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Can you really upgrade all your senses – together?

Your Hearing, Vision, Smell – and Intuition – are Not Separate.

Your “parts” cannot heal… unless you Heal the WHOLE.

Vision problems. Hearing loss. Taste cravings. Smell sensitivity. These are not unrelated, isolated problems! If one of your senses is distorted, it affects everything else. But…

Have you been trying to heal each part individually? That only works up to a point. You have hidden entanglements between parts – and no “specialist” will notice them! Healing your senses requires healing the big picture, not just the specifics. But it’s not just about your “5” senses.

Inner Vision, Listening to Guidance, and True Intuition must all be integrated too. These “6th senses” are intimately related to the health of your “regular” senses. Now, I know you are already intuitive! See, I’m

Are your 5 Senses Aligned with Higher Awareness?

Integrate ALL your senses…

  • Your “normal everyday five” senses, AND
  • Your higher awareness.

Do you have more than 1 of these?

  • Ringing in the ears
  • Reading glasses that keep “getting weaker”
  • Itchy spot on your back (annoyingly just out of reach)
  • Hypersensitivity to light, smell, or sounds that grate on your nerves
  • Worry… that your vision, hearing, or numbness in your toes will worsen with age

Do you also want to Activate your Intuition?

Expand your ability to…

  • Get accurate, true information with your psychic senses?
  • Read the energy of people – and places?
  • Hear inner guidance?
  • Visualize more clearly?
  • Heal yourself from negative energy? (Don’t just sense it, actually clear it!)

These Audios work on ALL of it.

This is different from anything you’ve experienced!

It works on ALL your senses, not just the standard “five”.

Not only do you get a ton of specific healing Alignments for each one of your physical senses…

You also get a huge integration. ALL your senses Align with your spiritual and energetic Awareness.

This is NOT your ordinary healing audio. It’s not a “guided meditation”or “visualization” or “affirmation”. It’s a true Activation at 12x Healing Power. (Details below!)

What Kinds of Issues can You Shift, with these Audios?

Any and all sensory issues. Whatever you need!

Bring your specific issues. Each audio is designed to Align your individual needs.

Plus, each audio gives you thorough, comprehensive Alignments for each sensory area.

Just a few examples:

  • Age-related vision and hearing loss. Aging itself is not the problem! But your resonance with the morphic field of “fear of aging” can wreak havoc on your eyes, ears, whole body, and whole life.
  • Sensory overwhelm and hypersensitivity – smells, bright lights, loud sounds, rough clothing, etc. Stop hiding from the excessive noise of the outside world.
  • Hearing what people are saying, in loud environments – stop missing out on conversations and just nodding politely because you have no idea what’s being said!
  • Night vision problems – imagine feeling free to drive at night again!
  • Reading comprehension – Align your eyes, nerves, brain, and what you are reading, so that you can enjoy escaping into books again.
  • Skin sensations: itching, burning, numbness, crawling – wouldn’t it be amazing to feel peaceful and calm in your skin?
  • And so much more – including YOUR specific issues. Scroll down for details…

Get Intuition and Psychic Ability – Elma Mayer, Only Price 69$

Do your Senses Support – or Distort – your Life?

Your senses are essential to your quality of life.

They determine how you:

  • See yourself and others… and ALL of reality.
  • Enjoy living in your body… and on this beautiful planet.
  • Make choices – and create habits – for health, success, love etc
  • Create your life – every single day – and long-term.

It’s NOT just about getting rid of your eyeglasses or other “problems.”

It’s about how you make sense of the entire universe. That’s why the ultimate purpose of Enhance your Senses is… to Align your WHOLE Life. Not just the parts. So you create your best life.

How do you Envision your Life? That’s what you Create!

How do you SEE your life?

Healthy, whole vision is not just about seeing 20/20 or reading comprehension.

It’s about how you envision yourself as a person. How you see your life unfolding. See beyond outward appearances. Perceive the light, beyond the visible spectrum.

Do you HEAR the answers to your deepest questions?

Good hearing includes the physical ability of your ears, nervous system, brain, and mind, to process soundwaves and language.

But it also means being able to listen to and truly understand other people. Hear the subtle whispers of your intuition. Process the messages that Spirit is always sending, in silence, as well as through music, conversation, and the rustle of leaves in wind.

Do you TASTE the sweetness of life?

SMELL the roses, the coffee, and the hidden meaning of situations? Are you “dulling” your senses with too much food, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes? Do you over-protect yourself – from hypersensitivity or allergy to smells? Do you force yourself to diet? Deny yourself? Limit your experience? Allow yourself food, fun, and freedom!

How do you TOUCH your world?

Your wealth and material possessions – with fear, or joy? How do you touch your lover? Touch the hearts of your loved ones? Your community? Your clients? How do you allow yourself to be touched in life? How do you leave your legacy, so that future generations can stay in touch? And can you transcend the human trauma of having “untouchables” in your life (or thinking you are untouchable yourself)?

How is this New & Unique? You will…

1. Heal ALL your senses, not just one of them.

Why waste time going to lots of different practitioners? If you try to heal the “old paradigm” way, you will have to book many different kinds of sessions. But the dermatologist won’t help your hearing. The eye doctor won’t help your cravings. The psychologist might make you feel OK about aging, but won’t heal your ever-increasing near vision issues. And so on.

But your senses are all inter-connected. So a problem in one area is very likely to create resonance and problems in other areas. That’s why it’s vital to work on ALL of them.

2. Start with healing your senses…

but don’t stop there.

Not just your eyes and ears will Align. Even more important, your WHOLE Life Aligns. (That’s one of the unique promises of Now Healing… it’s hyper-holistic!) It Aligns not just your senses… but your body, mind, spirit and whole life.

Even more important, it takes you far beyond the ordinary material realm – so that you can sense from your Spirit. Your 5 senses… your so-called 6th sense… and your greater spiritual awareness must ALL Align. This creates enormous healing potential!

3. Get my “secret technology”…

12x Power Alignments

This is a new – and hugely amplified – healing-field. I have developed a one-of-a-kind, totally unique, proprietary technology for potentized healing: 12x Power Alignments.

These “Fast Zap” audios save you tons of time – while giving you incredibly powerful, deep, wide, and FAST healing on all levels.

*Fast? Get 10 Hours of Power-Healing – in 45 Minutes

with my unique, “secret” 12x Alignments

Enhance your Senses is a revolutionary new way to heal… fast.

No one else does this! I’m super excited about my new “secret” technology, “12x Power Alignments”. Why?

  • Save tons of time. No need to sit through a 45 minute healing session. You get an even more powerful session, in just 8 minutes!
  • Get amplified healing power. This unique process gives you a “stronger dosage” of healing Alignments.
  • Get multidimensional, multi-layered healing. In each audio, many healing fields are active, simultaneously. Also, many body parts, limiting beliefs, ancestral patterns, etc… are being Aligned at the same time.

These audios are compressed into synergistic layers – in a proprietary, totally unique way.

They are not just faster… they amplify the healing field exponentially.

Each 8-minute audio contains over Two Hours worth of healing.

These convenient “Fast Zaps” give you warp-drive hyper-healing sessions.

They make use of a property of healing that is often overlooked: healing is a multidimensional, instant connection to Wholeness. And that connection happens at the speed of light, non-locally. Your mind and matter might need a little while to process it on a cognitive level – but it happens beyond your local consciousness. Allow that!

You will also get power-healing that ripples out into your whole life – not only for your senses, but for feeling good in your sense of self.

In minutes, not hours!

What’s in Each Audio?

These five audios are not sold separately. They must be used as a set – for synergy!


To heal any of your sensory issues, it’s not enough to work locally. For instance, you can’t just do localized energy-work on your eyes and third eye, without taking into account allyour internal energy flows – and the energy of your ancestors, environment, and all of space-time. Neither can you just give lip-service to “holistic” healing by maybe taking some supplements and doing a few eye exercises. You actually need to find the zillions of hidden entanglements and disconnects on all levels of existence!

All your senses must work together, energetically and morphically! They must be integrated not just with your body, brain, mind… but with the entire universe, at the very least!

In addition, it’s vitally important… and hugely healing… to calibrate all your senses to zero. For accurate sensing – to avoid perceptual bias and distortion – you need to Center your senses. But this step is often ignored by other healing modalities.

Don’t worry, it’s all done for you, in these audios. This fast, easy process not only Reintegrates all your senses, but it also lightens up your whole life: body, mind, and biofield. You will Align your sensory habits, fields, memory, and momentum, with the clearest perceptions possible.

Get Intuition and Psychic Ability – Elma Mayer, Only Price 69$

2. HEARING (8:48)

Morphic Healing Support for All Kinds of Hearing Issues. Here are just a few:

  • Hearing loss
  • Tinnitus / ringing in the ears
  • Noise hypersensitivity and overwhelm
  • Stuffy ears
  • Comprehension difficulty
  • Constantly finding yourself shouting “EH? What’s that, sonny? I cain’t hear yeh!”

at loud restaurants or parties.

We will Align your brain, nervous system, entangled body parts, energy centers, biofield, ancestral fields, environment, and any resonances that distort your hearing.

Plus… Alignment for your specific hearing issue… whatever it may be.

3. VISION (8:58)

Morphic Healing Support for your Eyes and Seeing:

  • “aging” vision
  • distance and near vision
  • floaters and cataracts
  • light sensitivity
  • night vision
  • reading comprehension
  • how your eyes feel (dry, itchy, burning, gritty, pressure, heavy, tired, etc).

We will Reintegrate your entire body, brain, nervous system and mind… to support your vision.

We also Reintegrate your spiritual vision, inner vision, and your vision of the future.

Plus… your specific eye issue. Any eye problems – you name it, we’ll Align it!


Morphic Healing Support for:

  • somatic sensations of your skin
  • smell and taste
  • hunger and satiation
  • pleasure and feeling good
  • sex
  •  pressure and temperature
  • balance and vestibular senses
  • spatial orientation, and the passage of time
  • sensing energy, and spiritual oneness…

Whatever else you want to heal in the sensory realm, bring it! Let’s Align it!


Embody your Infinite Self’s awareness… so that your vision, hearing etc are all connected to source energy and the infinite awareness of the universal mind.

This embodiment creates a state of automatic, ongoing self-healing… for all your senses… and your whole life.

Ground your enhanced senses INTO your physical body. Align your eyes, ears, and other sensory body parts… with expanded sense perception (ESP).

Balance your senses… to avoid both hypersensitivity, and dulled senses.

Integrate all your senses with each other, with their highest expression of your life… and with

  • Clarity
  • Knowingness
  • Intuition,
  • Awakened Awareness
  • Evolving Expansion into Wholeness.


BONUS #1: Quick Start Guide ($27 Value)

Instant Energy Healing: A Quick Start Guide to Now Healing

Are you new to Now HealingOr do you want a quick review of the basics?

This 18-minute bonus audio will get you up and running fast.

This Bonus includes:

  • How to use the three basic Now Healing commands, (including the incredibly powerful Disentangle command).
  • How to use basic Now Healing techniques for self-healing,even when you are not listening to this audio.

BONUS #2: Upgrade Your Senses (Value $∞)

… to Support your Whole LIFE

A 1-hour Guided Healing Teleseminar Replay – not available for purchase except as part of a $297 per year annual membership.

Do your senses support your whole life? Are they actually congruent with your…

  • health?
  • wealth, and ability to receive the abundance of the universe?
  • family, love, and social relationships?

It’s very common to have hidden sensory blockages, unknown to us. And they can secretly distort our lives, our health, wealth and everything else… in weird, non-linear ways.

EVERYTHING in life flows better when our perceptions are Aligned with Wholeness. That’s the ultimate purpose of these audios… to enhance your senses, but more importantly, your whole life.

BONUS #3: Activate your Intuition &

Psychic Ability (Value $97)

5 Powerful Audios to Upgrade your…

  • Intuition – Activate Accurate Awareness. Expand your existing abilities. Trust what you perceive. Know the difference between your intuition and your mind chatter.
  • Enhanced Sense Perception (“ESP”). Clairvoyance, visualization, knowingness, or sensing energy with your body or mind… you can activate it, right now!
  • Guidance – from your Infinite Self. From daily decision-making, to knowing your life purpose, to acting in Alignmentwith it… get ready to upgrade your guidance now! Amplify your Alignment with your highest source of guidance.
  • Reading Energy (of People and Places).Reading energy is not just about muscle testing, seeing auras or chakras, sensing qi or feng shui energies. You have an innate ability to sense energy, that is unique to you. Activate it now! Rather than trying to read energy the way that others do, Alignwith your highest expression of sensing it.
  • Clearing “Negative Energy”. Are you hypersensitive to other people’s energy? Do you feel you need psychic protection? Disentangle any psychic resonance (or fear of it) that is distorting your energy field.

Enhance Your Senses

Order now and you’ll receive:

  • Enhance your Senses: 5 Audios (10 Hours of Healing in 45 Minutes) (Value $500)
  • Bonus #1: Instant Energy Healing Quick Start Guide – 18 minute audio (Value $27)
  • Bonus #2: Upgrade Your Senses to Support Your Life – 1 hour audio (Value $∞)
  • Bonus #3: Activate your Intuition & Psychic Ability – 5 Audios (Value $97)



Enhance Your Senses and the bonuses are not a substitute for medical care or treatment. If you have a medical condition, consult a licensed medical professional. This product can be used as a complement to other treatments and therapies, but does not replace any professional, licensed practitioner’s advice or care. This is not medical at all. This product does not deal with the medical component of healing. Instead, it deals with the energetic and morphic resonances that are related to your larger situation. “Healing” in the context of this product does not refer to medical cure, it means “Making Whole”. Results are not guaranteed. By using this product, you assume all responsibility for outcomes or lack thereof.

What Results to “Expect”: Your energy WILL shift as you do these audios… but the results and “outcome” will be non-linear and won’t necessarily make logical sense. You may well get the results you “want” – many people report that they do! But if you’re the kind of person who will be dissatisfied unless you are absolutely guaranteed a specific outcome, please do not buy this product, and seek help elsewhere. For best results, be non-attached to specific results! (You’ll learn how to get non-attached, as you listen to these audios). It’s a paradox, but in this kind of work, the more you let go of “needing” an outcome, the more likely you are to get what you need. You will likely notice improvements in many areas of your life – not only the ones you’re “trying” for. So be prepared to let go of needing a specific outcome. That said…


If you are not pleased with this product for any reason, you are entitled to our 30-day money-back guarantee. I suggest that you honestly give this product a good go. Follow the instructions and do the best you can. But if you don’t like it, or can’t feel a satisfactory energy shift, just ask for a refund within 30 days!
TO REQUEST A REFUND, Email us at [email protected] so that your account can be credited promptly. Downloads/Digital-only products qualify for a full refund. Physical products qualify for a refund minus a 20% restocking fee. Refunds for purchases are limited to one Now Healing product per customer. The free information on the website will always be available for you so you can try out basic Alignments to see if Now Healing is effective for you, before you purchase a product.
Note: This product contains energetic anti-theft and anti-piracy protection. If you buy it with the intention of using it and then returning it in order to get your money back, it will not work for you, and you will create bad karma for yourself. So don’t bother!

Please Comment Below!

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  1. Esperanza says:

    Dear Elma,

    Now healing is amazing!!! What you created is faaaantastic. I already bought many of your products which are giving me great results.
    So one of them is from this one ” enhance your sences” bassically I have been for the last two years suffering with my eyes and what glasses to use nothing was working I spent lots of money in glasses, I was chanting hard to find the solution, and my intuition told me to get this program. After using this program for 6 days I finally figured out I need three glasses and all felt beautifuly into place with the optitian, and now my eyes feel much much better using those, thank you Elma!!! That is why I bought Now Healing 101 which yesterday I finished the program, and woooooow I used one amazing technique of using the sunburts logo to put the problem in now healing space, for an argument that I had with my husband , and it was amazing after doing that all my angry energy went away 100 per cent, as I did the technique clear information came to me and all anger went away!!! And all love came back! Elma your work is beautiful and it works!!!!


  2. Lara says:

    Weird! I listened to “Hearing” and guess what, my feet suddenly came alive, flexing and curling with new life. They haven’t felt this alive in years! Why did this happen when I wanted healing for my tinnitus? Very strange. Is is a meridian thing? Btw, my tinnitus is a little bit better, can’t wait to listen again.

  3. David Gravelle says:

    Once again you hit a home run Elma! It seems you put things like this together just as I need them. This really works!! Thank you so much for your caring and putting your work out there!


  4. L. Woo says:

    I feel joy! So much lightness and light coming in. I am appreciateing it so much.Before I would only notice and complain of the darkness for the past 2 years after my injury, which I could not seem to shake no matter what I try, all kinds of healing.

    After the vision audio, the darkness lifted, in my eyes and mood and spirit. I’m talkgin about darkness and light not just of the eyes but of the soul.

  5. Barbarra says:


    83, feeling poorly, sorry for myself and much more. Using many tools to feel physically better and emotionally better.
    Listening to Enhance Your Senses and healing.
    Everything negative is dissolving. Relief, gratitude, peace, open heart, . . . .

    It all feels ‘real’ and stable. As if I will be able to live Lightly and leave this body, when the moment is right, easily, freely, joyfully.
    Bless you and your gift, which is bringing me so much Light. Bring Light to this world.

  6. Rosemary says:

    I’ve been overwhelmed by what I’ve been “picking up” through my senses lately and these audios came at just the right time.
    I’ve listened to them for 6 days now and am feeling more relaxed, more energised and able to focus more easily.
    I can’t say that I can now throw away my glasses, which would have been wonderful, but am am getting some funky new ones that are long overdue.
    Thanks Elma for the gift you are to everyone.

  7. Sue says:

    I can’t really say I’ve suddenly had a transformation of my senses, but what I CAN say is that I love the short and sweet format of the “fast zaps” and hope you will make many more of these audios available for various topics. Quite frankly, we are all busy and don’t necessarily have time to do hour or more long audios daily–but everyone can fit these in!

    i really love Now Healing overall. I have also been using very basic Yuen Method on things, which I find effective, but then I’d discover something wasn’t “holding” till I figured out what else I needed to strengthen or delete. With Now Healing, I just ask for whatever I need to align or disentangle from for x, have it show up in the space and do the appropriate Now Healing commands and they just work without my needing to analyze the details. I love that…

    Thanks, Elma!

Get Intuition and Psychic Ability – Elma Mayer, Only Price 69$

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