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Equipment: mat, weighted hand gloves are optional (modifier does not wear them). The gloves are the ones that only enclose the thumb and two fingers (ring & middle). Chalene cues to not enclose the thumb so that one does have full contact on the floor w/ the hand (wrist band-type weights could sub for the gloves).

This workout is from the second deluxe “fat-burning” series of Chalean Extreme, and is a 38 min. athletic stretch/yoga workout (gives the yoga names but has an athletic feel w/ the addition of dynamic movements for mostly the arms (pulses) paired w/ static hold w/ legs) w/ Chalene and four background exercisers (three females, one male). Chalene is really mellow in this workout, gives clear instructions & form pointers (detailed so that one can picture it visually & points out few form pointers w/ the background exercisers but she does most of the workout) and provides modifications. The pace is fluid, doesn’t feel rushed or as if there was too much time devoted for each exercise (good pace), and there is a nice variety of exercises in the workout (more challenging & varied than the Chalene Extreme basic set stretch/yoga "Recharge" workout due to sequencing of exercises). There are not many advanced level poses (or trickier w/ balance & need for great flexibility), Warrior 3 and Chaturanga push-up are likely the most challenging exercises in this workout.

Duration of time is perfect, I don't care for hour long yoga or stretch workouts. I think Chalene did a great job w/ this workout, I feel that it’s one of the best yoga/stretch workout that BB has produced. I'm not generally fan of yoga (prefer athletic stretch workouts), and really enjoyed this workout (easy to follow w/ variety of exercises but not too many, and not so much repetition that it was boring).


Mountain pose

Arm Sweep (overhead)> add prayer pose> Arm sweep & Fold (hinge at hips, back is flat, arms sweep down to floor & cross, then sweep out to the side), return to starting position> hinge forward at hips w/ flat back & touch fingertips on the floor (or shins)

Rag Doll: from flat back position & hinge at hips, bend knees, head relaxes forward, roll up to standing position, arms sweep overhead.

Moving Chair: arms sweep overhead, then sweep the arms to the back while transitioning into chair pose, then arms sweep up over head, hold chair pose.

Fan & Fold: from chair pose, straighten legs, hinge forward w/ a flat back, hands touch floor> widen stance of legs, lace fingers together in back of body & lift up over back, head come down (not in line w/ back) > place hands on back to rest & come up into flat back> slide hands down to ankles & hold.

Frog & Fan: Alternating bending the legs & placing elbows by the inside of the knees w/ prayer pose arms w/ fan pose> bend & straighten legs in fan pose.

Down dog: w/ bent knees> alternate heel presses in position> plank position>child’s pose.

Sweep & Round: from child’s pose, sweep arms up overhead and round back to move upper body off of floor (bent knees stay flat on floor)> round back & sweep arms down to return to child’s pose> alternate between two positions.

Triceps push-ups (knees & toes version demoed)> plank> Warrior 1 w/ lower body (arms not up in air, but at side of body)> Arm Sweep (overhead) & straighten legs>lower into lunge position of Warrior 1 w/ both arms out to side> alternate positions.

Warrior 2> Arm Sweep (overhead) & straighten legs>lower into lunge position of Warrior 2 w/ both arms out to side> alternate positions.

Moving Fan: isometric hold for lower body in Warrior 2 w/ arms sweeping up overhead and down to cross in front of waist> isometric hold (w/ arms) in Warrior 2.

Triangle> add arm pulses (single arm): top arm comes to 90 degrees & 3 small pulses in center of body, return to starting position.

Pyramid> Pyramid & Flight: arms pulse up to sides (3) and return to floor (side of legs)> Runner’s Lunge> Plank> Chaturunga push-up> Up Dog.

Repeat sequence on left side, starting w/ Down Dog.

Down Dog>Plank> Triceps Push-ups & Side Planks (complete 3 reps of push-ups, then one rep of side plank, then one rep of each exercise, alternating sides for the planks).

Plank>Chaturanga> Up Dog> Down Dog.

High Lunge (arms to side of body or hands on hips, wide stance of legs)> Fold & Swim (in high lunge position, hinge at hips w/ a flat back, alternate both arms sweeping to the back, then to the front).

Warrior 3> Mountain pose> arm sweep & fold.

Repeat sequence on left side, starting w/ Plank>Chaturanga> Up Dog> Down Dog.

Plank> Chaturanga> Up Dog> Down Dog>High Lunge> Add Arm Sweep & Pulse (3, pulse to sides)> Warrior 2> Add Arm Sweep & Pulse (3, pulse to sides)> Right Angle> add arm pulses (3)> Runner’s lunge.

Repeat sequence on left side.

Plank> chaturanga> Up dog> Child’s pose.

Swim: recommends to use a folded towel to place under hips for cushion. Prone position w/ hands in feet in wide stance, alternate single arm & opposite leg isometric hold, single reps> 3 pulses each side.

Bend & Extend: prone position into ankles crossing in back w/ knees & quads off of the floor & both elbows pull back for isometric hold> extend arms & legs out> alternate positions> fast pulses>child’s pose.

Final Relaxation (guided meditation/breathing): take off gloves, lie supine w/ hands resting on abs> hands off of body, rest at sides w/ palms facing up, feet turn out w/ wider stance> bent knee circles (both directions).

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