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Bio Hacking Secrets – Anthony DiClementi


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What Makes This Different?


  • Manage symptoms
  • Disease oriented
  • Sees body as a collection of independent organs
  • Prescription drugs
  • Longer lifespan
  • Doctor centered


  • Treat the underlying cause
  • Health oriented
  • Health oriented
  • Sees body as one integrated system
  • Lifestyle changes, science, nature, technology, and supplements Longer healthspan
  • YOU centered

Let Me Show You Everything You'll Receive When You Join Biohacking Secret Today!

Access to our monthly Biohacking MASTERCLASS

Each month I do a full blown masterclass going DEEP on how to biohack things that most of us struggle with.  For example, here are the first 2 months masterclasses that you'll get IMMEDIATE access to when you join today:

Master Class #1

Biohacking Your Testosterone (Not Just for Men!)

  • When it comes to testosterone, what you don’t eat is more important than what you do eat. Find out if you’re focusing on putting the wrong foods in your body and overcome over 12 common testosterone and sex-drive boosting food myths (lesson at 1:54)
  • Estrogen? In men? Look, it’s not all about your testosterone levels. Discover why the one hormone every guy is overlooking may really be the culprit holding you back from peak mental and physical performance (skip to 3:09 for this lesson) 
  • If you are going to drink a beer, you need to hear Anthony’s “if you are going to drink” biohack. Seriously, don’t skip this if you’re going to drink beer, wine, or liquor because you may be destroying the most important hormones in your body (at 4:11) 
  • Dehydration Myths Debunked – PLUS, a breakthrough “just follow this formula” for hydration that’s super simple and incredibly effective (6:53) 
  • High Carb, Low Carb, No Carb – It seems like everyone is out there talking about the next carb-based eating strategy (and you may have tried a few only to find nothing works) learn the TRUTH about carbohydrates and energy expenditure (lesson at 9:02) 
  • STOP sending your body the wrong signals. Learn how you can improve your mood, your sex drive, your motivation—just about every emotion you experience—simply by changing a single element of your diet (9:29) 
  • Anthony’s “As Long as You Sweat” Principle – Want to make workouts even easier? If you’re just interested in peak mental and sexual performance (and you’re not looking to win a strongman competition), learn this exercise hack to save time and effort (lesson at 11:28) 
  • How to balance energy systems for maximum total body hormonal adaptation. Just follow this formula and you’ll recover from workouts faster, heal faster, and regain energy quicker than ever before (13:43) 
  • Who you work out with matters. How you work out with them matters even more. 7 secrets to the ultimate testosterone boosting exercises (revealed at 16:07) 
  • One change you can make right now before you even figure out what’s going on with your body and with your testosterone that will immediately boost your mood, motivation, and sex drive (skip to 18:01) 
  • 12+ ways you can motivate yourself to put in the work you needed to become the best version of yourself. Don’t skip this video lessons because you’ll use these self-motivating strategies to push past life’s greatest challenges (21:17) 
  • 4 sleep hacks your body has been missing. Practice just one or two of these biohacks and you’ll feel like you just slept for 12 hours even though it’s only been 5 or 6 (25:57) 
  • 30+ supplement recommendations, the facts behind what you should be taking, why what you’re taking now isn’t working, and all the essentials you need in your medicine cabinet (starting at 27:40) 
  • Do you take vitamin B-12 or B-complex? A lot of guys do. Yes, it helps cardiovascular health, yes it gives you an incredible energy boost—no, you’re not actually feeling it because you’re making this mistake (watch 31:44) 
  • “The Elephant in the Room” – Every guy has experienced the lack of energy, sex drive, motivation, even anxiety over aging and the effects of slowing hormonal function. It’s just that no one talks about it. Time to find the solution no one else is talking about (watch 4):35) 
  • And so much more in a complete 45+ minute study of how you’ll biohack your testosterone levels for a stronger sex drive, more energy, increased strength, and incredible stamina! 

Master Class #2

Biohacking Your Nootropics

  • How to approach supplements and prescriptions capable of boosting brain function, processing power, and your ability to think clearly—use this advice to experiment and create your own nootropic stack (0:34)
  • One supplement that everyone is saying “you shouldn’t take” and why everyone is dead wrong about using it. Yes, there are times you shouldn’t take this supplement, but you’ll learn why it may be for you (0:51)
  • An innovative supplement you can use to circumvent your body’s sensitivity to one of the most common nootropic stimulants in any brain function boosting stack (skip to 2:01)
  • All the advantages of ketosis, without the keto diet? Yes, it’s possible. Ketones are the “4th macro nutrient,” producing energy within your body. It’s one of the reasons ketogenic diets (high fat, low carb) are so popular. Check out the supplement you’ll use to get ketones without the keto diet (2:56)…
  • Try the morning nootropic boost “cocktail” that will set your energy levels and mood for the rest of the day. Watch the lesson at 3:38 and then try it tomorrow morning…
  • How to get “more for your money,” with brand by brand of nootropic broken down, explained, and detailed so you can make the most affordable energy and mind boosting list of supplements possible (4:15)
  • 4 cognitive function essentials – Sources, supplementation times, and the details of how, when, and why you’ll incorporate them into your supplement stack explained (4:47)
  • Only going to get one nootropic? Save your time, save your money, and go out and buy the absolute essential cognitive booster Anthony will share with you at 5:00 (yes, it’s really that effective)
  • The life-span extending prescription proven in the lab and now available from your doctor. Learn why your doctor won’t prescribe it yet and discover how you can get the same benefits from an OTC supplement (5:49)
  • Brain circulation improvements result in improved mental acuity, short term memory improvements, and more. Check out the circulatory booster at 6:24 if you feel like your cognitive function isn’t what it used to be…
  • With food? Without food? When and how do you take nootropics? The answer isn’t that simple because your stomach acid can impact your body’s ability to absorb supplements. Learn throughout this video when and how to take each supplement…
  • Do you ever have trouble thinking of a word? Take it off the tip of your tongue and appear more intelligent to everyone around you with the verbal recall boost of the supplement strategy you’ll learn at 11:43
  • Finding nootropic balance. As you watch this video, you’ll immediately start researching. Along the way you will find negative reviews. Why do they exist? Because many people don’t learn to find balance and end up mixing the wrong supplements. Don’t make that mistake (check out 13:00)
  • The best thing you can do if you need to increase your dopamine levels (and a supplement strategy for fighting off cognitive decline, disease and more) all available in a quick follow-along lesson at 14:28
  • What’s working, what isn’t working, what’s effective—all detailed so that YOU can decide what is right for your mind and your body. Don’t let someone else dictate what you should be doing, learn all the facts, learn all the effects, and build your own plan (15:11)
  • And so much more as you learn more about the 25+ nootropics that are working right now!

Each month we do a new masterclass and you'll be the FIRST to get access to these private, in depth trainings…

You'll Also Get Me As Your Biohacking Coach In Your Pocket!!!

On top of the monthly Biohacking classes, you will also get videos that you can plug into your daily routines so I can coach you through important aspects of your day.  

Let me show you just a few:

Wim Hof Breathing Techniques

Every morning when you first wake up, you add this video to your morning routine to give you a blast of vitalizing oxygen that shocks your system awake, opens your mind and prepares your body for everything you'd ever want to throw at it!  

This video is just a few minutes long as is like me sitting next to you coaching you through the process!

The Morning Journal Routine

The 3-part journal exercise you’ll use to plan and pave a path to success each and every day. Devote just a few minutes to watching this lesson and a minute every morning and watch your motivation, dedication, and mood skyrocket 

The MOST IMPORTANT Task You’ll Perform Every Morning! Learn it, try it, and watch all of the things you want to accomplish but never get to turn into reality.

The 3 Minute Pushup

How just 5 reps can change your entire day, maximizing energy, minimizing stress, and rapidly adapting your muscles to give you incredible strength gains in just 3 minutes.

Find your inner strength, use it, and embrace it as Anthony pushes you past the pre-conceived limits you’ve set for yourself but can actually blow straight past.

Become Part Of The Biohacking Secrets Private Community

As a member of our community, you'll be able to ask questions and meet other people JUST LIKE YOU, who love geeking out about being a biohacker. 

I'm in there daily answering questions…

Here's What To Do Next…

As you can probably see, getting access to Biohacking Secrets is like having me as your personal biohacking coach…   

I spend over $10k per month biohacking myself for YOU, so I can test the best things, and give you access to what works.  

So, from here it's just finalizing the details. Click on the button below and we can get started!    

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Anthony DiClementi

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

When you join the Biohacking Secrets community, I'm going to give you access to ALL of my past masterclasses (including Biohacking Your Testosterone and Biohacking Your Nootropics) the biohacking pocket coaches videos and more…  

You'll get instant access to EVERYTHING listed below when you get started today!

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