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Are you struggling to get your Bikram and Hot Yoga Poses working for you? Discover a breakthrough system to dramatically multiply your yoga benefits!

"Gabrielle teaches yoga with the detail and insight you really need to transform yourself and your practice. I use tips and adjustments that Gabrielle taught me every day of my life, and her book is an inspiration, thank you."

– Olivia Williams, actor: The Sixth Sense, Dollhouse, The Ghost Writer, Anna Karenina, Victoria & Abdul

Do you struggle with balance in your yoga class? Do you find it impossible to "lock the knee"? Are you worried about hurting yourself if you push too hard in hot yoga?

Experienced teacher-trainer, studio owner and best-selling author, Gabrielle Raiz has taught 1,000s of students around the world to transform their practice. Now Raiz walks you through every single one of her unique methods and techniques, so whether you practice in class or at home you can enjoy the health benefits of Hot Yoga.

The Hot Yoga MasterClass is a comprehensive reference manual, used by beginners, advanced students, teachers, teacher-trainees, and many teacher-training programs around the world. Covering the fundamentals of each pose in exacting detail including how to fix the most common mistakes, as well as modifications for almost all body types, restrictions and injury, this extensive manual has left no stone unturned to help you make daily breakthroughs.

In The Hot Yoga MasterClass, you'll discover:

  • How all the popular 26 Hot Yoga poses should be practiced – and how to avoid injury and feel good every class
  • Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them: The secret ingredient that transforms every single one of your poses to become stronger and better aligned
  • The famous "Hot Yoga Doctor's 75% rule" that will improve the benefits from your practice
  • What to do if you are injured; inflexible, or if your body just "won't do" what the pose demands
  • More than 700 detailed photos and over 300+ pages packed with no-nonsense, straight to the point instructions… and much, much more!

The Hot Yoga MasterClass is the quintessential 26-pose Hot Yoga reference, for beginning students to advanced teacher-trainees. If you like expert techniques, precise step-by-step methods, and full-color photographic instructions, then you'll love Gabrielle Raiz's breakthrough manual.

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