounter.

We are so happy that you are here with us!


For you, our reader, we present JuiceFeasting.com, a treasure-trove of exciting information, stories, music, movies, books, and files for you to learn all about personal healing with Juice Feasting. Please share what you know, what you learn, and continue to shine your light!

92-Day Program. When you become a Member, you will have access to 92 Days of nutrition information collected, highlighted, and organized by David Rainoshek, M.A. and Katrina Rainoshek. We have spent over 30,000 hours establishing this program in Live Food Nutrition, and more is being added each day.

Downloads. There are over 350 files to support you in educating and inspiring yourself. These files have been created as a resource for you, to save you time in combing through all the disparate information out there and get right down to the heart of the matter.

Films. Modern internet media has made some of the best films, documentaries, and shorts available. Media that will inspire and support you is throughout the site, making Juice Feasting a multimedia experience.

Community. We are establishing the largest online group of Juice Feasters or cleansers anywhere. This community is still in its infancy, so be one of the first people to make your mark on the forums! The Green Room has been established so that you can set up your own blog, post videos and photos, create forum topics, email other Juice Feasters past, present, and future, and ask questions of the entire Green Room community, including David and Katrina Rainoshek. When you join JuiceFeasting.com for any length of time, you are a member of The Green Room for life! In the Green Room, we list blogs worldwide, and more are being added both in writing and videoblogging all the time, so that you can understand the experience of other Feasters at every point of the journey. We are also establishing annual Global Juice Feasts, our first January New Year's Feast in 2009, and our second 92-Day Global Juice Feast beginning in March 2009, both of which integrate a community of persons worldwide Juice Feasting and interacting simultaneously.

Beyond 92. It does not end at Day 92. For the advanced user with the 92 Day Juice Feasting Program as a foundation, we have even more topics and media available for you to continue on your Hero's Journey. Once you have completed your Juice Feast, you can maintain your abundant health in a life-long, truly easy-to-make cuisine of nutrient dense live food nutrition with the secrets found in our real world, raw food method of the Four Means to Get Your Greens.

Consultants. We are building a team of highly dedicated and knowledgeable consultants to coach you in Juice Feasting, should you want personalized guidance in your healing program. Every consultant eats a plant-based diet and lives the switched-on lifestyle that they will teach you how to access.

You! Yes, you. By Juice Feasting you are becoming one of the most important people on the planet.  You know how to look after your health, and this is empowering in endless ways, including a sense of self-respect. When we truly value ourselves, we value all life, and this is important for the health of the entire planet.  We want YOU to become an experienced Juice Feaster, that you may be a bright and shining example of what is possible in all aspects of human development that are supported by radiant heath.

Get Juicefeasting – The 92-Day Nutrition Course – David Rainoshek, Only Price $59

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