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Fat Loss Bible 2011 – Anthony Colpo


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The Fat Loss Bible is the ultimate fat loss guide! This groundbreaking tome destroys all those popular but misleading myths that are ruining your fat loss efforts. It explains in an 'idiot-proof' manner exactly how you can lose every last bit of unwanted fat!

Find out why The Fat Loss Bible has been widely hailed as "the best fat loss book ever written", and how you can start losing fat today.

Anthony Colpo, trainer, athlete and author finally shares his secrets for achieving razor-sharp abs and single-digit body fat levels! Using the same methodical, science-backed, take-no-prisoners approach he employed in his renowned book The Great Cholesterol Con, Colpo takes the world of fat loss and turns it upside down.

The Fat Loss Bible starts out by annihilating all the common but totally false myths that constitute modern-day fat loss 'wisdom'. After reading this section, you'll be able to see straight through every half-baked weight loss sham – and you'll save yourself a lot of wasted time, money and effort in the process!

Once the myth-busting is complete, The Fat Loss Bible sets about showing you how to strip away all that unsightly chub. You'll learn:

  • How most diet 'experts' tell you NOT to do the one thing that guarantees weight loss success!
  • Exactly how much protein, fat and carbohydrate you should eat.
  • How to accurately calculate your ideal daily calorie intake (you'll quickly realize just how dumb the one-size-fits-all recommendations of famous weight loss authors really are).
  • How to blast through the dreaded weight loss plateau like it's not even there!
  • How to eliminate diet-destroying hunger pains and cravings.
  • How to avoid the 'skinny fat' look that afflicts most people who lose weight. Why settle for looking like a smaller-but-still-flabby version of your former self? Get the lean, sexy, athletic look you see in the magazines!
  • Why success on virtually all popular diet plans is such a hit-and-miss affair. You'll finally understand why your friend lost weight on the Atkins/Zone/Blood-Type/Low-Fat/Mediterranean/Paleo/Vegetarian diet, while you experienced no weight loss whatsoever on the very same plan.
  • Why eating frequent small meals does not speed up weight loss.
  • Why the low-carb 'gurus' are plain wrong when they claim that their diets will "speed up your metabolism" and allow you to lose more weight at the same caloric intake.
  • Why the common advice to eat your biggest meal at breakfast and your smallest meal at dinner is totally wrong.
  • Why the popular exhortation to eat lots of carbohydrates early in the day and avoid them at night is similarly clueless.
  • The truth about low-carb diets, ketosis, vegetarianism, intermittent fasting, food combining and the unscientific claims routinely made for them.

The Fat Loss Bible also features a goldmine of new and extremely helpful information on the psychological aspects of fat loss. You can buy a membership at the best gym in town, stock your fridge with the healthiest foods in the world, but if you can’t deal with the numerous mental and social obstacles that can derail even the most determined dieter, then your fat loss goals will remain an elusive dream. Learn how to smash through these roadblocks and make your dream body a reality.

Never before has every key aspect of fat loss been covered in such detail. It's all here: what you must do to lose fat, and what you must not do!

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