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Change Your Age – Frank Wildman


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“The Change Your Age Program presents an entirely new way of thinking about how we use our bodies and minds … it has the potential to revolutionize the future of exercise.”

· Ken Dychtwald Ph.D., founder of Age Wave, author of Healthy Aging and Age Power

The Change Your Age program is a revolutionary new approach to healthy aging and mind-body fitness for baby boomers. This movement-based program weaves in cognitive challenges that will help keep both your brain and your body youthful. The Change Your Age program leverages new and unusual movement to help generate new brain cells. 

Discover your true Mobility Age!

The Change Your Age® Mobility Survey will help you evaluate whether you move older for your age, younger for your age, and motivate you to look and feel younger.



Frank Wildman Biography

Why I Developed Change Your Age

About the Book

  • Assessing Your Current Exercise Program
  • The Dangers of Exercise: Overstressing
  • How to Assess Your Current Exercise Program

Sample Lessons

  • Habits of Balance
  • Habits of Movement
  • Habits of Posture
  • Habits of Timing
  • Moving from the Chair
  • Improving Balance

About the DVDs

  • Excerpt: Coordination Challenge – Crossing Your Arms and Ankles
  • Excerpt: How to Approach Squatting
  • Excerpt: Releasing Your Hips the Easy Way
  • Excerpt: Using Your Abdomen to Release Your Back



  • 3 Unique Things About Change Your Age
  • Habits in Aging
  • Learning How to Fall
  • On Posture and the Brain
  • Prevention to Performance: Athletic Tuning
  • Self Image in Action
  • Seven Signs of Aging and Seven Simple Things You Can Do To Make Yourself Younger
  • Walking With Our Motor Concepts


  • Mobility Survey
  • Certified Instructors
  • Classes & Workshops

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