Authority ROI – Ryan Deiss



Authority ROI – Ryan Deiss


Real authorities don’t try to be everything to everyone. They have a voice. They pick a market. They plant a flag.


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It’s Not About “Blogging”…It’s About Becoming An AUTHORITY

Here’s why the authority model is better than ordinary blogging…


Real authorities don’t try to be everything to everyone. They have a voice. They pick a market. They plant a flag.


Real authorities treat blogging like a business, and they aren’t afraid to make a profit because they KNOW they deliver value.

Curation NOT Creation

Real authorities don’t create all their own content. Real authorities let other people do the talking (but still get all the credit).

We’ve Laid Out Everything You Need To Create, Launch and Monetize Your Blog!

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Here’s How We’ll Do It…

Module 1: The Authority Model

In this module, you’ll learn the difference between ordinary blogs and TRUE authority sites (and why you should be building the latter…). You’ll also learn the OPC + R = T equation that gets you all the free traffic and content you need… and how to make your “First $1000” (even if you have a small, rinky-dink list and no product…).

Module 2: Market Validation

This module will cover exactly how to validate the markets your interested in. The fact is, if you go after the wrong market, nothing else is going to matter, or work. He’ll answer questions such as “When is a market too big, or too small”, “How can you carve out your own part of a market” and more.

Module 3: Establishing Your Brand

This module will cover areas such as what your blog name should be, what separates good names from bad names, what kind of tone or voice should your blog take and more.

Module 4: Building Your Blog

This module will cover exactly how to build your blog. He’ll walk you through purchasing you domain name and your web hosting, installing WordPress and adding plugins, to getting your business info and social media set up.

Module 5: Launching Your Blog

This module will walk you through the blog launch process. You’ll learn how to plan out your editorial calendar, create content, and how to get your blog out there. You’ll also learn how to find experts to create your content for you, and how to get someone to manage the process for you.

Module 6: Monetizing Your Blog

This module will teach you how to convert traffic into subscribers and how to make offers to those subscribers, generating revenue for your blog. You’ll learn how to sell your own offers, or sell other people’s products and earn a commission if you don;t have your own products to sell.

Get Authority ROI – Ryan Deiss, Only Price $47

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