Bulletproof Knees & Back Seminar 2011 – Mike Robertson



Bulletproof Knees & Back Seminar 2011 – Mike Robertson


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Finally! How To Solve Your Clients’ Biggest Back and Knee Problems…And Position Yourself As The Most Trusted Fitness Professional In Your Area!

Trainers and coaches everywhere are missing out on a golden opportunity.

An opportunity to fill a real need, and in the process, get better results with the clients and athletes they train.

And in the long run, they’re losing money as a result.

  • Are you ready to become the go-to trainer in your area for knee and lower back pain?
  • Would you like to understand why someone is having knee or lower back pain?
  • Would you like to know how to program effectively for them?
  • Would you like to know how to coach them, to ensure you don’t make their symptoms worse?

The Bulletproof Knees and Lower Back seminar is the culmination of the last 8-10 years of my life. In this 13+-hour seminar, I cover a ridiculous amount of information.

This product isn’t geared towards athletic trainers or physical therapists, although even they may take a few things away from this.

I geared this product and this lecture towards personal trainers and strength coaches just like myself.

I geared this to help you deal with everyday people, because I’ve got news for you – no one is 100% healthy!

I certainly hope so – and I KNOW this product can help get you there.

But first, let me tell you how I started down this path, and how I can fast track your progress as a result of my mistakes.

The Bad News? I Was Just Like Every Other Trainer…

After graduating with a Masters Degree in Sports Biomechanics, I took some time to critically evaluate myself – what I was good at, what I was not at, and I ranked them on a scale of 1-10.

I hadn’t spent much time working with injured athletes, and I remember giving myself a 2 out of 10.

Get Bulletproof Knees & Back Seminar 2011 – Mike Robertson, Only Price $47

Quite simply, an exercise science Undergraduate degree and a Masters in biomechanics hadn’t prepared to work with people who were in pain or suffering from injuries.

I had just accepted my first full-time job, and being 24, in all my infinite wisdom, I figured I pretty much had it all figured out. I had already coached high-level athletes at the Division 1 level, and going forward I was going to continue to kill it as well, right?

Not so fast.

I was thrust into a situation where my job was 90% injured people. I saw people in crippling lower back pain.

I saw people in the worst knee pain you could ever imagine.

I saw one lady who could not move her shoulder at all.

And as you can imagine, I was freaking out!

My most memorable client to this day was also one of the most challenging. You might have heard bits and pieces of this before, but let me give you a quick recap.

When I first met Mark (no, that’s not his real name) he had been off of work for almost 3 years due to persistent and horrible back pain. The pain had taken a toll on his personal life as well.

He was in the midst of a messy divorce, and his ex-wife was playing games with his kids as well.

Could you imagine being in that situation? It must’ve been horrible.

But the worst part was, this guy couldn’t do anything. Before his back injury, the guy made a pretty good living driving the big rigs.

Now, he couldn’t hold down any kind of job because it hurt to do everything. Standing up, sitting down, driving a car, playing with his kids, etc.

You name it, and it hurt.

He was probably one of the most difficult backs I’ve ever seen and it took a ton of work to get him feeling better again.

Over the next 6 months, we took him from a point where EVERYTHING hurt, to a point where almost nothing hurt.

He got another job, ended up with partial custody of his children (whom he could now play with pain-free!), and even found a new girlfriend that he was madly in love with.

I clearly remember the day he stopped coming in (he was driving 2 hours EACH WAY, 3x per week to work with us), and he said to me with tears in his eyes…

“Thank you for giving me my life back.”

That’s pretty powerful stuff.

And just like you, I’ve spent my time in the trenches. I’ve gotten up at 3:45 in the morning every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to work with a client. On these same days, I often didn’t get home until 7 or 8 in the evening.

Seriously – 3:45 in the morning?

I remember thinking, “What is wrong with me? Do normal people do this?”

It was rough not only physically (I was tired all the time and living on triple venti non-fat Mochas from Starbucks!), but emotionally as well. You don’t have the time or energy to spend time with your loved ones and friends because your entire schedule is focused around serving your clients.

My training suffered as well. If anything had been consistent the last 5 years of my life, it had been training. That was my release, my time for “me.”

Now I was losing that as well.

Does this sound something like you?

Are you spending way too many hours in the gym, taking care of clients and not yourself?

Are you working too hard to make too little money?

Would you like to have more time to spend with your family and friends?

Have you ever felt like you’re turning away clients because you don’t know how to help them?

Would you love to have MORE clients because you’re the go-to trainer or coach in the area for helping them address their knee or lower back pain?

If you were in my situation, what would you do? Would you give up and hope for the best? Find a different job that wasn’t as challenging?

I chose to empower myself. I stayed up late and night, reading books and research articles. I watched VHS tapes (yes, I’m starting to show my age!) from other people in our field.

I attended seminars.

I did everything in my power to learn as much about the human body as possible.

Get Bulletproof Knees & Back Seminar 2011 – Mike Robertson, Only Price $47

Here’s where I can help you out, because I’m tired of talking about me. This product is all about YOU.

That’s Where I Come In…

Rather than reading all the research, attending all the seminars, purchasing all the DVD’s, manuals and webinars, why not pick up one all-encompassing resource that will give you the bulk of my knowledge?

If you watch the Bulletproof Knees and Back DVD’s and apply the concepts I outline with regards to knee and lower back pain, I can guarantee the following:

  • You’ll understand the functional anatomy surrounding the knee and lower back; without this, you’re shooting from the hip and guessing as to what’s going on!
  • You’ll be able to put your clients through a thorough and detailed assessment to determine why they are having pain. Often, knees and backs are the site of the pain, not the source.
  • You’ll be able to write a program that not only addresses their physical limitations over the long haul, but also allows you to make their training sessions pain-free and productive in the mean time.
  • You’ll be able to coach your clients more effectively. Quality programming is great, but you have to make sure your clients can execute your game plan!

I’m not telling you to overstep your bounds, either. We all have clients who are too far-gone for us to help. Or people that may have strange or rare conditions where we need to call in the big dogs for help.

One of the key points I discuss at length in this series is growing your network – having a great massage therapist, a great physical therapist, a great chiropractor, etc. on board so that you can all work together to get a fantastic result for the people you work with.

All I want you to be able to do is take the average, everyday client who suffers from mild knee or lower back pain and get them moving and feeling better so they can achieve their goals and live happier, healthier lives.

That’s it.

You won’t be a physical therapist, chiropractor or athletic trainer when you’re done, but you’ll be a hell of a lot more competent when it comes to training your clients and athletes than ever before.

And that confidence is HUGE.

I’m not a strength coach or personal trainer – will this product help me?

A huge percentage of my readers are high-level fitness enthusiasts. They may not train or coach people for a living, but they love to learn and understand how the body works.

So let me summarize this in one word: Absolutely.

While this product is geared towards trainers and coaches because they’re use these materials every single day, anyone who reads my blog consistently and wants to learn more about the knees and lower back will benefit.

Would you like to learn more about functional anatomy, program design, and how to perform your lifts with flawless execution?

And most importantly, would you like to know how doing this can keep you knees and lower back healthy and injury-free?

If so, this product will absolutely help you out.

This product definitely isn’t for everyone, though. Some trainers and coaches are truly comfortable with the status quo – they’re making a living, so why bother getting better?

This product is geared towards the successful minority – the people that want to get better results for their clients and athletes.

And as a result, they are rewarded for that hard work by making more money and having to work less.

Okay I’m interested – what’s covered in the seminar?

This 6-disc DVD series is over 13 hours in length and will give you the foundation necessary to be confident when training individuals. Here’s what you get in each DVD:

DVD 1 – Philosophy and Functional Anatomy

  • An overview of my training philosophy.
  • Functional anatomy for 30 joints and muscles affecting the spine and knees.
  • How important it is to get your movement and motion from the appropriate joints!
  • A serious lecture on the core – There’s more to stability than a six-pack!
  • How crunches can jack you up.
  • How poor posture and joint limitations can limit your ability to lift (and LIVE) pain-free.

DVD 2 – Static Assessment (Lecture and Hands-On)

  • What exactly do we assess? Why three types of assessment are better than one.
  • A joint-by-joint static evaluation process, starting with the feet and working the way up through the body.
  • Watch as we evaluate one client in a group format, and then breakout for individual assessments.

DVD 3 – Isolative Assessment (Lecture and Hands-On)

  • How the isolative assessment builds on the static assessment.
  • 22 tests to help root out isolated joint and muscle limitations.
  • More hands-on coaching of the isolated assessment.

DVD 4 – Integrated Assessment (Lecture and Hands-On), Program Design

  • 7 tests to further identify dysfunction.
  • Why the isolated and integrated assessments are imperative to proper programming.
  • The step-by-step process you can use to write programs that eradicate dysfunction and movement limitations.

DVD 5 – Hands-on Session #1

  • How foam rolling can help eliminate knee and lower back pain, and the specific areas we address.
  • Mobility drills for the Ankle, Hip and T-Spine.
  • Core training and coaching cues to make sure your programs are executed effectively every time!

DVD 6 – Hands-On Session 2 and Conclusion

  • Hip-dominant exercises – proper performance, coaching cues and training progressions.
  • Quad-dominant exercises – proper performance, coaching cues and training progressions.
  • Single-leg exercises – proper performance, coaching cues and training progressions.
  • Case studies, Q&A and Conclusion.

As you can see, this seminar series covers a ton of information!

When you’re done you’ll have an understanding of the functional anatomy surrounding the knees and lower back, you’ll understand how to assess your clients and athletes, you’ll be able to write training programs that can help resolve their issues and halt pain its tracks, and you’ll be able to coach them effectively so you derive maximal benefit from their training.

Get Bulletproof Knees & Back Seminar 2011 – Mike Robertson, Only Price $47

Even MORE Great Information from Trainers, Coaches and Therapists!

I don’t release products everyday. I still work in the trenches with clients and athletes. After all, that’s what I’m passionate about and that’s what I enjoy most.

But I still want this information out there. I want to see people benefit from the information in this seminar, and to help sweeten the offer, I’ve got a ridiculous amount of bonus content for you!

When you purchase the Bulletproof Knees and Low Back Seminar DVD’s, you’ll receive immediate access to the following bonus products:

Bonus Item 1 – Charlie Weingroff – Podcast Interview

In this interview, Charlie and I discuss his definition of stability, what it means to “own” your spine, where you should be getting motion from (as well as where you shouldn’t), the importance of vertical tibia, and how Charlie would address someone with knee pain!

Bonus Item 2 – Dr. Jonathan Fass – Fight Back E-Manual

Low back pain isn’t just an inconvenience, it’s an epidemic.

Approximately 80% of individuals living in the Western World will experience some form of lower back pain in their lifetime, and often multiple times throughout the years. With those odds, knowledge is your best weapon for not only keeping their back strong and healthy, but for properly treating it when it’s not.

Dr. Jonathan Fass, physical therapist and co-host of the FitCast, will guide you through the steps of low back rehabilitation, discussing the newest evidence and the latest methods that rehab professionals currently use and don’t use when evaluating and treating low back pain. A must-read for anyone looking to fight back pain!

Bonus Item 3 – Jim “Smitty” Smith – Advanced Ankle Mobility Video

In this never-before-seen video, Smitty outlines his unique approach to improving ankle mobility with his athletes. Having better ankle mobility will ensure that your clients have better movement, better proprioception, better balance, improve their reactivity and help them dissipate ground forces more effectively. Not to mention the fact that their knees will thank them as well!

Bonus Item 4 – Patrick Ward – Massage and Movement E-Manual

In this e-manual, Patrick describes a thought process for integrating and blending movement into a massage therapy treatment.

The goal is to eventually move the client from lying on the table to an upright, dynamic posture that is observed in athletics and everyday life. Hands on techniques for the quadriceps, hamstrings, and plantar flexors are explained.

Bonus Item 5 -Bill Hartman
In this short video, Bill outlines several key components of proper lumbo-pelvic stability. The diaphragm and proper breathing patterns are the first thing that must be addressed, and examples are provided to get you started. Bill also shows you the exact test he uses to determine if someone is in proper pelvic alignment, and if they are not, the corrective exercise he begins his programs with to restore alignment and improve function.

Bonus Item 6 – Mike Reinold – 5 Keys to Training the Person with Patello-Femoral Pain E-Manual

The patello-femoral joint remains one of the most complicated and troublesome joints in the body. Pain in this area is often challenging to deal with and often times limiting. But working with people with patello-femoral pain does not have to be a mystery.

Mike Reinold, author of “Solving the Patello-femoral Mystery” at MikeReinold.com, shares some of his key principles in dealing with patello-femoral pain. By taking a step back and using these key principles, we can take some of the challenge out of working with people clients in patello-femoral pain.

Bonus Item 7 – Mark Young – Understanding the McGill Spine Model Webinar

Dr. Stuart McGill is one of the most recognized names in fitness and rehabilitation. In fact, his spine research has taken the fitness industry by storm.

However, the complexity of the model he uses to investigate spinal loads and the exercises that cause them are not well understood by the fitness community as a whole. This short 25-minute video breaks down and simplifies the many facets of the McGill spine model.

For anyone who has ever wanted a basic primer on spinal loads, how they are measured during exercise, and what they actually mean, this is exactly what you are looking for.

Bonus Item 8 – Nick Rosencutter – Bulletproofing Your Commercial Gym Experience

Some trainees have the advantage of training at a serious facility surrounded by knowledgeable people and the most effective training equipment. However, many others have to get their training done at a “regular” or commercial gym. These gyms usually contain many roadblocks and obstacles on your journey to the ultimate bulletproof back and knees.

Learn about some of the most common pieces of equipment featured at these gyms that you must avoid if you truly want to spare the back and knees of your clients, as well as practical advice on what to do instead. You can still make your training effective and optimal if you utilize the correct modalities!

Bonus Item 9 – Eric Oetter – Different Braces for Different Places E-Manual

It’s simple – in an industry flooded with “6-minute abs” and high-threshold hypertrophy, a topic like abdominal bracing often gets marginalized to two groups: those in pain or those treating it.

In his e-manual Different Braces for Different Places: The Ins-and-Outs of Proper Abdominal Bracing, Eric makes the case that by neglecting abdominal bracing in your clientele, you’re ignoring potential for increased stability, performance enhancement, and postural improvement.

Obtain three easy bracing strategies you can implement with your clients today, avoid the myths associated with abdominal bracing, teach your clients how to “own’ their stability patterns, and learn how creating superstiffness in your clients’ core can be the key to smashing PRs.”

Bonus Item 10 – Jason C. Brown – Unlocking the Kettlebell Basics Video

While it doesn’t pertain specifically to knee or lower back pain, at the end of the day, you still have to train your clients in a smart and intelligent fashion!

Jason’s DVD breaks down and guides you through 5-basic kettlebell exercises, and the prerequisite bodyweight drills. Performance tips are given for each exercise to maximize safety and effectiveness. The Kettlebell Deadlift, Swing, Snatch, Clean and Turkish Get-up are covered in detail focusing on proper form, common errors and how to correct them.

These are some of the best and brightest minds in our industry. Perhaps more importantly, they all continue working with clients themselves!

No keyboard warriors here – these guys are in the trenches and getting results!

I’m not going to sit here and tell you these bonus items are worth an extra $400 or $500, but there’s some really fantastic information in here that I know will take your knowledge base to the next level.

Okay okay, I’m interested – how much does it cost?

Price is always an issue.

If you had attended the seminar in Vancouver, you easily could’ve shelled out $1,000 to $1,500 when you factor in flying/driving, hotel rooms, food, seminar registration fees, and cash you might’ve spent on extracurricular activities while you were there.

But I’m serious when I say I want this information out there. And I want you to buy it TODAY. So here’s my offer…

Let’s look at just a few of those reasons….

Excuse #1 – It’s too expensive

Let’s nip this in the bud right away.

If you attended this seminar in person, it easily could’ve run you $1000-$1500 bucks. That’s a lot of scratch, but I had close to 40 people in attendance because they knew how much they would benefit.

Perhaps more importantly, I firmly believe that price and quality are inversely proportional. When I buy cheap stuff, I expect it to be of poor quality.

When I buy stuff that costs a bit more, I expect it to be good. And I’m rarely disappointed.

This is 8-10 years worth of materials pulled together in an easy-to-follow format. Alwyn Cosgrove refers to the principle of the slight edge – if you use some of the materials in this DVD series with your clients, and that makes them purchase a few extra sessions from you, you’ve already made money off the product.

Excuse #2 – I won’t learn anything

I’ve attended seminars, read research papers, articles, and books, listened to podcasts, and utilized every tool under the sun in an effort to get better and what I do.

And you know what? I always learn something.
And if you’re reading this, chances are you’ve read my blog before. If you’ve learned anything from my blog, I guarantee you’ll learn even more here. Blogs are like mini-thoughts or rants – this is my entire philosophy with regards to knee and lower back health.

Go back and read the testimonials – many of the attendees were blog readers and they were shocked at how much information they took away from the seminar.

Trust me – you’ll learn something. I promise.

Excuse #3 – I won’t be able to use this stuff

While I cover the research and how it influences what I do, almost half of the seminar is given in a live, hands-on format.

My goal was to give the attendees tools and skills that they could take home and start using immediately.

You’ll see step-by-step how I assess someone. Exactly how I coach them.

You get to see me in action.

This is real-world, applicable stuff. Stuff that you can use immediately when you get in the gym and working with your clients and athletes.

Excuse #4 – I’ll buy it later

We’ve all said this one: “I really like it, but I can always buy it later.”

And that’s true – the product isn’t going anywhere.

BUT, I can tell you this – this is a great price on a product that you’ll refer to for years to come.

And the worst-case scenario is you forget about it, and you don’t come back.

Excuse #5 – I’m international and the DVDs won’t work

We have shipped our DVD’s all over the world – North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. The only continent I’m not sure of is Antarctica.

Our DVD’s are NTSC and PAL compliant, so they work all over the world. .01% of the time a DVD won’t play because it’s defective, and if that’s the case, let us know and we’ll send out a new copy ASAP.

It’s Time to Get Serious!

Why would you continue to flounder? To simply make ends meet?

Don’t you want to have the confidence necessary to get great results with your clients time and again? Wouldn’t you love to be able to make more money and work fewer hours?

To focus on what’s most important to you?

If you’re serious about stepping your game up, purchase the seminar series today!

Get Bulletproof Knees & Back Seminar 2011 – Mike Robertson, Only Price $47

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