HRV course, Modules 1-6



HRV course, Modules 1-6


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Truly Optimize Health and Performance with Heart Rate Variability

Get the essential information you need to understand the science, mechanisms, and real-world applications of HRV in this comprehensive yet easy to follow Foundations of Heart Rate Variability course.

Quantify Your Physical and Mental Condition

As a direct indicator of Autonomic Nervous System activity, Heart Rate Variability is now considered the most important non-invasive biomarker to track. HRV is like your individual fingerprint for stress tolerance, adaptability and resiliency.

From hospitals to sports facilities, the underlying theme is to non-invasively gain deeper, objective insight into the body’s systemic condition.

How are people actually using HRV today?

  • Track progress and guide treatment plans
  • Improve resilience and adaptability
  • Customize training and optimize recovery time
  • Personalize nutrition, sleep and exercise protocols
  • Provide early warning signs for changes in health, overtraining or maladaptation
  • Re-balance the nervous system with live biofeedback
  • Objectively understand motivation and willpower
  • Identify risk of morbidity and mortality

Yes, HRV is a deep and complex biomarker; and as with any emerging technology, if used incorrectly, it can end up doing more harm than good.

However, Heart Rate Variability can be a powerful tool in your arsenal for better decision making.

But, you’ll need to understand the foundational science and physiological mechanisms underlying various “HRV” values, and the tried and true methods for applying HRV analysis in real-world situations.

That’s why we created this course.

A Deeper Understanding In Less Time

Introducing the Foundations of Heart Rate Variability Course

The Foundations of Heart Rate Variability course covers the foundational science and practical application of Heart Rate Variability in a way that is comprehensive, yet accessible.

You’ll learn how to accurately measure HRV, identify the patterns that matter, and analyze it to recover faster, reduce stress, and objectively measure your health and fitness.

Extensive Video Content

Over 3.5 hours of video content broken into easily digestible modules and lessons.

Course Materials

Downloadable presentation slides, HRV cheat sheets, reference guides, and resource lists.

On Demand Lectures

Learn at your own pace. Get immediate, lifetime access.

Q&A Webinars

Live Q&A Webinars with course instructors. Access to recordings of all past Q&A Webinars.

Easy to Use Portal

Desktop, laptop, and mobile friendly interactive portal with optional discussions and knowledge checks.

Review Quizzes

Optional quizzes after each lesson to help you assess your understanding and retain material as you progress through the course.

Certificate of Completion

Downloadable and shareable Certificate of Completion after your successful completion of the final exam.

CEU Accredited

Earn NASM and NSCA Continuing Education Units upon completion of course.

Up to Date Research

Content kept relevant with up to date research and case-based real-world application.

Discover the answers to your HRV questions, such as:

  •   What are the physiological mechanisms that influence HRV?
  •   What are the different types of HRV measurements and how do I accurately and consistently measure HRV?
  •   What’s the difference between various HRV analysis methods like Time Domain (rMSSD, SDNN, PNN50), Frequency Domain(LF/HF ratio), and Nonlinear (Poincare, DFA)?
  •   When and why should I use one analysis method versus another?
  •   What is a good HRV value? What is a bad HRV value?
  •   What’s the link between HRV, health, disease, and illness?
  •   How can I strategically use HRV to optimize training and performance while reducing stress?
  •   Why do different software platforms produce different HRV “scores”?

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Deep Coverage, Accessible to Coaches, Healthcare Professionals, and Self Quantifiers Alike

The science behind HRV is incredibly complex – but it’s applications are useful to just about anyone interested in reducing stress, improving health, and optimizing performance. That’s why we go deep into the fundamentals of Heart Rate Variability in a logical progression that is accessible both to those with HRV experience and those new to the technology.

Save Time, Learn More with All the Essential HRV Knowledge in One Place

Save yourself the hundreds of hours we’ve spent reading research papers, talking to experts, and applying HRV analysis in the real world to learn as much as possible about HRV.  We gathered the most up to date, thoroughly researched, highly practical information and organized it into easy-to-digest, work at your own pace lessons that tie the science and mechanisms underlying HRV to its measurement and applications in the real world – so you’ll quickly get a complete understanding of HRV and how to use it to optimize health and performance.

Understand How to Actually Use HRV Effectively

While the science of Heart Rate Variability is fascinating, it’s real benefits come from real world application.  That’s why we’ve dedicated two whole modules to showing you how to accurately measure HRV, choose the analysis methods that meet your goals, and use HRV in a variety of contexts.  And we’ve included knowledge checks to validate your learning, actionable checklists to help you accomplish real world goals, and reference guides to quickly refresh your knowledge as you use HRV – all to help you put your new understanding of HRV to work!

Who this course is for

  • Health Practitioners
  • Sports Scientists
  • Strength & Conditioning Coaches
  • Personal Trainers
  • Rehabilitation Specialists
  • Health and Fitness Consultants
  • Psychological or Psychiatric Therapists
  • Recovery Therapists
  • Athletes
  • Quantified Self Enthusiasts
  • Health Seekers

After completing this course, you will know:

  • The different states of stress, their physiological effects, and how they're linked to Heart Rate Variability.
  • The branches of the Autonomic Nervous System and their connection to HRV.
  • Biological mechanisms that influence HRV such as the Vagus Nerve function.
  • The various types of HRV measurements, how to accurately and consistently measure it, and what external factors can influence your measurements.
  • The pros and cons of different HRV monitors.
  • The methods of HRV analysis including Time Domain, Frequency Domain, and Nonlinear analysis.
  • Demographic factors that affect HRV.
  • The link between HRV and health, stress, disease, and illness.
  • The nutritional and environmental influences that impact HRV.
  • The strategic uses of HRV in optimizing training and physical performance, including trends to look for when customizing and optimizing training programs.
  • The link between HRV and emotional health as well as the uses of HRV in treating emotional and mental health conditions.
  • Various methods for increasing HRV.
  • How to incorporate HRV analysis and consulting into your business offering.

Curriculum at a Glance

We’ve broken the Foundations of Heart Rate Variability into easy to follow modules and lessons, each with optional knowledge checks and reference handouts to help you re-affirm your learning and put it into practice.

  • The Science of Stress
  • HRV and the Autonomic Nervous System
  • Measuring and Analyzing HRV
  • The Practical Applications of HRV

The Science of Stress

  • Stress & Homeostasis
  • Allostasis
  • General & Individual Stress Response

HRV and the Autonomic Nervous System

  • Introducing Heart Rate Variability
  • The Autonomic Nervous System
  • The Vagus Nerve

Measuring and Analyzing Heart Rate Variability

  • Measuring Heart Rate Variability
  • Analyzing Heart Rate Variability Values

The Practical Applications of HRV

  • HRV & Demographics
  • HRV & Physical Health
  • HRV & Nutrition & Environment
  • HRV & Physical Performance
  • HRV & Emotional Health
  • HRV & Recovery
  • HRV Optimization Checklist
  • HRV for your Business

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