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E-Commerce Product List Usability – Baymard Institute


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Product Lists & Filtering Usability

Exploring the customer’s product browsing experience

A part of Baymard Premium access

After months of user testing and research, the most in-depth usability study on e-commerce filtering, sorting and product list design is ready.

Full access to the Product Lists & Filtering Usability study includes 10 reports with 94 actionable product list & filtering guidelines, and a benchmark database with more than 7,100 UX performance scores and 3,300 product listing implementation examples.

(Beyond including full access to this E-Commerce Product List & Filtering research study, the Baymard Premium access also include 6 additional studies (Homepage & Category Navigation, E-Commerce Search, Product Details Pages, Cart & Checkout, Mobile E-Commerce, and Account & Self-Service) with a total of 640+ guidelines covered in 71 e-commerce UX research reports)

This research-based and pragmatic toolset will help you achieve the best possible product listing user experience and conversion rate.

10 Reports with 94 Research Driven Guidelines for Product Lists & Filtering Perfection

This original usability study focuses on how users browse, filter and evaluate products in e-commerce search results and category pages.

A group of users age 21-56 were recruited to test 19 leading e-commerce sites across 8 different verticals. Despite testing multi-million dollar sites, more than 700 usability issues related to product lists, filtering and sorting, arose during testing. All these issues have been analyzed and distilled into 94 concise guidelines on product list usability.

From this research study you’ll learn what users expect as they interact with product lists on e-commerce sites, what typically goes wrong in the process, why it goes wrong, and exactly what changes to make to avoid these issues. In short: how to design a high-performing product list experience for your users. After all, if users can’t easily browse your product lists, they can’t easily find what they are searching for – and if they can’t find it they can’t buy it.

Get E-Commerce Product List Usability – Baymard Institute, Only Price $49

What you’ll get in the 10 Product Lists & Filtering reports

  • 94 research-based design guidelines divided into 10 categories.
  • 139 user quotes illustrating how users think when looking for products on e-commerce sites.
  • 500+ images from the test sessions for detailed insights on product finding issues and solutions.
  • 60 benchmark case studies of production sites illustrating what works and what doesn’t.
  • 500+ print-optimized pages exploring the user’s product finding experience.

Benchmark: Are Your Product Lists & Filters Better than Macy’s or Nike’s?

Based on the findings from the research study we’ve benchmarked the product list, filtering and sorting implementation of 60 top grossing e-commerce sites in the US and Europe, across multiple years. This provides you with a comprehensive benchmark database with 410+ pages reviewed, 2,100+ screenshots, and 3,200+ examples of the 94 product list usability guidelines.

The benchmark database is fully integrated with the 10 reports, providing you with 60 case studies from the top e-commerce sites, acting as examples and inspiration on how to implement each of the 94 guidelines in the reports.

Furthermore the benchmark database provides an interactive tool for you to review your own site (or your client’s) and compare it directly against the top e-commerce sites.

What You’ll Get in the Product Lists & Filtering Benchmark

  • Full unrestricted access to the benchmark database with product listing usability reviews of 60 top grossing e-commerce sites.
  • 410+ page designs for systematic design inspiration on a particular page type (Category Lists, Sort Tool, etc).
  • An interactive review tool to rate your own product listing performance and see how it stacks up to the competition.
  • 7,100+ UX performance scores providing a detailed breakdown of product list and filtering strengths, weaknesses, and common mistakes.
  • 3,200+ best- and worst practice examples, illustrating how to implement the 94 product listing usability guidelines.
  • Multi-Year Benchmark comparison enabling you to inspect changes to site design and UX performance over time.

Get E-Commerce Product List Usability – Baymard Institute, Only Price $49

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