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Associate Marketing – Robert Skrob


When I discovered Dan Kennedy, direct marketing and the info-marketing industry, I applied the marketing techniques I learned to my ASSOCIATION clients with tremendous results. When those results rivaled the best info-marketers, Dan suggested I show them to the info-marketing world.


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Hi, I’m Robert Skrob, president of the Information Marketing ASSOCIATION.

I’ve been in the ASSOCIATION industry my entire career. Many ASSOCIATIONS are facing declining membership, but it’s mostly because they are poor marketers.

When I discovered Dan Kennedy, direct marketing and the info-marketing industry, I applied the marketing techniques I learned to my ASSOCIATION clients with tremendous results. When those results rivaled the best info-marketers, Dan suggested I show them to the info-marketing world. While most ASSOCIATIONS are seen as slow and out-of-date, I have proved that consumers are willing to pay premium dues prices for ASSOCIATIONS that provide valuable benefits.

For two years I’ve been personally building ASSOCIATIONS for info-marketers. Now I reveal all of the secrets I’ve uncovered to help info-marketers achieve the same remarkable results by creating their own ASSOCIATIONS.

Up until today, this information has been available only by hiring me through my $38,000.00 consulting arrangement. Meanwhile, several people have told me they want to implement my secrets themselves, but they have questions about getting member benefits or how to structure their ASSOCIATION to make sure they get the most benefit from their own efforts.

Introduction to the SeminarI created this special report to share the secrets of how ASSOCIATION marketing works and to give you a special invitation. Please note, this report talks about a very specific type of information marketing that may not apply to you. Even if it doesn’t apply, you should find it interesting to read about what some info-marketers are doing. Within the Info-Marketing Insiders’ Journal I focus on more typical info-marketing approaches used by a lot of info-marketers; in this report you’ll get to see some of the strategies a small handful of successful marketers are using to build successful businesses.

This isn’t a strategy I invented. Associations date back to 1782 in England. During my career I’ve seen hundreds of private businesspeople create new associations. However, no one has done more than I have to perfect this process, expand the income opportunities and help info-marketers make money.

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Make Information Marketing Easier

Success with AssociationsYour customers are familiar with ASSOCIATIONS.

Although your products are much better, the customer perceives a high level of quality from an ASSOCIATION.

ASSOCIATIONS have an impeccable reputation with consumers. (You run your business with the highest level of ethical standards, and you should reap the benefits of doing so.)

New entrants to business frequently look for the industry ASSOCIATION for information on how to succeed.

Industry members and vendors seek out industry ASSOCIATIONS for sponsorship programs; they don’t usually know to ask info-marketers.

Members are reluctant to give up their ASSOCIATION memberships and only drop out if the ASSOCIATION is completely inept.

Let me quickly explain these 6 reasons …

No. 1 – Customers are familiar with ASSOCIATIONS. They may not be familiar with whatever product or service you’re trying to sell. When customers receive an invitation to join an ASSOCIATION, it’s easy for them to join because it’s something they already do. They’ve never heard about individual info-marketers, but people understand that ASSOCIATIONS are a source of industry information.

No. 2 – Although your products may be far superior to anything an ASSOCIATION produces, that’s not necessarily the public’s perception. With an ASSOCIATION’s offer, customers trust that the products and services have been reviewed and approved by a board of directors.

Dr. Barry Lycka launched an association and an area-specific coaching program that allows cosmetic surgeons to differentiate themselves. Only one surgeon from each community can be listed as a provider on the Ethical Cosmetic Surgery Association’s consumer education website.

No. 3 – ASSOCIATIONS don’t have consumer problems. They are not haunted by the Better Business Bureau. ASSOCIATION members assume products will be shipped. They don’t worry that an ASSOCIATION’s staff person will steal their credit card number. With an info-marketer, customers don’t have that predisposed trust.

No. 4 – ASSOCIATIONS enjoy a huge bias: When you’re in business, you join your trade ASSOCIATION. This bias is actually waning, so it’s becoming less of a factor; however, three quarters of the members of an ASSOCIATION join because “it’s what you do.” Unfortunately, the info-marketing industry doesn’t yet enjoy this bias.

No. 5 – Industry members and vendors seek out the ASSOCIATION. When people go into a business, they try to find the ASSOCIATION that represents them, and vendors look to ASSOCIATIONS to promote their products to the market’s niche. They don’t seek out info-marketers.

No. 6 – Members are reluctant to give up their ASSOCIATION membership. They want that long-term relationship; ASSOCIATION membership makes them feel like they are an active member of the industry. Even if they feel superior to the rest of the membership, they want to remain a member.

4 Reasons Why the Smart Info-Marketer

– Incorporates ASSOCIATIONS Into the Info-Business

– Inside Association MarketingInstantaneously achieves the ultimate credibility for your info-business

– Generates a steady stream of new customers for your info-business–effortlessly and at no acquisition cost

– Puts an “iron cage” around your members so they stay longer and pay more money

Creates higher priced products and services that you can offer to your customers even if you didn’t think it was possible before

The Best Independent Restaurants Association endorses Rory Fatt of Restaurant Marketing Systems.

First, let’s talk about the increased credibility through endorsement. The Edelman Trust Barometer reports that ASSOCIATIONS are trusted above all other organizations, institutions and governments. When customers see an offer from an ASSOCIATION, they are going to believe the benefit claims more than they would from an individual or from a company.

It’s clear that having the ASSOCIATION’s endorsement gives you a competitive advantage within a niche; the trouble is it’s a total pain to get. ASSOCIATION staff members tend to think if they endorse one, they must endorse all, so they throw up roadblocks. That leaves you having to train staff that endorsing you is the right thing to do so they will go to their board of directors to make your case. Of course, the board meets only every three months, and when you finally get to the decision point, one of the board members has a brother-in-law in the same business, so he gets the endorsement instead of you. It’s a hard process, and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.

I work with info-marketers to create their own ASSOCIATIONS to give themselves an endorsement. We create an entire entity and presence and then provided an endorsement for the info-marketer.

Here is a lead generation ad appealing to members’ desire to be part of an exclusive club. Scott Tucker runs this successful lead generation ad in trade journals; it gives him a different persona to complement his “rebel” image.

One of the first things to do when you create your ASSOCIATION is to choose a name that gives you the ultimate advantage. You want a name that will magnetically attract members to your organization. You want potential members to look at your ASSOCIATION’s name and say, ”You know what? That’s the group I want to be a part of. That’s the team I want to be on.“

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