30-Day Playbook Challenge – Trainual



30-Day Playbook Challenge – Trainual


A playbook is filled with the processes, policies, and procedures you and your team need to successfully scale your business!

And this 10-day $10 challenge is the answer to “how do I start?”


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Every business needs a playbook

A playbook is filled with the processes, policies, and procedures you and your team need to successfully scale your business!

And this 10-day $10 challenge is the answer to “how do I start?”


How will this work?

Don’t worry if you don’t have any of your business documented yet! 

For just $10 (consider this your stakes in the game), we’ll guide you through the challenge of building your company’s playbook. And if you do the work every day, you’ll have it done in just 10 days.

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We’ll send you 10 video lessons (one each day) teaching you why, how, or what to document, along with a 30-minute action item and templates to help you apply what you learn.

"Do I need a playbook?"

The short answer is yes – it’ll help!

Championship sports teams win because they have the right players and a solid playbook.

Scaling your business is no different! Of course, you need a roster filled with top talent. But you also need your top plays documented so anyone can win in any position.

With a playbook, your team stays aligned, your people accountable, and your business can scale successfully.

Get 30-Day Playbook Challenge – Trainual , Only Price $37

Daily Coaching from Trainual Founder & CEO, Chris Ronzio

Prior to Trainual, Chris helped hundreds of businesses across the US organize the chaos of their operations and build better systems for scaling.

Inside the Playbook Challenge he’ll teach his patented Do it. Document it. Delegate it.™ framework, a business documentation audit, how to build a Roles and Responsibilities Matrix, and much more.

Free Templates for Your Playbook

As part of the 10-Day Playbook Challenge, you’ll not only shoot your Welcome to the Team video to use for every new hire, you’ll also get access to free templates via Google Docs to get you building faster.

10 days until a massive win

By the end of the 10-Day Playbook Challenge, you’ll walk away with:

1) The foundation of your business playbook, ready to share with your team

2) Business documentation how-tos, need-to-knows, and best practices

3) An understanding of who does what in your business

4) Strategies to keep your documentation current and consistent

5) A framework to easily scale your business on

From the People Behind the World's Leading Business Playbook Software

Thousands of organizations in 100+ countries trust Trainual to help document their processes, policies, and procedures, and scale their business. But this challenge isn’t about our software—it’s about teaching you the methodologies of how to build a business playbook, and how you can do it with FREE tools and templates.

Daily Guided Training

For all 10 days of the challenge, you will receive an email with a short video and an action item to complete that day.

Bite-Size Steps, Big Wins

We know you’re busy! The daily to-dos will not take more than 20-min, and can be completed on your schedule.

A Playbook for Scaling Up

You’ll walk away with your business out of your brain, your tribal knowledge captured, and your business positioned to grow.


Get 30-Day Playbook Challenge – Trainual , Only Price $37

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