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Bundle Pack – Kezia


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What You Will Get In This Bundle Pack?

How To Make Her Want You (Worth $37)

Kezia’s latest e-book. Break free from the Nice Guy trap and never get friend-zoned again. Start turning those dull interactions into impactful connections. This step- by-step guide will show you how to increase your level of attractiveness with women, even with the women who friend-zoned you.

The Text Game (Worth $29)

“Incredible e-book that will show you exactly what to do when you get her number in order to prolong her interest in you and her buying temperature in order to secure a date as soon as possible”

Online Dating (Worth $37)

The ebook EVERY man needs if he wants to get the MAXIMUM results from online dating. Including: Powerful insights that will make sure you create the perfect and most attractive online profile. Including: structures for your messages that will increase your chances of building up attraction and gaining her interest in going on a date with you.

The Acceleration event DVD – (Worth $57)

Did you miss one of the largest Pick Up Artist conferences ever? Here is your chance to watch all the amazing talks that were given that day! All the major talks from the biggest and most talked about ‘pick up’ event that Europe has ever seen, is now yours to have. Including guest speakers, and the most ‘ground breaking’ talk Kezia noble has ever given.

Deep connection (Worth $82)

One of the most powerful skills a man can possess in order to attract women on a whole new level. Making a deep connection with women is something that is completely over looked by most dating coaches, and yet having this skill can literally accelerate your game to an unimaginable level. Women can get so turned on by men who can make a deep connection with them.

10 Hook Lead System (Worth $152)

Running out of things to say and transitioning from the opening line to a full blown conversation are 2 of the biggest and most common challenges men face! The 10 hook lead system shows you EXACTLY HOW you can keep the FULL attention of a beautiful women on you and ONLY YOU in just a matter of SECONDS, regardless of how difficult or non-responsive she might initially be. This DVD set will give you the ultimate conversation skills to take your game to the next level.

Attraction to Seduction – (Worth $182)

Everything you need to know if you want to attract women and of course seduce them is contained in these DVDS. From the moment you introduce yourself to the point you are in bed with her. This DVD set will hand you the most ground breaking and honest insights, techniques and skills that will increase your chances of sleeping with an abundance of beautiful women.

Maximum Impact – (Worth £187)

Maximum Impact is the DVD set that every man should watch. Find out how to make impact with women on a verbal and non-verbal level. Discover all the secrets of the modern alpha male, and master the art of ‘RAPID seduction’

NEW: Confidence Unleashed – (Worth $147)
Take that step into the mindset of a winner, and start living the reality you always visualised self leading. The Confidence Unleashed program will change the way you think and see things forever. Start generating almost instant positive responses and results.

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