Ecommerce Email Follow Up Templates – Brandon Garland



Ecommerce Email Follow Up Templates – Brandon Garland


I viewed selling t-shirts as a quick cash-grab v.s. building a long-term business that could ultimately become a legacy of mine; one that I could pass down for generations.



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Does it exist? 

Some sorta powerful "marketing tool" where every $1 you spend makes you $42 back

Or is it some kinda "return on investment mythical Unicorn"?

Well, I ain't no magician (and I ain't got no Unicorn) but I DO HAVE great news… it DOES exist and it's called Email Marketing. 

…And those who say "email marketing is dead" are DEAD WRONG

It doesn't matter what industry you're in, you're absolutely leaving money on the table if you're not following up with your leads + buyers with emails. 

How do I know this? 

Well, let's just say I found out the hard way. I made the common mistake of… well, let me just tell you from the beginning…

It all started back in 2013 when I was selling t-shirts online. My strategy was a lot like others who were selling t-shirts at the time which looked like this:

  • Step 1: Choose a niche audience to sell to (example: older women who knit and love Jesus)
  • Step 2: Design a shirt they will impulsively buy
  • Step 3: Sell the shirt via Facebook™ advertising

Easy, right? 

HA!  Wouldn't you like to think…

Sure, it was easy in a sense where I didn't have to print the t-shirts or ship them myself (the print-on-demand company handled that), BUT, it was hard to make a decent income. 

WAIT! Let me rephrase that: 

I Made It HARDER Than It Should Have Been!

And it wasn't until a lot more grey hairs later did the light bulb finally go off 

The light shined bright from above and if it could speak it would have said, "Brandon, you're only focused on the short-gains." 

Short gains meaning: I wasn't thinking long-term. 

But, you only know what you know, right?

It's true. 

I viewed selling t-shirts as a quick cash-grab v.s. building a long-term business that could ultimately become a legacy of mine; one that I could pass down for generations.

Maybe that's you, too? 

Maybe you've heard that launching an eCommerce store was a quick way to make money? 

Or maybe you thought that because you saw a guru post screenshots of substantial sales days?

Either way, you're probably left scratching your head with no clear direction on what to do next, or how to take your eCom business to the next level.

What you see is just the tip of the iceberg and BENEATH the iceberg is where the magic happens for the successful folks.

For example, did you know…

Up To 79% Of People Leave WITHOUT Purchasing

That means 79% of people who click your 'Order Now' button and land on your checkout page leave without purchasing.

That should leave you  scratching your head  pulling your hair out a bit, right? 

Most likely wondering why would a person visit your sales page and leave your checkout without purchasing?? 

There's no telling why, but it could be multiple reasons

Maybe they didn't have their payment info handy? 

Maybe their newborn baby started crying??

Maybe they encountered technical difficulties??? 

Or maybe their power went out????

For whatever reason it may be, it's YOUR responsibility as an eCom marketer to give them more opportunities to pick up where they left off and ultimately buy. 

Lucky for you, I have those opportunities served on a silver platter and ready for your taking! And believe me, you'll be thankful you did; given that every click you send to your store costs about $1 in advertising.

Get Ecommerce Email Follow Up Templates – Brandon Garland, Only Price $22

That Said, Let's Do Some Quick Math…

I don't know about you, but I like having full control of my business. That's why I choose to trade DOLLARS for dollars with paid advertisement (Facebook ads, Google Ads, YouTube ads..etc.) versus trading TIME for dollars with organic advertising (SEO, Social Media…etc.) 

Paid traffic allows me to turn up the "traffic flow" whenever I want to instead of being out of control and rely on viral luck. 

And because of that, here's what I've learned after spending almost $2,000,000 of my own money on advertisement:

If you send 100 clicks to your site it will cost you about $100 (remember, $1 per click)

Out of those 100 visitors, about 21 people will land on your checkout page (where they enter their payment info). 

Out of the 21 people who land on your checkout page, about 2-4 will buy.

"Okay Brandon, 18 people left without purchasing…WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL??"

Great question! …But, let's think on a bigger (long-term) scale. 

WHAT IF in one month you send 10,000 clicks which = 1,800 people leaving without purchasing??

That that's a lot of dough being left on the table. 

What If You Can Get The 10% To Come Back & Buy?

To successfully get 10% to return would add 180 more buyers PER MONTH in added revenue!

That alone could bring life-changing results for you, your family, and your eCom business.

And there's no debate that capital is the oxygen of any new business and a lack of it IS the #1 reason it'll fail. 

That's why it's so important to stop any "leaks" that could someday sink your ship. And that's exactly why it's next to impossible to have a successful eCom store without having a solid email follow up in place.

Not only will email bring back your abandoned sales, but it will also increase the most important metric. This will give you the ability to advertise more and result in more sales. 

What is the most important metric ya ask? 

Most Important Metric: A.O.V. (Average Order Value)

How do I know this? 

Well, I spend around $60,000 per month in advertising, and the one important metric I've learned to focus on most is to increase your average order value.


Let's say your average order value per customer is $50. That means you can spend up to $40 per sale in advertising and STILL be profitable. 

Now, imagine after tweaking your sales funnel, your A.O.V. doubles to $100.

That's where the magic happens and where more opportunities to scale faster than ever open up because your PROFIT MARGINS INCREASE DRASTICALLY

What's The Secret To Increasing Your A.O.V?

Email marketing (IF you know how to write copy that sells).

And like most who don't know how – be prepared to fork over the bucks to find a decent copywriter worth your while.

Luckily for you, I do

I've written emails for some of the top marketers, and most likely some of my emails have landed in your inbox. 

I get why you've neglected to add email to your eCom sales funnel – it's expensive to hire out(up to $100/hr in some cases!)

But the truth is, it's even more expensive NOT to have solid emails in place because…

Having These Emails At Your Fingertips Is An Unfair Advantage! Why?  Because you Can Easily…

Recover Cart-Abandonments:


Did you know 60% – 80% of your customers who reach your checkout will abandon their order? That's why it's so important to have a recovery strategy that will…

  • Link them back to the product so they can pick right back up where they left off!
  • Recap the features + benefits of the product to remind them of why they wanted it in the first place!
  • Squash any objections that hold them back from buying!

Upsell Your New Customers:

One of the biggest mistakes most Ecom marketers make is not having an up-sell. Truth is, when your customer's checkout, 10-20% continue to purchase more IF you have the right strategy that will…

  • Add scarcity/urgency to your up-sells and get your customers to take action!
  • Add social proof to put them at ease others are benefiting from the up-sell!
  • Positioning the price to make it a complete no-brainer valuable deal!

Cross-Sell Your Customers:

Understanding your audience's interest is key for selling related items that would benefit them also. For example, if you sell your audience a vacuum cleaner for their carpet, why not cross-sell them a mop for their hard-surfaced floors? These emails do just that!…

  • Teach WHY they need the related product before they BUY! (aka insight-selling)
  • Position the product to help your customers reach their desired outcome faster and easier than ever!

Promote Special Offers:

Holidays and special events bring out the buying spirit. That's why you better take advantage by blasting out promotions the right way, that will out-sell your competitors every time!

  • Christmas promo emails!
  • Cyber-Monday promo emails!
  • Halloween promo emails!
  • Valentine's Day promo emails!
  • Mother's / Father's Day promo emails!
  • …and MUCH MORE!


Welcome Your New Customers:

Most eCom marketers think a receipt is all that's required to hit your customer's inbox after they buy. That's wrong! Welcome your new customers with a warmer, more likable approach that will make them smile, and keep them coming back for more!

  • Welcoming your new customer the right way so they become loyal to your brand!
  • Upsell them without sounding sleazy so you can increase your Average Cart Value!
  • Get the product reviews you NEED to help gain more customers from social proof!

Get Ecommerce Email Follow Up Templates – Brandon Garland, Only Price $22

…And as they say, "And Much, Much More!"

That's exactly why I wanted to "close the gap" for us eCom folks. 

Looking back, when I was selling t-shirts I would have only dreamed of having access to emails that I could have simply plugged into my t-shirt funnel.

Maybe then, I would have taken short gains less serious and focused more on the long-term a lot sooner.

Oh well, ya live and learn. And as a Chinese prophet once said, "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now." 

I couldn't agree more! And that's why I don't want you to make the same mistake I made and NEGLECT EMAIL MARKETING.

Ask yourself: 

"How many more Holiday seasons am I going to see come and go without taking advantage?" 

"How many more new customers am I going to get without upselling them to increase my average order value?" 

"How many more customers am I going to get without asking them for product reviews?"

"When am I going to view my current (or future) eCom store as a REAL, LONG-TERM BUSINESS v.s. chasing the next "shiny new biz" trend?" 

If you're tired of ignoring those questions, then I have great news for you… 

Great News #1: Email marketing is NOT dead and every $1 you spend will make you $42 back.

Great News #2: eCommerce is JUST GETTING STARTED.

In fact, 2019 was one of the biggest eCom seasons ever! 

Amazon alone, did $280.5 BILLION in total Sales!


That chart represents exponential growth with ZERO signs of slowing down.

And not just Amazon… 

Shopify sales are increasing an average of 60% EACH YEAR with no signs of slowing down. 

Alibaba (similar to Amazon) did 38 BILLION on 'Singles Day'!

The list goes on and on, and given those stats, there's no excuse to think eCommerce is dead. There's also no excuse to leave this page without adding the most necessary tool your store is missing for less than the cost of eating out

I've made it easier than ever for you to add effective email marketing campaigns to your eCommerce shop by carefully crafting a proven-to-improve eCom email marketing pack…

I call it…

Finally, You Can Get Your Email Campaigns Up And Running By Tonight!

Here's Why It's So Easy To Get Started…AND Why It's So Effective:


With Simplicity, Comes Variety.

  • Multiple subject lines PER EMAIL to choose from, so you can be sure to get the highest open-rates!
  • A "Paint-By-Numbers" eCom email marketing pack, so you can be sure you've set it up the most profitable way!
  • SPAM Proof, so you can be sure to land in your customer's main inbox every time!
  • Carefully Crafted for relationship building, and increasing your Average Cart Value (ACV)!
  • Stand Out From Your Competition, so you can dominate your market no matter how saturated it is!
  • Intended Pattern Interruptions, so your customer's "promo-detector" radar doesn't go off, resulting in less engagement, and worst of all…fewer buyers!


Get Ecommerce Email Follow Up Templates – Brandon Garland, Only Price $22

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