IM Checklist 2020 versions



IM Checklist 2020 versions


No fret. We’ve all been there. In fact, you probably went to YouTube and watched a dozen videos, googled “internet marketing”, and even subscribed to a bunch of email newsletters from online marketing gurus.


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If you ever thought about making money on the internet, you probably pondered to yourself, “where do I start?”

No fret. We’ve all been there. In fact, you probably went to YouTube and watched a dozen videos, googled “internet marketing”, and even subscribed to a bunch of email newsletters from online marketing gurus.

Eventually, you will begin to look at everything that shines in your face (shiny object syndrome) and listen to too many strategies and people at one time, rendering ultimately unproductive.

Once again, no fret because we’ve all been there. What we all need is “go-to” guide on what we should do and how to do it. We need a checklist! Introducing IM Checklist, it’s the latest product from Kevin Fahey. When he first released IM Checklist a while back, it gave you volumes of different checklists relating to different topics about internet marketing. Kevin’s products launches are always great because he provides a ton of value like a marketer should.

IM Checklist had over 20 volumes of checklists. In this 2020 release, Fahey releases five new checklists along with a gold membership to give you the training and guidance you need.

One of the first volumes you get access to is the checklists on Membership Sites. This volume (#25) includes 18 checklists that consists of finding your niche, setting up and testing your membership sites, outsourcing content, getting traffic, and more!

IM Checklist Volume 26 covers Lead Sources. This volume includes 18 checklists that covers everything from getting leads for your blog to solo ads. Here are some of the checklists in this volume:

  • Get more leads from social media profiles
  • SEO (Organic Search)
  • Get more leads with fun quizzes
  • Pay per lead
  • Facebook lead ads and more!

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IM Checklist Volume 27 covers Daily Tasks and Planning and Organizing. These 18 checklists will get you super focused informing you how to plan and prioritize. You will learn how to set realistic timetables and stop procrastinating. Plus, you will see why you should stop multitasking.

Volume 28 of the IM Checklist consists of 18 checklists about Funnels. You will be aware of everything you need to be aware of with funnels: from creating a funnel to creating an irresistible offer. You may feel like a funnel guru after this volume.

Volume 29 of the IM Checklist may be my favorite because it covers E-commerce. Once again, you will get 18 checklists. This time they cover how to crush it in the world of e-commerce. Here is a list of what you will get in this volume:

  • The best e-commerce solutions for 2020
  • Selling on Shopify
  • Selling on BigCommerce
  • Using WooCommerce Plugin to Sell
  • Finding Profitable Profits
  • Selling your own products
  • Social media to advertise your products
  • 12 ways to drive traffic to your store
  • Free plus shipping model and more!

Last but not least is IM Checklist Volume 30 which covers Instagram Marketing. If you ever thought about marketing on IG lately, you need these checklists because Instagram switched up their algorithms once again, the old ways of IG marketing just won’t cut it!

You got to be ENGAGING. . . ENTERTAINING. . . or at least ENLIGHTENING!!!

You’re going to learn interactive ways that build an audience and get them coming back to IG just to see what you are posting about next!

All of these volumes will be yours and available in five different formats. You will get PDFs along with Google and Excel spreadsheets. Plus, you will get access to any new volumes that will be released ($37.00 value)!

Wait, there’s more! You will be able to re-brand and sell this content yourself repeatedly. You could also turn this content into a video product. You could also use this to build your own e-mail lists, and that’s just a few ideas. They even list more options on their page.

After all of that, I still haven’t mentioned access to the gold vault during your membership which consists of over 37 hours of content. The vault has video trainings on certain topics for the everyday marketer like:

  • Video Marketing
  • Recurring Business Model
  • Affiliates and Creators
  • ManyChat Messenger Bot
  • Monetize Your Blog
  • 2020 Predictions and more!

AND HOW CAN I I FORGET ABOUT THE BONUSES?!?!  [insert thinking emoji face LOL]

You will get access to the $20k Extra course (BONUS #1) where you will learn how to add an extra $20k to your bottom line using “never seen before” strategies.

Bonus #2 is Commission Five where Fahey teaches you how to crush affiliate marketing and your competition. He shares with you the strategies that put him and others on top of the leaderboards

Bonus #3 is with the beginner in mind. IM Newbie is a total blueprint that shows someone brand new how to set up their first online business. Kevin reveals exactly what he would do RIGHT NOW if he had to start all over again. This training alone can “shave months off and possibly years off your learning curve” so you can start earning some real money.

Get IM Checklist 2020 versions – Anonymous, Only Price $27

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