How to lose weight – Alex Genadinik



How to lose weight – Alex Genadinik


Learn how to lose weight through the right balance of exercise and diet


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Course Description

In this course you will learn the basics of how to lose weight. You don't need to accumulate deep and intricate knowledge about this topic to actually do it. What you need to do is use all the basic, simple and fundamental advice given in this course. As long as you use the basic advice in this course correctly, you will begin to lose weight just like you had hoped.

Losing Weight Gradually

This isn't one of those courses where we promise you that you will lose weight quickly and easily. No. This course is about helping you lose weight by actually helping you to gradually making you healthier overall. You will learn the basic fundamentals or adjusting your lifestyle, eating better, and exercise in order to help you lose the weight. All these will have to be used in a combination together in order to achieve your goals!

Course Curriculum

Course introduction

  • Course and instructor introduction (2:53)
  • Joey Zanca introduction Preview (1:07)
  • Alex Genadinik (second instructor) introduction (0:45)
  • The path to losing weight (1:11)

Basic Nutrition

  • Caloric intake: calorie quality matters (1:30)
  • Carbs: complex (good) carbs vs. simple (bad) carbs (1:40)
  • Fats: bad fats vs. good fats (2:01)
  • Sodium intake (1:52)
  • Dietary fiber intake (1:05)
  • Protein intake (1:50)
  • Is it bad to eat late in the day (0:28)

Lifestyle Changes & Adjustments Needed To Lose Weight

  • How to change lifestyle to get yourself on the path to losing weight (1:51)
  • How much should people be working out in the beginning and as they progress (2:13)
  • Mental approach to prevent overeating or bad eating (2:00)t
  • Forming healthy habits and getting rid of unhealthy habits (4:33)
  • Over-exercising and overeating: does this happen to you (2:18)
  • Maintaining a healthy middle ground of exercise and eating well (1:28)
  • Mental health benefits of exercise (1:16)
  • Importance of choosing a sustainable exercise you can keep doing (1:48)
  • Tips to balance exercise with not over-eating from being tired or stress (3:43)

Alex's weight loss journey

  • Alex's journey to lose weight. Alex is a regular person like you (10:08)
  • My weight loss journey from June 2015-Sept 2015 (5:03)

Exercises and full body workout you can do anywhere

  • Introduction to this section (1:54)
  • Squats (1:04)
  • Wall squats (1:52)
  • Toe taps (1:34)
  • Butt kickers (0:48)
  • Knee raises (1:16)
  • Skater side lunges (1:23)
  • Lunges (1:04)
  • Push ups correct form (2:49)
  • Plank (1:07)
  • Working up to your first pull-up (0:56)
  • Pull-up (3:15)
  • Situps (2:07)
  • Basic abs training (1:35)

Making exercises a little more advanced for yourself

  • Advanced variations: combining lower body, upper body and cardio in one movement (1:44)
  • Another advanced combination: pushup to squat-jump to jump (2:46)

Natural ways to improve performance (more coming in October and late 2015)

  • Natural ways to improve performance (more coming in October and late 2015) (2:24)
  • NEW! What to eat before workouts to improve performance and have more energy (4:31)


  • Your opinion matters to me. I want to make sure you love the course (2:18)

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