14 Steps to Mental Toughness – Alan Goldberg



14 Steps to Mental Toughness – Alan Goldberg


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The fact is that you can't reach your true potential as an athlete without training the mental dimension of your sport

"Congratulations on your program, "14 Steps!" They are truly outstanding and thoroughly cover all the mental aspects of sports which are challenging to athletes and coaches. We are using them this year as part of our weekly training program and the kids love your stories and teachings!" Ken S. Head Coach, NC

"I've been coaching 20 years and this is one of the most versatile mental toughness training sets I've run across. It's loaded with great exercises and stories that really work. I strongly recommend it to all my athletes." Dennis, Athens, GA 

  • Are you stuck in a slump or blocked by fears?
  • Do you inexplicably lose to weaker opponents?
  • Does your concentration abandon you just at that crucial moment?
  • Do you have problems choking under pressure?
  • Do you lack mental toughness?
  • Would you like to know how to mentally prepare for BIG competitions?

14 STEPS TO MENTAL TOUGHNESS will systematically help you resolve those mental problems that keep you from taking your game to that next level. Through the use of exercises, motivational and teaching stories and proven mental toughness strategies you'll learn to recognize the causes of choking and poor performance and quickly overcome them.

  • Develop the ability to deal with last minute negativity and self-doubts
  • Control those run-away nerves so that you stay cool and calm under pressure
  • Quickly rebound from failure and adversity
  • Let go of your mistakes and control your emotions during competition
  • Develop the ability to concentrate like a winner
  • Identify and avoid the biggest mental mistake made by athletes 
  • Mentally prepare for those important performances
  • Motivate yourself to get the most out of your training on a daily basis

"Coach G, Thanks for the downloads. I absolutely love the content. You have opened my kids eyes and I have seen the difference immediately in their smiles and improved play. What a gift!"  Kris, RI

14 Steps is designed for both coaches and athletes at every level, across all sports. It's loaded with mental toughness skills, exercises and motivational stories that will help you overcome performance problems, bust slumps and turn you into a consistently mentally tough competitor. 

"I've downloaded your 14 Steps and have been listening to them with my son. It is having a very positive impact on both of us! I am so grateful that I discovered your work." Michael, UK

"Dr. G, You did a GREAT job with 14 Steps. I can't tell you how much it has helped me relax and focus! My congrats and sincere thanks." Gianluca, Italy

 If you want to develop the mind of a champion, then this comprehensive, easy-to-listen-to program is just for you!

Why Learn From Dr. G?

As a Sports Performance Consultant and internationally known expert in peak performance, Dr. G works with athletes at all levels from junior competitors to professionals and Olympians. He is known for his ability to teach mental toughness in a practical, humorous and effective way. Dr. G's specialty is in helping athletes to overcome fears, slumps and blocks and perform to their potential. A regular and popular presenter at coaches clinics and sports clubs around the world, Dr. G also writes for a number of national and international magazines.

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